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CryogenicHealingPodEmpty.png Player access to has been suspended pending rework and redevelopement.
Conspiracy has been removed from Intrigue rotation. This game mode still exists in the code, but there is no way for conspirators to appear naturally aside from admins manually setting the game mode to conspiracy.


We are the Invisible Hand. We are the Illuminati. We come before and after. We are forever. And eventually... Eventually we will lead them into the day.

— Morgan Everett, Deus Ex

Trust no one. There is a secret conspiracy haunting the station/ship, and your own fellow crew members are its Conspirators. United under one cause, they will stop at nothing to ensure their plans come to fruition.


Like Revolutionary and Nuclear Operative, Conspirators are part of their own game mode, aptly called "Conspiracy". It's part of the Intrigue rotation, meaning you can only see it on the Roleplay servers, barring Admin shenanigans.

There isn't a minimum or maximum number of players required for the game mode to appear. It scales with population, at one Conspirator for roughly every five players, with a minimum of two Conspirators to a maximum of six. For some strange reason, in the initial version of the game mode, you needed to have Traitor enabled to be eligible for the role, but now you just need the Conspirator role enabled (i.e. the box in Job Preferences is checked) , just like most other antags.

Conspirators are considered Antagonists and thus are allowed to commit Grief. However, the Roleplay servers' RP Rules encourage Conspirators to do more roleplay-friendly forms of it. In addition, since Conspirators are designed to act as a team, it is usually against the rules for a Conspirator to intentionally kill or otherwise harm a fellow Conspirator.

Welcome to the Beeluminati

Conspirators are a very simple antag. They spawn as part of the crew, and they know the names of fellow Conspirators and have access to a secret Conspirator-only radio channel. Like Gang, access to it is added onto the radio headset rather than tied to a specific headset, so those who spawn with the Deaf trait and such do not have to juggle multiple ear pieces. Similar to wiretap radio upgrades, this private channel upgrade may be removed via wirecutters, and then added to another headset. It is tied to :z and is used like all other department-specific radio channels. That is, to use it, you can:

  • Press Y, select the option for :z, and then type in what you want to say, without any prefixes necessary.
  • Press T, type :z, then type whatever you wanted to say, e.g. :z Let's do this, gang!
  • Type say ":z command bar/text parser at the bottom, followed by what you want to say; the game should automatically put a quotation mark if you say in right. For example: say ":z Spare the facility...They can be made to serve us.

Conspirators also get a suggested meeting place (selected from Arcade, Aviary/Owlery, Bar, Chapel, Escape Arm, and Pool), though they are free to pick another one. Likewise, each Conspirator gets a Conspirator objective, and it's the same one for every Conspirator. Conspirators are likewise allowed to try to a different gimmick from what their objective suggests.

That's it! No magic spells, no alien powers, no access to Syndicate gear--besides whatever their job has, that's all. This is an antagonist that leans heavily on creativity of players and cooperation, so let it run wild. Like the Conspirator prompt says, it's all about creating a good story.

Possible Conspirator Objectives

Conspirators can get a couple of objectives unique to the game mode. As per most objectives on Goonstation, Conspirator objectives are purely optional and mostly suggestions on what to do. There is no in-game or out-of-game punishment for not completing them. Conspirator objectives are not even checked by the game at round end.

Secret Beeluminati Plans List of Possible Conspirator Objectives

  • Lay claim to a vital area of the station, fortify it, then announce your independence. Annex as much of the station as possible."
  • Abolish any sort of hierarchy and start a commune.
  • Vandalize as much of the station as possible without killing anyone.
  • Host an insane life-or-death quiz show and kidnap non-conspirators to serve as contestants.
  • Kidnap a non-conspirator and hold them hostage for a ransom.
  • Convince or coerce the crew to abandon their duties and be lazy.
  • Convince the crew to forsake Nanotrasen and join the Syndicate.
  • Rid the station of any sort of advanced technology and promote an austere and simple lifestyle.
  • Embezzle as much money as possible from the station accounts.
  • Swap the locations of [department1] and [department2], complete with their staff and equipment.
    • department1 and department2 are chosen from ["Genetics", "Robotics", "Cargo", "Mining", "Engineering", "Research", "Catering", "Botany"]
  • Completely remodel the entire station.
  • Establish a super cool and exclusive drug ring.
  • Establish the station's first ever wresting championship. Coerce the crew into participating.
  • Liberate all monkeys on the station and ensure that they can live peaceful lives.
  • Write up a new dress code for the station and enforce it on all crew.
  • Convince the crew that the station and in fact all of space is flat.
  • Convince the crew that Central Command has forsaken them.
  • Establish and enforce a set of station protocols and policies.
  • Frame [person], the [person's job], for murder.
    • This picks a random person who isn't another Conspirator (i.e. you hopefully won't have to frame yourself) at roundstart and lists what they job they spawned as. Note, if they transfer to another job, the objective doesn't update to reflect the change!
  • Start a cult worshipping ["Heisenbee", "Morty", "Dr. Acula", "Monsieur Stirstir", "Jones the cat", "Sylvester", "Hooty McJudgementowl", "the AI", "Discount Dan", "the engine"]
    • Most of these are department pets, while "the engine" is disabled on Oshan.
  • Convince the crew that the station is underwater.
    • Changes to "in space" if the station actually is underwater
  • Replace as many heads of staff with imposters as possible.
    • sus
  • Transfer ownership of the station to ["Discount Dan", "the Space Wizards Federation", "Bombini"]. Ensure all the crew are loyal and the station is branded correctly.
    • Bombini is a bee merchant set up in the Space Diner.
  • Set yourselves up as vigilantes and arrest people for made up crimes.
  • Pose as a team of undercover Nanotrasen inspectors and make an example out of anyone you deem incompetent or too competent at their job.
  • Turn as much of the station as you can into [material1] and [material2], including anyone who gets in your way.
    • material1 and material2 are chosen from all ore types, plus glass, water, rubber, rock, flesh and, if on an underwater map, coral.
  • Remind the crew of their own mortality by stockpiling as many of their organs as you can.
  • Replace the employees of an entire department with conspirators.
  • Make sure all available food and water is chemically spiked.
  • Turn command against each other for petty reasons.

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