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It hungers.

The Gravitational Singularity is a special entity created from successfully starting the singularity engine, an altogether very different beast from its hellion cousin, the TEG. It emits radiation, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), and an immense gravitational field that tends to attract and destroy everything in its immediate vicinity.


There are several hazards to be immediately aware of if you are standing near the singularity:

  • It will, naturally, attempt to suck you towards itself with its gravity. Touching the core of the singularity will instantly vaporize you.
    • However, if you're in a vehicle, the core will vaporize it first, possibly giving you time to escape. Possibly.
    • Wearing magnetic boots will help resist the singularity's pull, though they obviously won't protect from touching the core.
  • While the singularity is in sight, a human has a chance of accidentally looking at it and becoming dazed, stunning them for long enough to be sucked in. This can be safely avoided by wearing mesons.
  • The singularity emits light background radiation, though rarely enough to do harm.
  • The singularity emits electromagnetic pulses, which will fry nearby systems, most notably cameras and headsets.

Uh oh

A rogue Singularity will move about in a random manner in a rather lackadaisical pace, destroying everything it touches. Anyone who goes too close risks being sucked in. Here are some considerations for this event:

  • The singularity will destroy everything it touches, and that includes everything-- even otherwise indestructible things like shuttle walls.
    • A rare but hilarious possibility is that the singularity may be on top of a shuttle when the shuttle moves, bringing the singularity along for the ride! Why contain the destruction to just one space station?
  • A catastrophic loose singularity means depressurization, large parts of the station completely missing, and danger if you are anywhere near the singularity itself. Get internals, a spacesuit and jetpack if you can, and try to find your way to the escape shuttle bay before you are completely cut off.
  • A rampaging singularity can be destroyed with a bomb. The core of the singularity must be caught by the bomb blast. Throwing the bomb directly into the singularity will just disintegrate it like anything else; the bomb must get as close to the sing without being destroyed before detonating. Microbomb implants are ideal, but TTVs, single tank bombs, and the like are also good, because of their large explosion radius.