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These are books you can find ingame, grouped by subject.

Medical Books

These books detail aspects of Goonstation's medical system, like making medicine or treating patients.

Civilian Books

Are you a Botanist, Chef, or Barman? These jobs discuss aspects of growing, making, and serving foods and drinks.

Engineering Books

These books explain engineering-related topics, such setting up certain kinds of engines, and other mechanics relevant to those in the Engineering department.

Supply Books

These books detail specifically with the duties of Quartermasters and Miners, who are often considered a subset within the Engineering department.

Miscellaneous Books

These books cover subjects that don't quite fit in the previous categories or are actually fiction.

Outdated Books

The books listed here discuss content that is no longer in the game or are themselves no longer in the game. They are kept around for historical interest.

  • Job Information - Various jobs on the station, their access levels, and their duties.
    Updated guide: Jobs