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Robots are non-sentient machines that do various tasks automatically. They can be constructed manually through the right combination of parts or automatically from the robotics fabricator. The quartermaster's robotics crate also contains a number of drones.



The most commonly seen robot. Medbots will detect nearby people and inject them with helpful drugs to slowly bring them back to health. They are a supplement to medical doctors, not a replacement. Sometimes, Medbay starts with a medibot named Head Surgeon, easily identified by its smiling face, baby blue frame, and ability to speak in Text-to-Speech.

Medbots may be unlocked by anyone with an ID that has medbay access. Several settings are available: the amount of units per injection (5-15), how severely injured a target has to be before taking action (80-95% of max health) and the option to draw chemicals from a beaker instead of the internal synthesizer.

Traitors or jackass research staff will occasionally insert a big beaker of horrible things. When emagged, the medbot will enthusiastically inject everyone with massive amounts of pancuronium regardless of injury or not.

Medbots may be produced outright at a robotics fabricator, ordered from the cargo bay or assembled by using the following procedure:

You will need:

To build:

  1. Use the cyborg arm on the empty medkit.
  2. Use the health analyzer on the resulting assembly.
    • Optionally, you may use a pen to rename the finished robot.
  3. Use the proximity sensor to finish the robot.



Floorbots will detect nearby areas of space and tirelessly use their very finite supply of floor tiles to turn it into walkable floors. They are most commonly used to fix holes in the station from bomb explosions. They have a limited number of tiles, but can be refilled by anyone. They hold a max of 50 tiles.

Floorbots also have a couple of auxiliary functionalities. To access them, simply click on the floorbot with an ID with Engineering access or a PDA with such an ID to unlock the floorbot. Hovering your cursor over a floorbot will then (hopefully) reveal an option to turn to turn the floorbot on/off and toggle a couple of settings, all off by default:

  • Improves floors: If a floor is missing a tile (i.e. it's just bare plating), the floorbot will try to lay down a tile so it doesn't look so naked. If a floor is burnt from an explosion or whatever, the floorbot will also pry out the burnt tile and replace it with a new one.
  • Finds tiles: The floorbot will try to collect nearby floor tiles and add them to their internal tile storage.
  • Make single pieces of metal into tiles when empty: The floorbot will convert nearby stacks of sheets (not just single stacks) into steel floor tiles, at the usual ratio of 4 tiles per sheet. However, it won't pick them up.

When emagged, floorbots will RIP UP floors equally as tirelessly, quickly turning habitable parts of a station into cold, airless tombs.

Floorbots may be produced outright at a robotics fabricator (where they will spawn with 10 tiles), ordered from the cargo bay or assembled with the following procedure:

You will need:

To build:

  1. Use the floor tile on the empty toolbox.
  2. Use the proximity sensor to finish the robot.
  3. Use the cyborg arm on the resulting assembly.

Note: If you use more than 10 floor tiles, the finished floorbot will have however many you put in. If you use less than 10, the floorbot will have 10. Therefore, it is most efficient to use 1-2 in creation and load the rest after the floorbot is done.



Firebots will detect nearby fires, whether on tiles or on people, and put them out. They are commonly used to breach areas that are consumed in flames, where there is a serious risk of a flash-over that could kill the firefighters. One also spawns in the chemistry lab, where people routinely set them selves ablaze. They tend to fight fires very slowly. If a fire is in a critical area such as the escape arm, human firefighters are best.

When emagged, firebots will ram anyone nearby, knocking them down with surprising efficiency.

Firebots may be produced outright at a robotics fabricator, ordered from the cargo bay or assembled with the following procedure:

You will need:

To build:

  1. Use the cyborg arm on the toolbox.
  2. Use the fire extinguisher on the resulting assembly.
    • Optionally, you may use a pen to rename the finished robot.
  3. Use the proximity sensor to finish the robot.



Cleanbots will clean the floor around them automatically, without leaving the floor wet. Most commonly used when a janitor is not on the station or the current ones are swamped with work. A cleanbot is best used in areas where messes are routinely made (e.g. the bar), instead of a place where a lot of messes are made at once.

When emagged, cleanbots will apply space lube to as many nearby floors as they can.

Cleanbots may be produced outright at a robotics fabricator, ordered from the cargo bay or assembled with the following procedure:

You will need:

To build:

  1. Use the sensor on the bucket.
  2. Use the cyborg arm on the resulting assembly.

Cleanbots come in two different colors depending on the color of the bucket used.



