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Nanotrasen Security Consultant
Nanotrasen Security Consultant
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Requirements: Same as Head of Security (this job is tied to the same whitelist)
Access Level: Same as Security Officer with additional command access
Additional Roleplay Access Level: Same as additional access granted to the Security Officer
Supervisors: Head of Security, Captain
Subordinates: Security Officer, Security Assistant, Detective, all other Security staff
Responsibilities: Act as an aide to your boss, the Head of Security, prosecute crime, whether it is committed by crew (including other Security personnel) or antagonists.
Guides: Security Officer, Contraband, Forensics, Space Law, A Treatise on Space Law, HoS Guidelines

After the destruction of Space Station 12, Space Station 13's administrator decided to increase security and requested that their higher-ups send a Nanotrasen Special Operative, an elite enforcer with years of experience under their belt and a famous hi-tech weapon next to it. Unfortunately, NT was in the process of renaming and reorganizing several of their various security forces, and due to a flurry of clerical errors, NT gave them a Nanotrasen Security Consultant instead, sending some poor unfortunate bastard who just finished their training.

That's not to totally dismiss them, though. NT Security Consultants have absolutely earned their position. Anyone plays this only job either:

  • A) has the game knowledge and trustworthiness to be a Mentor and thus have the privilege to try this job on Fridays or:
  • B) has the security expertise to be a Head of Security full-time and thus have this job always available.

which in both cases are respectable positions to be in. While there are better alternatives to their starting equipment, their armament ensures they're ready to bring order to chaos as soon as the moment they arrive.

As Security personnel, Nanotrasen Security Consultants cannot spawn as an Antagonist. They cannot be converted to a Revolution, cannot awaken as a sleeper agent, and cannot be part of a Gang.

In addition, this job is available only to those who join after round start, and even then, the slot only appears if a Head of Security has already joined the round. In addition, if someone joins as NTSC, they can take up a Security Officer slot. For example, if there are four Security Officer slots open, and someone picks NTSC, that means there are now only three open Security Officer slots. If all the Security Officer slots are taken, it's still possible to spawn in as the NTSC.

Integrity & Trust, Service & Order: Your Duties

As a Nanotrasen Security Consultant, you share the same duties as all Security personnel, which can distilled into four virtues that neatly spell out NTSC if you capitalize them a certain way:

  • iNtegrity:Communicate and cooperate with your fellow Security personnel and be each other's keepers. Is someone executing suspects without permission from higher-ups? Running around with weapons drawn when they don't intend to use them? Detaining people for longer than necessary? Incompetent and tyrannical Security hurts everyone, especially Security, and if you don't speak out about it, who will?
  • Trust: Show the crew you're someone they can rely on and trust. When they're wounded and dying, bring them to Medbay and give them aid. Most importantly, when they call for help, answer. Speaking of which...
  • Service: Enforce Space Law to the best of your ability. It's not always easy, and the best choice isn't always clear. There's times it's better to leave the guy making flamers alone so the crew can fight the Blob or to let a guy who keeps taking people's shoes free so you can focus on capturing a guy who's taking lives. That Staff Assistant might call you "shitcurity" for arresting them for hacking into Chemistry, but the Scientists there will be infinitely thankful that they won't have to worry about break-ins for a while thanks to you. Sometimes, you have to decide between pursuing a mad bomber who's crackling maniacally over the radio or a silent assassin who keeps leaving fiber wire victims in their wake. It can be tough, but if you've made it far enough in your Sec career to earn the privilege of being NTSC, you can no doubt handle it.
  • Control: At the end of the day, Security is a force of order against the chaos spread by antagonists and other crimers. The interaction, particularly conflict, between Sec, crew, and antags creates the dynamic that drives the round. The more people involved, and the more they participate, the more fun everyone has!

The Chain of Command and You

The NanoTrasen Security Consultant is first and foremost a member of the Security Department, this means that you will need to adhere to Space Law and the station security's Chain of Command. Below is a very abridged version of what that looks like specifically for you:

  • Command Staff: (Captain, Head of Security, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Medical Director)
  • NanoTrasen Security Consultant: (That's you!)
  • Security Officer

So as a part of the Security Department you should obey orders from your Head of Security and Captain, should the HoS be unavailable or dead. If anything, think of yourself as an Executive Officer or Lieutenant for the HoS, carrying out their orders and assisting them. In terms of your own authority, you can authorize executions, but only if the HoS and Captain are unable to. You should be as judicious about it as you would when playing HoS, probably even more so because you have less authority than the HoS or Captain.

