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Current Projects

  • Sandbox - Currently features a very WIP rewrite of the Plasma Research page. Soon(TM) to include annotated pictures, instructions on using the machinery in Toxins, and some thoughts on bomb-making.
  • Armor - Another page that explains the various stats on equipment found throughout the station, soon to have two and possibly three Big Ol' Charts.
  • Horizon - A map for Horizon.
  • Exadv1 Interview Transcript - A one-and-half hour interview with Exadv1 that will take much, much longer than that to transcribe.
  • Quickstart - A very WIP rewrite of Getting Started. Meant to be a 5-10 minute read that has lots of pictures and direct and practical instructions and isn't too overwhelming.
  • Manta - A map for the newest Goon map, Manta.
  • Adminhelp - A guide that'll eventually explain what ahelps are and aren't for, encourage people to ahelp more often, earlier, and with more details, and describe what may or may not happen after an ahelp is received.
  • Communications Officer‎‎ - A barebones prototype for a page on the Comms Officer job, soon to explain how the comms system works and list some radio gimmicks to run with it.
  • Nanotrasen Security Operative‎‎ - Another barebones prototype in similar vein, focusing more on their unique equipment and bit on their responsibilities (and eventually dealing with threats).
  • Torpedos - Currently describes how to load and fire torpedos, eventually will have more sprites in the instructions, provide some location info on the torpedo bays, and explain the various torpedo-launchables more.

To-Do List

  • Motives Page
  • Medical Checklist Reformat-foss i promise
  • Applying for Mentor - Some observations on the mentor application, especially the disparity between what applicants expect from mentors and what admins/others actually expect and the importance of avoiding metagaming.
  • Melee Weapon Section - A section for Murder on melee weapons, with images, sources, damage, and usefulness over fists.


  • Precision Loaf Science: Find out the exact item thresholds for each loaf tier...somehow.
  • Chemistry Groups for All/Most Chems: Best thing to ever be added.

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