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Cogmap 1 is one of the possible maps for the Goonstation and Goonstation Roleplay servers, designed primarily by Dr. Cogwerks. For a time, it was the only map run by Goonstation servers, introduced after Mushroom Station and before Cogmap2. It was retired in December 2015 and unretired in April 2017 to better accommodate the generally low-medium server population sizes.

If you find an bug related to this map, or notice there's something missing, don't be afraid to report it with the in-game bug-reporter button in the top right of the game screen or the bug tracker on the Github.

Note: This map only appears in the Map Vote if the server's player count is below 80, i.e. it won't appear if it's above 80.

Note 2: On the RP servers, this map only appears in the Map Vote if at least 14 players are online when Map Vote begins.

March 1st, 2013 - December 12th, 2015
April 6th, 2017 - Present

When Cogmap 1 first debuted, it was the first station to:

Cogmap 1, before its makeover, was the last station to:

  • Use the old perspective walls, windows, and doors, before getting its own graphical revamp.

After its rebut, retirement, and reintroduction, it was the first map to:

  • Require a player minimum to become a Map Vote option that applied exclusively to the RP servers, rather than on all servers.

Civilian Wing (North to Northeast)

Recreation Department (North to Northwest)

Security Headquarters (Northwest)

Command Sector (West)

Merchant Plaza (West Central to Central)

Medical Department (Southwest)

Research Department (Also Southwest)

Engineering Sector (South to Southeast)