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|- id="Spooky Crate"
|- id="Spooky Crate"
| Spooky Crate (October exclusive)
| Spooky Crate  
| style="text-align: right;" | 250 Credits
| style="text-align: right;" | 250 Credits
| x6 [[Foods and Drinks#Goodybag|goodybags]]
| Appears exclusively when the server is in Spooktober mode, which usually lasts through all of October. Contains x6 [[Foods and Drinks#Goodybag|goodybags]]
|- id="Holiday Supplies"
|- id="Holiday Supplies"
| Holiday Supplies
| Holiday Supplies  
| style="text-align: right;" | 500 Credits
| style="text-align: right;" | 500 Credits
| 2x [[General Objects#Gift|Presents]], 2x Egg Nog cartons, 3x [[Clothing#Vintage Santa Hat|2k13 vintage santa hats]], 1x [[General Objects#Scissors|scissors]], 2x [[General Objects#Wrapping Paper|wrapping paper rolls]]
| Appears only when Spacemas/Christmas mode is on, which usually runs for the entirety of December. Contains 2x [[General Objects#Gift|Presents]], 2x Egg Nog cartons, 3x [[Clothing#Vintage Santa Hat|2k13 vintage santa hats]], 1x [[General Objects#Scissors|scissors]], 2x [[General Objects#Wrapping Paper|wrapping paper rolls]]
|- id="Office Supply Crate"
|- id="Office Supply Crate"

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The Cargo Bay, in all its glory.
The Cargo Bay, in all its glory.
The Cargo Bay, in all its glory.
The Cargo Bay, in all its glory.
The Cargo Bay, in all its glory.
The Cargo Bay, in all its glory.

You're a Quartermaster! Lets make money!

Number One Hustla'

Your 'official' job capacity is to take orders from the crew for such things as medicines, bots, and weapons. In practice, you will sometimes go entire rounds without getting a legitimate order, so your job is just as much anticipating needs as anything else.

An active quartermaster will typically account for well over 90% of the crew's final score at the end of the round. They are also one of the few offices on the station that actually turn a profit on a regular basis, so if the station ends up in the black, it's often creditable to the QMs. While relatively meaningless in the long run, it's still kind of satisfying to see that while the rest of the crew was preoccupied with such important things as passing out in a pool of vomit, wearing their own ass as a hat, or trying and failing to strangle a chimpanzee, you've made the entire station worth it.

Buy! Sell!


See that orange console, the image of which you see above? Time to get acquainted with it. You're going to be spending a large amount of time glued to it. Go ahead, click on it! You'll get some options:

  • Order Items - Shows a list of commodities. Clicking the link will bring up a comment box, the crate will be tagged with whatever you enter here. Handy for keeping track of requests.
  • Contact CDC - Allows for NPC-controlled Pathology Research. More on that in the QMCare section
  • View Requests - See the request console outside the QM's office? Those requests go here. Clicking "Approve" works just like ordering things from the regular order screen. "Remove" will deny the request, and "Clear list" will wipe all requests.
  • View Order History - Pretty self explanatory.
  • View Shipping Market - This shows you the current prices of various commodities. Ideally, you'll be tracking down what's in high demand and sell it off for loads of dough.
  • Contact Traders - Multiple traders will be available after each market shift. Contact them here
    • After ordering things from a trader, go back one step to tell them to actually send the crate.
    • To sell to a trader, tag the crate with a barcode from the QM Barcode computer.

Your orders will come flying through space, landing on the lower east conveyor belt in the supply dock. Turn on the conveyor belts to roll them into the QM office proper. If you're going to order lots of things quickly, open the blast doors or all crates beyond the first will be stuck in space.

To sell items, just load them (in a crate) on the upper east conveyor belt and turn it on. It will be catapulted into space and sold for sweet cash. Somehow. Don't forget to tag the crate if you're responding to a trade offer.

Shipping and Receiving

In the rare event that you get a legit request from the crew, you have three ways to send things around the station - a cargo transporter, a MULEBot and Belt Hell. Play around with either, depending on which is the most convenient.

Cargo Transporter

CargoPad.png Cargotransporter.png

Compatible with closets/lockers, crates and alien artifacts. There aren't too many cargo pads around, but teleportation works almost instantly. Generally, It's really more for letting miners send things back to the station.