Ready to Kick Ass & Take Names: Your Equipment

The Signifer II SigniferII-32x32.gif

The pistol felt like one of those cheap toys that NT mass-produced for whatever new holoreel currently being shipped the colonies. Lightweight and almost flimsy, it gave no hint of the power it contained. The newly-minted NTSC toggled the switch above the grip. With a metallic snap, a foregrip and wire stock folded outward. She shouldered the energy weapon, peered through the holosight, and noted that it was in the lethal mode. It only took a couple of well-placed bursts to cut through a Syndicate operative's exosuit, as the range officer had handily demonstrated. The NTSC flicked the switch again, and the weapon folded itself back into its original, compact form. She hoped she'd need to use this mode far more often; a simple and reliable stunning weapon. It slid snugly into the holster on her belt alongside the many other tools she'd been issued. Time to get to work.

The Signifer II is Nanotrasen's brand new high-tech weapon that's issued to their Security Consultants. Designed as a response to the dissatisfaction of the cheap surplus pistols originally issued to response teams, the Signifer is both a non-lethal stun pistol and a lethal laser submachine gun. On the non-lethal setting, the weapon is one-handed and fires taser-like darts in a rapidly in a semi-automatic fire mode. On the lethal setting, the weapon deploys into a two-handed SMG that fires in two-shot bursts. Self-recharging, easy to use, and fast to deploy, this next-generation weapon takes the concept of the energy gun to the next level.

In most cases, the non-lethal mode will be your bread and butter. It being one-handed allows you to use it in conjunction with other tools, such as a barrier. It functions differently from the taser you're likely used to, the projectiles do far less stamina damage but also use much less of your power cell. It can also be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger! Ideally, you want to use this mode to rapidly disorient and slow your opponent; once the first projectile lands, it's far easier to hit with follow-up shots. As you get closer to your target, take out your extendable baton to fully stun your target before making an arrest.

The lethal mode is meant for when things get tough. As an NTSC, there's a high chance that you'll be deployed to an already-deteriorated station. With threats like Syndicate saboteurs and horrifying mutants, sometimes the best solution is to put down the threat before more lives (and company profits) are wasted. When you have the Signifer in-hand, you can press C or click on it, which toggles the weapon into its lethal, two-handed form. Looking more like an energy submachine gun now, the weapon will fire in two-shot laser bursts. The first projectile is blue, dealing BURN damage. The second projectile is red, which deals BRUTE. When both impact the same target, an electric flash will occur, dealing bonus BRUTE and stamina damage! This stamina damage also has a chance to jump to adjacent people, which can be useful if you have multiple hostiles close to one another. Be aware that these bursts use up more of the weapon's battery charge than non-lethal though, make your shots count!

Similar to your baton, the Signifer has a non-removable internal power cell. This cell will recharge on its own fairly quickly, but the weapon can also be inserted into rechargers to speed up the process. While in non-lethal mode, it will fit neatly into your belt alongside your other gear, but in lethal mode the weapon will only fit inside backpacks. With practice, you can utilize the hotkeys to rapidly swap between the modes and safely holster your weapon if need be! Remember, if it falls into the wrong hands there's no way to get a new one, the Signifer only spawns on the NTSC when they arrive on the station.

The Extendable Stun Baton Ntsobaton.gif

Compared to your gun, your extendable stun baton is comparatively simple. It's just like a regular stun baton from the sec weapons vendor, but with only a 150 PU battery, which translates into 6 uses at max charge. Speaking of charge, you can't swap out its cell, but it recharges by itself. This reduces your dependence on rechargers,which might be hard to come by if the station is bombed. As with its bigger brother, it's a melee stun weapon that works best if you hit them with a ranged stun and then baton them while they're slowed down, though it has a few things that help it stand out.

First, it can collapse to fit in your pockets, freeing up some inventory space in your backpack and/or belt item. You can activate it in-hand to extend it and ready it for attack; the order goes from collapsed->extended, on, inflicts stamina damage->extended, off, causes brute damage->collapsed. Protip: keep it at collapsed. Extending the baton will remind you to switch to the intent most appropriate for the situation.

