Arrival Dock

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Arrival Dock


Gazing at the stars and great achievements.



The Arrival Dock is a modestly-sized hallway in the "northeast" parts of Atlas, opposite Escape and downwind of Bridge. Despite the name, nothing really docks here, save perhaps for foreign invaders. Instead, here, Atlanteans can compete for high scores on Robustris Pro, the regional sport of Atlas, and gaze upon the vast starfields surrounding Atlas and ponder the great majesty of the final frontier, reminding themselves of their original mission to NanoTrasen and mankind.

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. Perhaps there is a prize for one?

The APC for this area is on the right side, near the Robustris Pro cabinet.

The power for this area comes from a wire that runs under the checkerboard floor and the left- and right-facing airlocks, opening into North East Maintenance.

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