Syndicate Battlecruiser

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Syndicate Battlecruiser


Redsuit depository.


Nuclear Operative

Please be aware of the special guidelines regarding this facility.

The Syndicate Battlecruiser Cairngorm is where Nuclear Operatives spawn during Nuclear mode rounds. While we can't tell you what a battlecruiser actually is in this universe, we can tell you about the weapons and supplies that spawn here, all detailed in the Nuclear Operative page. In short, it's oodles of explosives and red space suit sets. We can also tell you that, despite all appearances, this ship can't actually move.

Nuclear Operatives can exit this ship by taking one of the SyndiPutts/SyndiPods/syndicate minisubs in the hangar or by using a syndie tele remote while standing over the telepad in the center of the ship, which will teleport them to the Listening Post.

While there's a couple ways for crew and Syndicate operatives to enter said Listening Post, both with and without using/obtaining an Agent ID, the only way to (re-)enter this ship is to use a syndie tele remote while standing on the Listening Post's telepad. Nuclear Operatives get a remote for free when they spawn, but regular crew members need to be more... creative to obtain one.

Speaking of which, if you do somehow manage to board this ship when it's not a Nuclear round, the nuclear bomb, some thermite charges, and a couple of gear closets will be missing. The other stuff here, such as the RPG, will still be around.

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