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Short for electromagnetic pulse, EMPs are magical science waves that make electronics malfunction.


emp grenades 
pulse rifle
emp mutation
vampire TEG (APC-specific)
vampire screech (radio-specific_



Object Effect
Cyborg [TBA]
Ghostdrone [TBA]
Small Power Cell [TBA]
Large Power Cell [TBA]
Cloaking Device [TBA]
Chameleon Suit [TBA]
Land Mine [TBA]
Holographic Disguiser [TBA]
Flash [TBA]
Stun Baton [TBA]
Security HUD [TBA]
Optical Thermal Scanner [TBA]
Night Vision Goggles [TBA]
General Machinery [TBA]
Computer [TBA]
Airlock [TBA]
Fire Alarm [TBA]
Manufacturer [TBA]
Windoor [TBA]
SWORD Engine [TBA]
Turret [TBA]
Cybereye [TBA]
Cyberorgan [TBA]
Security Camera [TBA]
Station Bounced Radio [TBA]
Headset [TBA]
Intercom [TBA]
Loudspeaker Transmitter [TBA]
Loudspeaker [TBA]
Space Pod [TBA]
Minisub [TBA]
Car [TBA]


Object Effect
GuardBuddy Robuddy.png This robot friend becomes everyone's enemy by attempting to attack and arrest everyone it sees! The EMP also makes the weapons for certain GuardBuddy modules more lethal, for example, SnoozeBuddy's ketamine smoke becomes neurotoxin.
Cambot [TBA]
Cleanbot [TBA]
Firebot [TBA]
Buttbot [TBA]
Floorbot [TBA]
Medibot [TBA]
Securitron [TBA]
Artifact [TBA]
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