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North Electrical Substation


Providing power for entertainment.


Anybody with Maintenance access

This dark lil' alcove is the North Electrical Substation. The "North" part is misleading, because it's not really in the north. It's in its own little side area connected to maintenance area below the Courtroom, which is located on the eastern side of the ship, so it really should be called the East Electrical Substation, maybe even Southeast Electrical Substation.

At least the "Electrical" part is true, because this area does have a few electricity-related doodads, namely an SMES unit and a Solar Monitoring computer. The "Substation" part is a bit true, since it does distribute electricity from the nearby solar array, but it doesn't transform power, and its coverage is limited. If you follow the wire paths branching from here, you'll see that they're actually cut off from the main grid and only connect to the AI Chamber and the sorry excuse of a Barbershop.

Like the AI unit this substation's meant to serve, it also has a few bells and whistles that are neat but honestly aren't really relevant to its function. You have a coffee machine, but this room's not really meant for human habitation. You've a quantum telescope, but it's quite far from the mineral magnet it serves. You've a cyborg docking station for cyborgs to recharge at, but it's quite isolated from the rest of the ship. You've a pair of moonshoes, which are honestly probably the best thing about this place.

Maintenance information

For some reason, this room does actually have a vent, which is linked to an air hookup in the maintenance area below the Shower Room.

The APC for this area is located near the red external airlock.

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