Available Destinations



The MULEbot is one of the few ways to quickly transport large amounts of goods across the station. A devious QM can also remove the MULE's traffic safety routines, you should make sure to tune the motor first. The MULE can carry any kind of cargo.

Available Destinations

There are a number of named locations for the MULE to go:

In addition to the named locations are numerous mysteriously unlabeled areas.

There are a number of named locations for the MULE to go

Destiny has no MULE beacons whatsoever. This is intentional.

There are a number of named locations for the MULE to go

There are a number of named locations for the MULE to go

Oshan Laboratory deliberately forgoes MULEBots. Part of the reasoning is to avoid flooding, a bigger part of it is because the MULEBot's god-awful pathfinding problems would only be exacerbated on a map as large as Oshan. There's still beacons and such for the GuardBuddies and Securitrons, but they're not meant to be used by MULEBots.

Belt Hell


Belt Hell is an affectionate name for the system of conveyor belts which can distribute items around the station. This isn't limited to the quartermaster, and can in fact be used as a personal transport system by daring crew members.

It is employed by using the barcode computer that's standing around at all conveyor belt stations. This will let you pick from several destinations, and print a barcode sticker. Put that sticker on whatever you wish to send (manually or by using drag & drop), and push it onto the conveyor belt to send it on a bumpy ride.

Available Destinations

  • Arrivals: North of the arrivals shuttle.
  • Catering: North of the kitchen.
  • Disposals: Stuff sent here will be ground to scrap. You were warned.
  • Engine: Inside engineering proper.
  • Escape: South of the escape shuttle.
  • Export: This will sell items in a crate at the current market rate.
  • Med-Sci: South of Research.
  • Security: At the room left of the interrogation room.
  • QM: Properly inside the QM's haunts.
  • Airbridge(Right next to the main airbridge, near Medbay.)
  • Cafeteria (Across the hall from the bar, close to the Pool.)
  • Catering (Between kitchen maintenance and hydroponics.)
  • Disposals (Stuff sent here will be ground to scrap. You were warned.)
  • Engine (Inside engineering proper.)
  • EVA (In a maintenance corridor near EVA.)
  • Medical-Science (Between medbay's pharmacy and chemistry.)
  • QM (Properly inside the QM's haunts.)
  • Security (At the northern end of the brig.)

Making Money

When you're more comfortable in your station, consider bugging people for stuff you know they don't need. Miners, for example, have no use for most gems or the minerals syreline and cobryl. They tend to command nice prices on the market, however, so if mining cooperates, you can get some nice help there. Botanists will also sometimes grow way too much weed and you can shore up your bank account by becoming an intergalactic dank dealer.

If there aren't any botanists, don't fret. You can start your own grow-op! Just order yourself a few Hydroponics Starter crates and procure yourself some seeds. Jazz Lounge usually has a few cannabis seeds hidden under some scrubs, and there's an seed dispenser in an abandoned satellite a good distance south of the Mining Outpost. If there's an AI online, you can also simply ask it to let you into Hydroponics for seeds.

Other sources of money

NPC traders will occasionally offer you trades. Most of these are useless, but occasionally you will get offers that will pay for material at much more than market price. These can occasionally make you 100,000 credits less than 10 minutes into the round.

  • NPC traders don't purely exist online. Take your space pod and go exploring.

Also, the AI, Captain, and Head of Personnel have access to the station's bankrolls and can shore up the Shipping budget if things go wrong for whatever reason. Assuming, of course, a treacherous captain hasn't spent the entire budget making himself into a green death-commando with an entire armory on his back, or some Traitor isn't demanding the whole budget as ransom money.

Particularly ingenious engineers may be kind enough to divert unused power to the Power Transmission Laser, creating a gigantic laser beam to some strange place in space willing to pay to have a massive laser beam pointed at them. If this happens, rejoice, but not right away. Part of the money earned by the PTL goes to the Chief Engineer's and their Engineer underlings' bank accounts, while the rest goes to the station payroll. If the Head of Personnel/Captain are around, you can ask them to transfer the money to the shipping budget.

