Syndicate Shuttle

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Syndicate Shuttle


Redsuit depository.


Nuclear Operative

Please be aware of the special guidelines regarding this facility.

The Syndicate shuttle is where the nuclear operatives spawn. It comes fully stocked with most mundane supplies you would want when invading an enemy station, such as rocket-propelled grenades, land mines, night vision goggles, scary red space suits, a nuclear bomb, and, of course, Donk pockets! Invading and blowing up enemy stations is pretty hard work. Delicious evil meat turnovers will give you the calories you need.

Most importantly, the monkey Von Braun hangs out here with his favorite pen.

In an effort to improve the operatives' options, the Syndicate has added a jumpsuit fabricator for undercover operations, a pod bay with a complete pod and two smaller attack crafts for more... direct approaches.

The teleporter pad in the port wing will take the operatives to the listening post, from which they can fly to the station.

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