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Once there was a Research Assistant job, a low-ranking position tasked with cleaning up the labs, preparing materials for experiments, and generally aiding members of the science department, which at various points in the role's history included the Research Technician and Scientist/Toxins Researcher/Plasma Researcher jobs. In addition to getting maintenance access like other assistant types available during the time period, they could also access the Chemical Lab, making them quite dangerous. At one point, everyone who joined after roundstart was automatically given this role.

Research Assistants appear very early in Space Station 13's history, stretching back to when the game's original creator, Exadv1 was still developing for the game, dating it before the existence of Devstation. They and the other department-specific assistant jobs were merged into one single "Assistant" job on July 4th 2008, and unlike Technical Assistant and Medical Assistant, they never quite got reintroduced.

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