In addition, philanthropic crew members (including yourself) can donate to the shipping budget when they access a Supply Request Console and pick Request Supply Points, at a rate of one supply point per credit donated. Not too useful considering how it's rarely used, but, hey, it's the thought that counts.

Other ways to waste money

NPC traders will also occasionally offer to sell you things. Occasionally, these are simple commodities at below market price, but much more often they are unique things that are hard to get in other ways. Always accept these trades if you can afford to without crippling your budget. Occasionally the dealer will screw you, and you'll pay thousands of credits for something useless like flashlights, but it's the cost of doing business.

Funding gimmicks or insanity is also an acceptable way to use your fat stacks of cash, particularly if doing so in spite. If the Head of Security orders you to buy a million guns to outfit his personal army, consider ordering a shuttle full of liquor instead and telling the Head of Security that his team will still be loaded.

You're gonna need to sign for that

As a quartermaster, you will sometimes get people asking you to order things for them. Some people will be very polite about this, coming down to the cargo bay in person, using the appropriate computer, and leaving clear instructions on delivery. Others will be very rude, simply barking an order over the radio and not responding when you ask them for details.

Generally speaking, you should be generous with people who are kind to you, and ignore people who are rude. This is not just for your ego - rude people will often forget to pick up orders, and you will then have a clutter crate that you don't want and don't need lying around. If the need is urgent or coincides with an emergency on the station, though, you should obviously make exceptions. The Chief Engineer is not going to come down and ask nicely for you to order tools, Floorbots, and metal when a bomb just went off in the escape hallway.

When someone comes down to the cargo bay and asks you for something verbally, ask them to use the requests computer outside your office. They will order exactly what they want, and you can later just approve the order on your terminal. This limits mistakes and overbuying.

Beyond that, there are a few things you can buy that will never be unappreciated.

  • Emergency supply crates have lots of emergency internals - gas masks and air tanks instantly become worth their weight in gold when the station starts depressurizing. They also carry floorbots, which will handle the hardest and most dangerous step to repairing a hole in the station - putting the floor back down so people can work.
  • Medical supply crates are also much appreciated, and will be opportunistically picked clean if you leave a few outside your office. This is not a bad thing. These crates are cheap and it's a good thing for people to keep medicine on them.

Beyond that, try doing something nice for a department that hasn't asked for it.

  • Hydroponics loves getting a few hydroponic crates since it is the only way for them to get more pots to grow with, and they will never complain about bee crates either.
  • Robotics loves getting metal, glass, and cables since they consume huge amounts of the materials they break down to.
  • The chef loves getting food crates, since his kitchen can run out fairly quickly.


Has a rogue pathologist unleashed an insidious plague, infecting everyone with coughing, sneezing, and involuntary Shakespeare quoting? You've just the tool to handle that: the oft-forgetten CDC hotline, accessible through Contact CDC. Unlike regular, player-done Pathology Research, finding the cure for a disease is quite easy, provided you've got the cash for it and the communication link is online.

First, ask the CDC to send over a biohazardous materials crate. Place a sample of the pathogen, in form of a blood vial, petri dish, or regular vial, in one of these crates and simply push it onto the outbound conveyor belt, no sticker needed. Once the sample has reached the CDC, it will offer to analyze the pathogen and determine the threat level, the symptoms, and the suppressants for the reasonable price of 1000 credits. After you've paid the fee, the CDC will shortly afterwards offer batches of the cure. How much you'll have to pay depends on the threat level of the disease, with more dangerous ailments requiring more expensive treatments, though the price range is nearly always a couple thousand.

Crew Objectives

As a loyal crew member, you can sometimes be assigned some strictly optional objectives to keep yourself busy while you wait for something to happen. As a quartermaster, you can expect to see the following:

Have 50,000 credits in the shipping budget at the end of the round
Pretty trivial to accomplish if you just do your job. You will, however, have to hope that you don't get any meddling from the AI, a greedy head, or a traitor with a financial goal.