Second, if you throw it at a perp while it's extended and on and land the hit, they'll lose a fair chunk of stamina, slowing them down; if it manages to take them below 0 stamina, it'll even knock them to the floor for a while. If you're quick, you might even be able to reclaim your baton and go in for a melee hit with it. If you don't land the throw...well, you just gave someone a free weapon. That they might throw back at you to stun you. Good thing you have another weapon, right?

Finally, the special attacks are different. When the baton is extended and off, the special attack is simply swinging the baton in melee, rather than ineffectively trying to release sparks. When it's extended and on, the swing causes 2-5 BURN and raises the target's temperature by 4 degrees, and remember, the baton's on, so this is on top of the usual Disorient and major stamina drain. This depletes 50 PU from the cell. While these might seem dull, remember, they're still special attacks: while aiming can be tricky, they let you hit things without actually clicking on the sprite, something you might appreciate if the target has a small hitbox or is hiding under something. Basically, rather than giving a little ranged capability like the standard stun baton, its special attacks make it easier to land hits in melee.

The Consultant Uniform NTSOHelmet.png NTSOSuit.png

In your special blue NT backpack you get an iconic blue NanoTrasen specialist helmet and combat dress. In addition to looking distinctly ~tacticool~, the whole set also protects you from Space and the Trench, with zero movement penalty. Combined with a high chance of getting an emergency O2 tank in the box in your (also special) NanoTrasen backpack, you're well-prepared for oxygen-less environments. While regular Security Officers might turn back at a hull breach, you can continue marching through, and if someone tries to escape into Space, you can pursue them.

In addition to having your gun, baton, and pouch, the secbelt you spawn with also has a NT-SO gas mask. It works like a regular gas mask (e.g. reduces effect of aerosol and smoke powder clouds), but it has more Disorient (Eye) resistance, so it slightly protects you from bright lights. In addition, on your pair of eyes is a pair of SecHUDs and on your pair of hands is a pair of NT-blue SWAT gloves. These gloves sometimes nullify disarms, preventing you from having your weapon knocked out of your hands (and then possibly used on you) like some sort of blue tactical clown.

Finally, instead of a red jacket, you spawn wearing a NT-SO jumpsuit, an iconic yet unfortunately blandly named turtleneck that's one of the few good things to come out of the Elite Security era. While its resistances and other stats are average, it's quite stylish and looks great on spacepeople of all skin tones, hair styles, and hair colors. Plus, it pairs very well with your NT Beret. Wear them proudly. You made it, kid.

Other Amenities NTSOPDAV2.png

Don't forget, you start with normal access Security Officer + Bridge access. While you can't access the Armory or its contents without giving enough authorizations at the armory auth computer like the other Security personnel, you can still use the SecTechs and Sec equipment lockers, and unlike the Detective and some others, you can at least give authorization for the armory auth computer. While Bridge access won't let you into the AI Upload, it does let you use the Communications Console and thus call the escape shuttle.

In addition to your Signifer and NT-SO gas mask, your starting secbelt also has a security whistle, a barrier, and a "tacticool pouch". This pouch has five slots, and it begins with a pair of handcuffs, two pairs of ziptie cuffs, and a candy heart with an endearing message. Perhaps you can swap out some things for donuts or medical supplies or some such.

Your bag also contains a special handkerchief hand-printed by central command for their agents. Excellent for muttering trade secrets into, or expressing your sympathy at the loss of Monsieur Stirstir.

Speaking of cuffs, you also have the Security Training trait. This lets you cuff people quicker than non-Sec people can, making arrests and such much easier. You also have access to the Recite Miranda Rights option under the "Command" tab on the right or through the *miranda emote, so you can read criminals their rights under Space Law as you make an arrest. Since you're Sec, you also get twice as much healing from the various varieties of donut.

Your backpack also has a basic first aid kit. It's not much, but there's enough that you can at least make it to Medbay for treatment. When you need to heal yourself or someone else, you'll be glad you had it.

On of top of all the gear above, there's also a whole bunch of other items. Your headset has access to the Security (Prefix: :g) and Command (:h) channels. Like all Security personnel, a Security Badge, because you can't turn in your badge and gun if you only have one but not both. Also, your PDA has the R.O.B.U.S.T.E.R. cartridge, so it has more apps than the one Security Officers get. From time to time, you'll also need to use your PDA to approve fines. Finally, you have a health implant in you.

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