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It's now a fully fledged error, an enormous blunder, a fiscal and metrological nightmare. It's a long boat. 

Horizon is one of the four ship-themed maps currently in rotation, well-known for its sleek, missile-like layout. It was designed by then mentor john_warcrimes and ported over by Haine as a semi-tongue-in-cheek horizontal map with a variety of fun little gimmicks and touches, like an extensive transit system based on glorified disposal chutes, an on-station nuclear bomb, and, most popularly, hot loop pipes that go under the pool.

In November 2019, Horizon received a major revamp. First, part of the Clown Station Ruins collided into the former Escape Arm, leading to a new Escape area in the northeast and the old version being closed off. Hydroponics also suffered some damage, and a different part of the ruins smashed into the North Electrical Substation and surrounding areas, somehow merging with it. The Testing Asteroid also drifted significantly closer to the moored ship. Then, the Research Sector was redesigned: its Plasma Research area was phased out, the Artifact Lounge and Chemistry lab were remodeled and streamlined, and a new Tool Storage and Pod Hangar were created.

In December 2019, there was another surprising new development: the NCS Atlas collided into the NSS Horizon while attempting to dock! The Med-Sci Nacelle of the Horizon was severed from the ship, and her Arrivals and Crematorium suffered minor damage. Meanwhile, the Atlas had suffered worse: her Bridge was wrecked, with the Captain's Quarters in shambles, and the Toxins and Pathology Research labs were in shoddy shape. Even more surprising; despite all this, both ships were surprisingly intact! Most of the other major areas of both ships were still functional, and several new walkways of admittingly questionable structural integrity were built to link the two.

Eventually, by January 2020, the NCS Atlas was able to successfully separate. The links between the two ships were removed, and the NSS Horizon repaired most of the damage, resulting in the ship you now know today!

Feel free to report any flaws in this flying offense to common sense in its Official FIX THIS SHIT! thread

February 4, 2019 to Present

Horizon was the first station to:

  • Fully utilize the widescreen perspective. Many rooms look much better when the display's on widescreen than on square.
  • Abandon the mail chute system for a full-fledged transport chute system.
  • Put the nuclear charge on the station, rather than on a off-station outpost.
  • Include emergency pod fabs in certain pod bays.

Recreational Warhead (Western Secondary Hallway)

Miscellanea Nose (Western Primary Hallway)

Crew Module Nacelle

AI Satellite Nacelle

Command Module (Central Primary Hallway)

Civilian Stage (Central Secondary Hallway)

Medical and Security Tanks (Eastern Primary Hallway)

Medical Research Nacelle

Smeltery Nacelle

Engineering & Research Wings (Eastern Secondary Hallway)

Testing Asteroid


Supplementary Video