Syndicate Shenanigans


A traitor quartermaster is as good or as bad as his plan. Quartermasters can essentially produce things out of thin air, and most of the things they can produce have frightening potential. However, all of these options can ironically be the traitor's downfall, as he flounders around trying to get everything, often ending up tipping his hand and doing nothing at all. When starting your round as a traitor QM, use the first few minutes while waiting for metal and glass to arrive to consider exactly what you want to do that round. If you want to cause a drone revolution, focus on robotics crates. If you want to gut the station, get emergency supplies crates (so you can emag the floorbots). If you want to go on a psychopathic rampage, order lots and lots of phasers and be sure to murder your co-workers the instant you're able.

Your cargo bay is pretty isolated, which makes a good base of operations, but also makes you very suspicious. Security is used to getting calls that the QM is doing something shady, and they don't often need much of an excuse to demand a search. Always have a backup plan to keep yourself as inconspicuous as possible. A stealth storage in the corner of your office makes a great place to hide your incriminating toys until you're ready to go, and the outbound cargo belt and, if applicable, pod bay provide a quick place to get rid of murder victims. Any chutes are easy places to hide emergency supplies. You also may consider just holding off on spawning your gear at all until the second you need it. If the AI announces you're killing someone in the cargo bay, get rid of the evidence and insist the AI is lying. As little as people trust you, they're way more used to the AI being corrupted.

As a traitor QM, an emag is basically required. It allows you to break the cardlocks on all of the crates you can order & interacts with many of the items you get (like robots). Exactly how you spend the other points is purely up to your plan. If you are going to get violent, you might consider a revolver or shotgun. If you need people distracted while you do a few things, consider the voice changer and agent card combo. If drone revolutions sound like your style, consider some EMP grenades to send the bots insane en masse.

Items you can order

Security Department

Item Cost Contents
Weapons Crate - Security Equipment (Cardlocked [Security]) 5000 Credits x1 Port-a-Brig and remote, x1 Taser, x1 Stun Baton, , x1 Handcuff Kit, x1 Security-Issue Grenade Box (2x crowd dispersal grenades, 2x smoke grenades, 1x stinger grenade, 1x flashbang, 1x shock grenade)
Weapons Crate - Security Equipment Upgrade (Cardlocked [Security]) 15000 Credits x1 Taser Shotgun, x1 Elite Security Helmet
Weapons Crate - Phasers (Cardlocked [Security]) 5000 Credits x2 Phaser Gun
Weapons Crate - Experimental (Cardlocked [Security]) 5000 Credits x1 Wave gun, 1x Experimental Grenade Box (1x high-range incendiary, 3x incendiary, 3x cryo)
Anti-Biological Hazard Supplies (Cardlocked [Security]) 7000 Credits 1x Flamerthrower, 2x Flare gun box (1x flare gun and 1x box of flares)
Loyalty Kit 6000 Credits 4x Loyalty implants, 2x Implanter

Research Department

Item Cost Contents
Lab Monkey Crate - 4 pack 500 Credits x4 Monkey
Chemistry Resupply Crate (Cardlocked [Research]) 500 Credits x1 Beaker Box (7x 50 unit beakers), x1 Mechanical Dropper, x1 Spectroscopic Goggles, x1 Reagent Scanner, x6 Reagent Bottles containing oil, phenol, ammonia, acetone, diethylamine and sulfuric acid
Chemistry Resupply Crate 500 Credits x4 Large beakers, x2 Beaker Boxes (7x 50 unit beakers in each), x1 sulfuric acid bottle, x1 ammonia bottle, x1 acetone bottle, x1 diethylamine bottle, x1 oil bottle, x1 phenol bottle

Medical Department

Item Cost Contents
Medical: First Aid Crate 1000 Credits x10 Assorted First Aid Kits
Medical: Medical Reservoir Crate 1500 Credits x1 Anti-tox (charcoal) reservoir beaker, 1x epinephrine reservoir beaker, 1x silver sulfadizine reservoir beaker, 1x styptic powder reservoir beaker, x2 Sedative (morphine) bottles, x2 Hyposprays, x1 Syringe Kit (box of 7 syringes)
Robotics Crate 2000 Credits x1 Securitron, x1 Floorbot, x1 Cleanbot, x1 Medbot, x1 Firebot
Prosthetic Augmentation Kit 2000 Credits 6x - 8x Random Augmentations
Restricted Medical Shipment 6000 Credits 1x Ether, 1x Haloperidol, 1x Omnizine, 1x Pentetic Acid, 2x perflurodecalin
Cyborg Components 4500 Credits 1x cyborg head, 1x cyborg chest, 1x cyborg left arm, 1x cyborg right arm, 1x cyborg left leg, 1x cyborg right leg, 1x robot frame, 1x cable coil
Morgue Supplies 10000 Credits 1x bible, 1x syringe, 1x embalming fluid (formaldehyde) bottle, 10x body bag, 1x coffin (it's the container all this ships in)
Blood Bank 3000 Credits 4x blood packs

