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AtmosphericTechnician64.png This page is about discontinued content.
The following information is not current. It is kept for historical purposes.
The Atmospheric Technician was a job that was featured quite extensively in Donut and early Dev Station. They were responsible for ensuring the crew had enough air to breathe and the station's air was kept clean of toxic gases. This often never worked out in practice and technicians intentionally or incompetently caused many a crewmember to die. Additionally, the code for calculating changes in the air caused immense lag. Once the offending code was excised and the department closed, the job soon became useless and was discontinued.

For a few years, the job was still available as a Job of the Day for Thursday, but it has since been replaced. Nowadays, all that remains of this job are the Atmospheric Technician lockers in Horizon's Cold Loop, an odd Atmospheric Technician jumpsuit here and there, and some 1`2`2 broken air monitors, old-design canisters, and useless pumps and filters scattered about the Debris Field ruins and other locations.

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