Securitrons patrol/guard the station, identifying and arresting those carrying contraband and/or set to *Arrest* in the records. Arrest, in this case, means liberal application of a stun baton and subsequent application of handcuffs. When a secbot is destroyed in the line of duty, they drop scrap.

A uncompromising securitron named "Officer Beepsky" spawns in his own room, creatively called Beepsky's House. Years of patrolling the SS13 beat has given him heightened intiative; whenever he is hunting down suspects (e.g. when attacked or spotting someone to arrest), he has 75% to go ahead and attack the perp if he is able to, rather than waiting a bit; in plain speak, he often automatically attacks as he moves when on the chase! In addition, unlike other secbots, Beepsky drops his baton upon dying.

Anyone can swipe their Security ID over a securitron to unlock it and configure a number of settings:

  • Operating Mode: Whether they arrest offenders (the above behavior) or detain them (stay with them and repeatedly stun them if they try to escape). Arrest is the default mode.
  • Check for Weapon Authorization: If off, everyone can carry weapons, even if they don't have Firearm Carry Permits.
  • Check Security Records: Whether they'll arrest those set to *Arrest* in the records
  • Auto Patrol: If off, they'll stay where they are and guard the room they're in. If on, they'll patrol through the public parts of the station.
  • Report Arrests: Whether they'll send PDA messages of who and where they make arrests/detains to all Security PDAs.

When emagged, securitrons arrest everyone they see. In addition, if emagged a second time, securitrons literally flip the fuck out, repeatedly stunning anyone that enters their sights.

Securitrons may be produced outright at a robotics fabricator, ordered from the cargo bay or assembled with the following procedure:

You will need:

To build:

  1. Use the screwdriver on the remote signaler.
  2. Use the signaler on the helmet.
  3. Weld them together with the welding tool.
  4. Add the proximity sensor to the assembly.
  5. Attach the cyborg arm to the assembly.
    • Optionally, you may use a pen to rename the finished robot.
  6. Add the rod.
  7. Add some of the wire.



A variant of the PR-6 Robuddy, the PR-6S Guardbuddy is the primary non-cyborg helper on the station. Utilizes the DWAINE terminals to conduct operations. To properly use them, one must manually enter commands via the DWAINE terminals in the research sector. However due to their uncompromising nature, they will follow orders to the last letter. This makes them a perfect tool for traitors to incapacitate the whole station with their non-lethal but efficient purge directives. Some modules can malfunction dangerously when exposed to EMP grenades. There are several models of this wonderful robot running around.


Variant Equipped with Description
GuardBuddy Flash Basic Security model. Often seen guarding research, the RD or purging patrolling the station. Makes a perfect guard.
Secbuddy Taser An early sub-model of the popular PR-6S Guardbuddy line. In active service in various outposts. If you intend on murdering the poor thing, do try and stay away from it when you do kill it, as this line of buddies seems to be powered by highly volatile explodium.
Wardbuddy Syringe gun Equipped with a syringe gun which is loaded with haloperidol (EMP'd: cyanide).
Gunbuddy Taser
Shockbuddy Electricity Shoots an incapacitating arc of electricity at the target.
Snoozebuddy Smoker tool Try your best not to provoke this variant of guard buddy, because when angered, they will dispense a plume of ketamine smoke (EMP'd: neurotoxin), knocking out anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the cloud for about four to six minutes.
Jinglebuddy Snowball thrower A festive holiday version of the basic Guardbuddy. Resembling a present, its green and red striped chassis is equipped with a snowball throwing tool, which are surprisingly effective at stopping crime.
Klaus Flash and a neat hat! Safetybuddy Klaus wants you to mind safety (and security) regulations.
Ol' Harner Flash and an awesome hat! Dispenses The Law akin to Beepsky.
El Vaquero Taser Fabricado en México.
Super Protector Friend III Flash 'New technology! Blinking light action!'
PR-4 Robuddy Flash and a sweet hat! A very old model. Equipped with a flash. A well known PR-4 is known as "Murray", who is in service as a station tour guide, found next to the arrival shuttle, who will stop at nothing to give its tour of the station, no matter how many hull breaches or changelings are in the way. Murray only ever uses his flash if directly attacked, and will resume its tour normally when its assailant is arrested.
PR-1 Automated Checkpoint Bureaucracy and a printer The great-great-great-great-great grandfather of the PR-6 Guardbuddy. Apparently it has wheels, but the lazy things never move.

