The Slasher

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Icon Name Cooldown Description
SlasherIconIncorporealize.png Incorporealize 20 seconds Become incorporeal, capable of moving through walls and being completely invisible, but unable to interact with the world. Can only be used when corporeal and when not in view of any human being.
SlasherIconCorporealize.png Corporealize 20 seconds Manifest your being from your incorporeal state. Can only be used when incorporeal.
SlasherIconBloodTrail.png Blood Trail N/A Begin trailing blood in your wake. Spooky!
SlasherIconSummonMachete.png Summon Machete 15 seconds Summon your machete to your active hand, or create one if it doesn't exist. This machete deals 15 BRUTE on hit, and stuns on throw.
SlasherIconPossession.png Possession 2 minutes Use this on a person to begin to exact your control on them, eventually giving you temporary control of their body for 45 seconds. Once the time is up, you are moved back to your body, and they are moved back into theirs.
SlasherIconRegenerate.png Regenerate 75 seconds Quickly regenerate your being, restoring all lost health, repairing wounds, and removing all stuns.
SlasherIconStaggerArea.png Stagger Area 35 seconds You exert your dark aura to people in range, slowing them down for a short time.
SlasherIconSoulSteal.png Soul Steal 15 seconds Use on a corpse who has a full soul to steal theirs. Stealing a soul gives your current machete an extra 2.5 BRUTE on hit, and on throw.



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