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Cool Stuff

Current Projects

  • Sandbox - So. Much. Crap.
  • Armor - Another page that explains the various stats on equipment found throughout the station, soon to have two and possibly three Big Ol' Charts.
  • Horizon - A map for Horizon.
  • Exadv1 Interview Transcript - A one-and-half hour interview with Exadv1 that will take much, much longer than that to transcribe.
  • Quickstart - A very WIP rewrite of Getting Started. Meant to be a 5-10 minute read that has lots of pictures and direct and practical instructions and isn't too overwhelming.
  • Adminhelp - A guide that'll eventually explain what ahelps are and aren't for, encourage people to ahelp more often, earlier, and with more details, and describe what may or may not happen after an ahelp is received.
  • Mime - Page is already out. Just need to finish the "mimed" version.
  • Kudzuperson - A page for kudzupeople, created when kudzu revives a corpse. Could use a few more details before being made into an official page.
  • Plasma Research - A small rewrite of Plasma Research with the soon(TM) to include annotated pictures, instructions on using the machinery in Toxins, and some thoughts on bomb-making.
  • Retired Objectives - List of old Traitor objectives.
  • EMP - Page on EMP effects.
  • Drinks Rearrange - New arrangement for Drinks section of Foods and Drinks, featuring a central list of drink ingredient sources.
  • General Objects Rearrange - Attempts to reorganize the General Objects page by use to break up the big tables.
  • Syndicate Items Rearrange‎‎ - Attempts to reorganize Syndicate Items page to reduce walls of text. Looks extremely ugly right now
  • User:Studenterhue/Security Assistant

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