You will need:

  • A Guardbuddy frame
  • A Guardbuddy mainboard
  • A Guardbuddy tool module (any)
  • A charged power cell
  • A cyborg arm (left or right)
  • (Optional: a pen)

To build:

  1. Insert the power cell into the frame.
  2. Insert the tool module.
    • Optionally, you may use a pen on the mainboard to rename the finished robot.
  3. Insert the mainboard.
  4. Add the robot arm.


Cambot.png Smile for the camera! Essentially slightly less annoying tourists, cambots leisurely roam around the station, occasionally taking pictures of just about anything they see. When emagged, their photographic flash works like an actual flash, stunning cyborgs and humans for quite some time.

You will need:

To build:

  1. Attach the cyborg arm to the camera
    • Optionally, use the pen on the camera/arm assembly to rename the finish robot.
  2. Attach the proximity sensor to the camera/arm assembly



The Multiple Utility Load Effector robot. Meant to reliably transport crates of equipment without it being easily stolen by the crew, yet in reality it sits idle in QM most of the time. These days, crates are more likely to be delivered via Belt Hell, but that doesn't mean it can't be useful.

While Belt Hell usually works faster, there are a number of MULE beacons which are either strategically placed in the system's blind spots or more convenient for the department receiving the supplies. So in a way, they complement one another. It's also noteworthy that the bot has all access - with a bit of creativity, breaking into sensitive areas is a breeze! You can order more of them from Centcom, which arrive in a replacement MULE crate.

The MULE can be controlled with the appropriate PDA program (available to QMs, the AI and cyborgs) or manually:

Function Description
Toggle Power Flip the switch to perform maintenance.
Return to Home Won't work if a home beacon hasn't been assigned.
Set Destination Refer to The MULE for the complete list.
Set Bot ID Pointless. The game does that automatically.
Set Home Remember to set this to QM #2 if you bought another MULE! This can't be done with the PDA.
Toggle Auto Return Home Default: On. Won't work if a home beacon hasn't been assigned.
Toggle Auto Pickup Crate Default: On. The crate should be placed on the checkered tile.

Of course, nothing would be complete without a bit of hacking! Grab a screwdriver, multitool and a pair of wirecutters. Once you've unlocked the MULEBot controls through the interface and screwed the maintenance panel open, pulse the wires to figure out their function and then bypass the safety by cutting the corresponding cables. They are randomized for every bot.

Feedback Description
Power cell Click this with an empty hand to remove the cell for recharging or upgrading.
You hear a radio crackle. Leave those wires alone. Used for navigation and to interface with PDAs.
The charge light flickers. Leave as is. Both wires need to be intact or the bot will be immobilized.
The load platform clunks. Pointless. Out of the box, any type of cargo can be loaded onto the MULE now.
The drive motor whines briefly. Disables the speed limiter, making the MULE stop less often. Highly recommended, but make sure to only cut one of the two wires!
The external warning lights flash briefly. When cut, the machine will run over anybody in its path. Bad idea unless you're a traitor.



Buttbots...should be seen instead of explained. They can only be assembled. When emagged, they produce an amazing amount of enjoyment to bystanders.

You will need:

  • A butt (any kind will do)
  • A cyborg arm (left or right)

To build:

  1. Attach the cyborg arm to the butt.

Amusing Duck


Amusing ducks will slowly move around at random, quacking and emitting a playful jingle. They will occasionally lay eggs (similar, but not identical to Easter eggs), which in turn may contain fun items.

When emagged, they lay eggs and quack more frequently. However, they will also play their jingle on dissonant chords, giving them a distinctly 'wrong' and slightly unsettling sound. Amusing ducks can be colossally annoying when a lot of them are stacked into a small area and can easily inspire some to violence to make the quacking stop.

You will need:

To build:

  1. Combine the bike horn with the robot arm. Yes, really.



The impartial judge, jury, and executioner of fine cuisine. Every once in a while, points to a random dish or food item in its sight, plays a rather infamous horn, then spouts an angry procedurely-generated line similar but legally distinct to the mannerisms of Gordon Ramsay, then completely destroys said food in a manner completely dissimilar to Ramsay.

You will need:

  • A dramatic bike horn (not a regular one)
  • A cyborg arm (left or right)

To build:

  1. Combine the dramatic bike horn with the robot arm. Yep.



Spooky. Different skulls make different skullbots, which do different dances. When emagged, they provide a wide variety of skeleton puns.

You will need:

To build:

  1. Attach the cyborg leg to the skull.

Boogie Bot


Boogie Bots will slowly move around, feeling the groove, dancing to the beat, partying like it's 1978. They have been known to boogie all night long. You can dance alongside them too--if you become one of them.

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