Engineering Department

Item Cost Contents
Engineering Crate 1000 Credits x2 Mechanical Toolbox, x2 Welding Mask, x2 Insulated Gloves
Experimental Local Generator 2500 Credits x1 Experimental Local Generator
Mining Equipment - (Cardlocked [Mining]) 500 Credits x1 Powered Pickaxe, x1 Power Hammer, x1 Meson Goggles, x1 Geological Scanner, x2 Mining Satchel, x3 Mining Explosives
Replacement MULE Crate 750 Credits Contains x1 MULE. Remember to set its home beacon to QM #2 or it won't return automatically after a delivery.
Singularity Generator Crate (Cardlocked Chief Engineer) 100000 Credits 1x Gravitional Singularity Generator
Field Generator Crate 40000 Credits 4x Field Generators
Emitter Crate 15000 Credits 1x Emitter
Radiation Collector Crate 750 Credits 4x Radiation Collectors, 1x Radiation collection controller
ABCU Unit Crate 5000 Credits 1x ABC-U
Anti-Singularity Pack (available only on Manta) 10000 Credits 1x Singularity Buster Rocket Launcher, 4x Singularity Buster rockets, 1x paper-How to properly operate Singularity Buster rocket launcher

Civilian Department

Item Cost Contents
Catering: Dry Goods Crate 200 Credits x25 Assorted Cooking Ingredients
Catering: Meat, Eggs and Dairy Crate 600 Credits x25 Assorted Cooking Ingredients
Catering: Fresh Produce Crate 1050 Credits x21 Assorted Cooking Ingredients
Catering: Condiment Crate 250 Credits x25 Assorted Cooking Ingredients
Janitorial Supplies 500 Credits x3 Buckets, x1 Mop, x3 Wet Floor Signs, x3 Cleaning Grenades, x1 Mop Bucket
Hydroponics: Starter Crate 500 Credits x2 Watering Cans, x4 Compost Bags, x2 Weedkiller bottles, x2 Plant Analyzers, x4 Plant Trays
Hydroponics: Nutrient Pack 1000 Credits x15 Nutrient Formulas
Honey Production Kit - (Cardlocked [Hydroponics]) 450 Credits x5 Space bee eggs
Alcohol Crate 300 Credits x8 Assorted Liquor
Compost Bin 1000 Credits 1x Compost Tank (empty)
Avian Import Kit 2000 Credits 5x Birds
Animal Import Kit 2000 Credits 5 Random Animals
Golden Gannets Delivery 200 Credits 2x Chinese takeout cartons, 2x fortune cookies
Soft Soft Pizzeria Delivery 200 Credits 2x plain pizzas, 2x fries, 2x colas
Comedy Equipment 500 Credits 1x Clown Costume (mask, suit, shoes, funny pack) 1x Pie, 1x Banana Peel, 1x Balloon Box, 1x Bike Horn
Janitorial Supplies Refill 500 Credits 4x Cleaning Grenades, 2x Space Cleaner Bottle, 1x Box of Trash Bags, 1x Box of Biohazard Bags

