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Ass Day is a Goonstation-exclusive holiday that occurs on the 13th of every month on the main Goonstation server/Goon #2 (and only there), where the rules surrounding Grief and Metagaming are relaxed, and admins, mentors, and players alike can enjoy 24 hours of rampant chaos, anarchy, and shenanigans. It started back in August 2016 and continues to be one of many long-standing Goonstation traditions.

Ass Day Rules

If you see when you join and can pull it up via the Ass Day Rules command, that means it's Ass Day!

Despite what people say, not all of the server's rules are suspended, like in The Purge. Rather, the normal Rules are swapped out for a special set of Ass Day Rules, listed below:

  1. No intentionally crashing the server or causing lag.
  2. No bigotry.
  3. No sexual stuff.
  4. No creepy shit.
  5. No impersonating the admins.
  6. No walling off or obliterating arrivals.
  7. No giving out secret recipes and the like.
  8. If an admin tells you to quit doing something, quit it.
  9. No you do not get an antag token.

Ass Day Rules 1-8 are basically condensed versions of Rules 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, & 10, which are better explained on that page.

9 says that if you spawn as an Antagonist, have your round ruined by Admin shenanigans (far more likely than on any other day), and request an antag token, you're not going to get one. The reasoning is that by playing on Ass Day, you understand and accept that the Admins are allowed to absolutely wreck your round up and forfeit any right to be compensated for said round-up-wreckening. Besides, you don't really need to ask for tokens; getting an Antagonist role Ass Day doesn't affect your chances of getting Antagonist on other days.

Where and when do they apply?

Ass Day begins at the 13th of midnight EST (UTC-05) / EDT(UTC-04). It occurs only on the main Goonstation server, so the other servers, Goonstation Roleplay and the backup servers, don't have Ass Day, so they don't have Ass Day Rules.

Strictly speaking, the special Ass Day rules apply only to rounds that begin on Ass Day. For example, if a round begins on 11:50 PM on the 12th and continues past midnight, it's still a normal round, and Ass Day Rules don't apply. Similarly, if a round that begins on Ass Day continues into the 14th, it's still an Ass Day round, and Ass Day rules do still apply. Essentially, if you can pull up the Ass Day Rules via the Ass Day Rules command, it's Ass Day, and those rules apply.

So what does it all mean?

These rules might not look all that different from the regular Rules at first glance, but they let you get away with a lot of things you normally aren't allowed to do:

  • You can Grief and do stuff you normally can only do as an Antagonist. You can test bombs on the station, forcefeed people poison pills/food/whatever, fight random people for no reason...or just do normal job duties.
  • As an AI or Cyborg, you're free to ignore your laws and harm humans, refuse orders, etc. If someone orders you to open a door, you can tell them to shove it, and maybe bolt and electrify the door just because.
  • As a Ghostdrone, you're not bound to any of your laws and can intervene in people's affairs and mess up the station as much as you want. In fact, asshole ghostdrones are sort of a tradition on Ass Day.
  • You can be as brutal or lenient as you want with Head of Security, Security Officers, and Detective. Executing people just because you thought you saw them stealing some cookies? Allowed. Sitting back and munching on donuts while the world burns? Allowed. Literally practicing eye for eye by removing people's eyes as punishment? Allowed. Rounding up random crew members, forcing them to fight to the death for their freedom, and then shooting the winner anyways just for kicks? Allowed.
  • You can talk about the current round on Discord and other platforms. Play with your metafriends!
  • You can get your revenge on people for things they've done in previous rounds, including ones that didn't occur on Ass Day.
  • You're allowed to talk about in-game stuff in the current round in OOC. For example, if a Changeling stings you in maintenance, you can screech on OOC for someone to help you.
  • All these rules apply to Admins too. In fact, they are often encouraged to go absolutely hogwild with all the admin buttons and pull no punches with their gimmicks. Some old/inactive admins even come out of hiding just for some good ol' Ass Day Admin Shenanigans.

Ass Day Exclusive Content

Urs Dungeon

Puzzles! If random acts of violence isn't your thing, or you just need a good palate cleanser, try Urs Dungeon, a whole level full of fun puzzles and mysteries to solve, made by prominent mentor UrsulaMejor. It's almost like a Adventure Zone area, complete with unique rewards at the end you won't find anywhere else. The dungeon also keeps track of those who complete it--and in a truly special way.

To enter the Urs Dungeon, swing by the Space/Sea Diner; there's usually a beacon for Space Pods to warp to there, and on maps set in outer space, the Mining Shuttle near/in the Mining Department takes you to the Diner. Call up John's Bus at the bus console somewhere in the diner. On the bus, you'll find a slick pair of black VR goggles; sometimes there'll also be a similar pair in the Diner somewhere. Put them in your eyes slot, and you'll be transported to Urs Dungeon! Note that putting on the goggles deletes all your equipment, so you can't bring in any external aid, and your body in the normal, non-Urs-Dungeon world poofs away completely.

There's a new version of Urs Dungeon every couple months or so. Currently, it is on iteration 5, with the theme of "Shitty Bill Is Missing!", As you might have gathered, Shitty Bill is trapped in the dungeon, and dungeon crawlers must use the power of friendship (no, seriously, you'll need multiple people for this one) to save him! (Please ignore the fact that Shitty Bill is also still at the Diner. Don't think about it too hard how this is possible.)

Respawn Arena

If you die and use the Fight for a new life ability as a Ghost, you'll spawn in a hellish arena that contains a few weapons, lots of lava, and a special butt named "The Divine Relic of Ass Day" (exact spelling of "Ass Day" can vary). If the butt remains in your possession for 30 seconds (you can still move, fight, etc. during this time), you'll be sent back to the main lobby, ready to rejoin the round. Beware: since it's Ass Day, other people can freely murder you and steal your chance to respawn! Or, just patiently wait their turn like weirdos.

Miscellaneous Mechanics

In addition to the above, a couple of other things happen on Ass Day.

Everyone can *dab! It's not bound to any particular hotkey, so you'll have to enter say "*dab into the text parser near the bottom of the screen or press T and put in *dab if you have WASD mode on. You are still not protected from the more harmful effects of dabbing though.

Roundstart antag selection is completely random on Ass Day. Weighting doesn't matter at all! Luckily, again, getting antag on Ass Day does not affect how often you get antag on other days.

Cheese does something extra when heated.

The sleeper agents event makes everyone a sleeper...sort of.

Some NPC humans may explode.

OOC is always on. As a reminder, the hotkey for it is Alt + C or just O in WASD mode. If all those fail, you should still be able to use the ooc command, either through the Commands tab or the text parser at the bottom of the screen.

Coders often use Ass Day to test out experimental maps, game modes, antags, weapons, and other features that may be too powerful, buggy, laggy, or otherwise too crazy for normal days. Sometimes they also turn on some features from Ass Jam, a community game jam of sorts where players got to contribute any sprites and/or code they wished into the game, so long as they were properly formatted, relatively self-contained, and within the normal server rules. Some of the results include new foods, potato batteries (which were later incorporated in the game full time), a Metal Gear-inspired antag, and...interesting bees.