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Named after the distinct shape of its hull, Manta is the second underwater-themed map to arrive on Goonstation and the first ship map to be set underwater. Created by admin & spriter Azungar with the help of several other admins, coders, mentors and community members, it was released to the public in September 2019 after several months of teasers and tests.

Though the NSS Manta is a slick new vessel, it still needs tuning and fixing from time to time. If you notice something missing or malfunctioning or want to make a suggestion, however small, however big, be sure to visit the Official Manta FIX THIS SHIT! thread.

September 14, 2019 to Present

As with its stationary cousin Oshan, Manta heralded many new features and firsts, namely being first to:

  • Simulate ship movement! See below for more details.
  • Feature an actual communications system and hire a Communications Officer to protect it.
  • Forgo a Plasma Research area in favor of the ship torpedo system.
  • Have its own unique random event that involves...
  • Use junction boxes, which can sometimes malfunction.
  • Feature functional display cabinets, shelves, and racks, the latter of which are promienently used in the Garbage Garbs clothing store, another new addition.
  • Have coffeemakers and dispensers.
  • Include a roulette wheel & table in the bar.
  • Incorporate a rock worm farm, located, naturally, in Mining.
  • Have loudspeakers, prominently featured in Engineering.
  • Substitute the Captain's bonzai plant with something else, namely the ship in a bottle.
  • Utilize several new flooring sprites and unfortunately purely aesthetic pieces of furniture, such as clocks, posters, toilet paper, diploma frames, ATM covers, and, many, many more.

Ship Movement Mechanics

Upper Midsection



Lower Midsection






Civilian & Recreation



Unofficial Map

Slightly modified from a map compiled by pali6 and friends. Save or open in a new tab for a bigger version.