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Current Maps
Clarion - Cogmap1 - Cogmap2 - Destiny - Oshan Laboratory
"It's like playing an episode of Sealab 2021 on acid."
--Angry Diplomat

Oshan Laboratory is the newest map on the Goonstation servers's current lineup of stations. Unlike most maps, which tend to be designed and created by one person, all sorts of players of all sorts of ranks collaborated on this map over the course of several months. For example, Goonstation artist and admin Gannets created the Radio Lab area and designed many of the sprites. Mentor kyle2143 made the fluid shields that keep most of the station's minisub bays from flooding over, while Goonstation coder MBC created the code that allowed fluids to exist in the first place, as well as other fluid-related systems like flood/fire alarms and drains.

Just as the seafloor of the ocean planet Abzu is constantly changing and developing, so is Oshan Laboratory. If you find any bugs associated with the map itself, please make a post about it on the Official Oshan FIX THIS SHIT! thread.

August 25, 2018 to Present

Oshan was the first station to:

  • Have its own trailer!
  • Be set entirely underwater. The seafloor is just as oxygenless as outer space, but, luckily, the water's not too cold, and it's shallow enough that the pressure can barely hurt you, though it can slow you down if you don't have flippers.
  • Feature minisubs, vehicles that can go in all eight directions, can travel on station and seafloor tiles alike, and have tank-style controls.
  • Possess active plate tectonics, resulting in mini-planetquakes and hotspots--and an whole new geothermal engine to control and harvest them!
  • Feature off-station fauna, in form of fish! Not space fish, actual fish! That can actually ingest chems and all!
  • Fully embrace fluid mechanics, featuring flood/fire alarms, drains, and liquid-shields.
  • Include the Trench, an underwater mining z-level, linked to the station by a massive deep hole and a sea elevator.
  • Introduce several newly redesigned sprites, including swanky new APC and door designs.
  • Bring several Debris Field classics (including Shitty Bill and company!) on the station z-level.
  • House an on-station radio station!

Southeast: Arrivals and Escape Dock

South: Command and Security Deck

Southwest: Supply & Cargo Hold

West: Civilian Galley

West Central: Sea Elevator

Northwest: Recreation Chambers

North: Medical Bay

Northeast: Research Lab

Far Northeast: Research Outpost

East: Engineering Compartment


Official Trailer/Teaser

Supplementary Video