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A Technical Assistant was a non-specialized Engineering-department employee who presumably failed to get their technical degree but were nonetheless tasked with assisting Engineering personnel with their work. As with Staff Assistants aboard station, it was impossible to hit a cap on the number of Technical Assistants and a person joining the game late could always become one. They occupied a very low place on the official and de facto hierarchies of the station and alternate between being unfairly oppressed and giving provocation for further oppression. Despite being tasked with assisting technical personnel, they had to ask the AI to enter sensitive areas such as Engineering proper. Technical Assistants spawned in Technical Storage which has a a flash in it, this means this species of Assistant had a nice weapon to begin with.


Sadly, the shuttle containing this shift's technical and medical assistants crashed. Into the moon. Forever. And access to Tech Storage was added to the Staff Assistant job.

Discontinued Features:
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