Basic Materials

Item Cost Contents
200 Metal Sheets 2000 Credits x200 Metal Sheets
50 Metal Sheets 500 Credits x50 Metal Sheets
200 Glass Sheets 2000 Credits x200 Glass Sheets
50 Glass Sheets 500 Credits x50 Glass Sheets
Electrical Supplies Crate - 4 pack 1000 Credits x4 Cabling Box (28 cable coils total)
Welding Fuel Tank 4000 Credits 1x Welding Fuel tank
High Capacity Watertank 2500 Credits 1x High Capacity Watertank
Rapid-construction-device Replacement 60000 Credits 1x Rapid Construction Device
Atmospherics Supplies 8000 Credits 1x atmospheric technician's jumpsuit, 1x gas tank (oxygen), 1x gas tank (air mix), 2x air scrubbers
Reclaimed Reclaimer 1000 Credits 1x Portable Reclaimer
Radioactive Emergency Supplies 2000 Credits 3x Radiation Suit Hoods, 3x Radiation Suits, 2x pill bottles (potassium iodide), 4x emergency auto-injector (potassium iodide)
EVA Equipment Crate 5000 Credits 1x EVA Space Helmet, 1x EVA Space Suit, 1x Breath Mask, 1x Jetpack, 1x Magboots
Utility Belt Crate 750 Credits 2x Tool Belts, 2x Mechanical toolboxes


Item Cost Contents
Empty Crate 10 Credits Nothing (Crate only)
Special Ops Supplies 80000 Credits Can only be unlocked by emagging the console. Contains x1 Sleepy Pen, x1 Holographic Disguiser, x1 Signal Jammer, x1 Agent Card, x1 EMP Grenade Kit, x1 Tactical Grenades Kit
Paint Cans 1000 Credits 5x paint cans of random color
Emergency Equipment 1500 Credits x4 Floor Bot, x5 Air Tank, x5 Gas Mask
Novelty Clothing Crate 15000 Credits x20 Assorted Novelty Clothing
Spooky Crate 250 Credits Appears exclusively when the server is in Spooktober mode, which usually lasts through all of October. Contains x6 goodybags
Holiday Supplies 500 Credits Appears only when Spacemas/Christmas mode is on, which usually runs for the entirety of December. Contains 2x Presents, 2x Egg Nog cartons, 3x 2k13 vintage santa hats, 1x scissors, 2x wrapping paper rolls
Office Supply Crate 250 Credits 4x Paper Bins, 2x Clipboards, 1x Sticky Note Stack, 5x boxes of crayons/markers, 1x Stapler (red), 1x Scissors
Identity kit 1500 Credits 1x Spare ID Kit (7x blank ID cards), 1x Spare PDA Box (7x unclaimed PDAs)
Cold Weather Gear 3000 Credits 2x Robust coffee, 2x space HVAC unit, 2x chicken soup, 5x winter coat
Thinktronic Build Your Own Buddy Kit 7500 Credits 1x Guardbuddy frame, 1x Guardbuddy mainboard, 1x cyborg arm, 1x power cell, 1x Guardbuddy module
Meteor Shield System 2500 Credits 4x Meteor Shield Generators
Home Networking Kit 5000 Credits 3x cable coil, 50x glass sheet, 50x steel sheet, 10x random computer circuit boards
Candle Crate 500 Credits 1x matchbook, 6x small candle, 3x candle
Home Distilling Kit 5000 Credits 1x still, 6x bottles, 2x glass pitchers
Furnishings Crate 750 Credits 10x random furniture items
Haberdasher's Crate 5000 Credits 8x random hats
Masquerade Crate 5000 Credits 5x random novelty masks
Sponge Capsule Crate 5000 Credits 3x BioToys Sponge Capsules
Candy Crate 500 Credits 1x Cupid Dan's Candy Hearts box, 1x bag of Swedish Fisk, 1x bag of peach rings, 1x goodybag
Lighting Crate 500 Credits 2x flashlights, 8x emergency glowsticks
Necessities Vending Machine Restocking Pack 3000 Credits 1x snack restock cartridge, 1x cigarette restock cartridge, 1x cola restock cartridge, 1x alcohol restock cartridge, 1x monkey restock cartridge, 1x standard restock cartridge, 1x kitchen restock cartridge
Medical/Hydroponics Vending Machine Restocking Pack 3000 Credits 1x medical restock cartridge, 1x public medical restock cartridge, 1x hydroponics restock cartridge
Security Vending Machine Restocking Pack 5000 Credits 1x security restock cartridge, 1x security ammo restock cartridge
Electronics Vending Machine Restocking Pack 4000 Credits 1x mechanics restock cartridge, 1x PDA restock cartridge, 1x computer3 restock cartridge, 1x floppy restock cartridge

Supplementary Video

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