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Let's get meta, because this page is for documenting pages that need love and hard work from readers like you to become better. It's the true sequel to the old Outdated Pages project and intends for the same levels of collaboration and communication and more accessibility. Brush up your markup and take a gander at the Guide to Contributing to Wikistation, because it's time for some wiki magic.

A Word for the Anxious


Don't feel too pressured to add info ASAP. Good pages and entries take hard work, dedication, and, more importantly, multiple revisions. If you come in looking for a quick way out and try to learn everything you need in one round for the sake of some wiki page, you'll just end up frustrated, unhappy, and stuck with a terrible draft. Take your time. It can wait. It can always wait.

"High" Priority

Things that people often wish had wiki documentation. And rightfully they wish, because having documentation would be a great big help.

  • Getting Started: Explain new character options interface.
  • Style and Grammar: Writing is communication, and you can't communicate well in writing without good grammar and clear prose. It's especially important for tutorials and the Getting Started page. Be sure to mark them as minor edits as courtesy.
  • Salvager: With the introduction of salvager as antagonist, lots of work needs to be done on the page. Currently developed by azrun (and all questions can be directed to him). The salvager page has all the wip tags that need to be done but a basic summary of what needs to be done is
    • Uploading pictures of sprites
    • Better and more explanations of gear, such as the door hacker. Perhaps a section can be dedicated to this like Being A Better Traitor based on tips for using salvager gear.
    • Playing as salvager section needs a lot of better advice and general fleshing out of the page. Make it look niceeee.
    • In the Items the M4GP13 Salvage and Barter System sells section, brief summaries of what the equipment does and how it functions would be greatly appreciated. Like how C.A.R.L. was done.
  • In addition related to the salvager, a magpie location page needs to be created.
  • Ore Processing: Give it some love by finding and writing about the system's redeeming qualities. Or, if you can't, by fact-checking the list of properties, describing how material properties affect each craftables, and maybe adding some new uses and material reccomendations.
    • One of the easiest ways is to provide more details about the materials uses and properties, along with putting in their icons.
    • Another way to describe these new functions for arrows:
      • Implanted arrow shafts apply effects of their material.
      • Spears and arrows accept organic materials.
  • Mapping: People have been asking for a guide on how to make stations and locations for Goonstation for quite a while now. Such a guide might include things like:
    • Obtaining the necessary files (done)
    • How to choose and place objects/spawners/mobs.
    • Mapping in DreamMaker.
    • Mapping in StrongDMM
    • A summary of and/or link to the Goonstation Map Submission Guidelines (done)
  • Discontinued maps: Manta has been retired from rotation, so we need to remove/rewrite references to it on job pages and guides. We do not need to remove them from pages on map locations. Horizon and Destiny too.

"Medium" Priority

Good to have this info, but no one's round is going to be ruined just because there isn't there.

  • Changelog: Copying and pasting changelog updates and formatting for the wiki (which usually just entails more copying and pasting).
  • New Features: Some features added to the game in the form of github pull requests are tagged "add to wiki". Document them on the wiki, and then ask a github user to remove the "add to wiki" tag (or make an account and remove them yourself!)
  • Being A Better Traitor: Could always use more tips, particularly for less used items.
  • Maintenance Info: Many pages are missing locations of APCs, power wires, and air hookup vents/injectors (if applicable). Obviously, someone should add them, seeing as some of them can be in some rather strange locations.
  • Motives: Most people don't have much trouble with them, but it's worth explaining the weird irregularities and highlighting some of the lesser-known ways of increasing/decreasing certain motives.
  • Chemicals:
    • Add in depletion rate, effects when ingested/applied to people/in plants, its recipe if applicable, recipe hint if it's secret, etc. of
      • And the other many, many obscure chems that are rarely found. Be sure to determine whether or not it's an unlisted secret chemical or a precursor to one.
    • Describe how damaged caused by floors coated with Organic Superlubricant is calculated.
    • Describe how amount of smokepowder affects initial cloud size and how amount of other reagents affects cloud expansion in greater detail.
    • Update effects of napalm.
    • Update effects of silver fulminate.
  • Foods and Drinks:
    • Adding unlisted foods and their effects. Just because it isn't on the list of foods doesn't mean it isn't a real food! (Ongoing, don't remove)
  • Roleplay Tips and Tricks: Can always use more RP tips.
  • Contraband: Add in any contraband items the big chart might have missed.
  • TermOS:
    • Supposedly, it's possible to set the Buddies to arrest a specific person. If so, what are the commands?
    • Now that there's multiple stations with nuclear charges, there needs to be a section on using the nukeman program, especially on activating or deactivating the nuclear charge.
    • Note term_ping's filtering option.
  • Guide to Genetics:
    • Does hulk/gamma ray exposure make the person immune to stuns as with other versions?
    • Explain how exactly Scooby accent changes speech, i.e. what letters become what.
    • Talk about customization options for roaches.
  • Vampire: Determine the effects/interactions of the following on/with ghouls/zombies/thralls:
    • Syringes
    • IV Drips
  • History of SS13: Flesh out as much as possible, especially with info specifically about Goonstation.
  • Piano Song Dump: Add songs!
  • Radio Host:
    • Add more gimmicks/show ideas, particularly quiz show ideas and advice.
  • AI: Explain the new interface. Most likely best left as a new section similar to the one for the Cyborg UI on the Cyborg page.
  • Construction:
    • Add any new breaking methods that involve the deconstruction device.
  • PDA:
    • Mention that custom PDA groups exist.
  • Spy Thief:
    • Add any bounties that are missing.
      • TEG Semi-conductor
    • Add locations for the various bounty items.
  • ChemiCompiler: Describe the new, more efficient heating algorithm for the machine's heater.
  • MechComp:
    • Note selection component has "select item + send" and "Allow Duplicate Entries" toggle
    • Note Delay Circuit has signal changing toggle.
    • Mention you now modifying MechComp components by clicking them with a multitool, rather than right-clicking.
    • Add Radio Scanner Component.
    • Note Wifi and Powernet-networking Components now also transmit any files attached to packets they receive.
    • Add File Component.
    • Note that a MechComp device can only have one connection per any two devices.
    • Mention connections cannot be longer than 14 tiles (one screen height).
    • Add that TeleComp now sends a signal of how many objects were teleported. Both the sender and receiver pad transmit this number.
    • Mention that vending machines connected to MechComp can now commanded to vend a specific product.
    • Note when vending, Vending machines output a signal containing the name which product was dispensed.
    • Add Association Component
  • Gang: More advice for the items is always good.
  • Quartermaster: Explain new methods of making money.
  • Making and Breaking:
    • Update manufacturing items for certain items. (Ongoing, don't remove)
  • Packets:
    • Discover if it is possible to directly print to printers.
    • Add/update info on IR detectors.
    • Determine if hydroponics tray info is still current.
    • Confirm PDA pings still go through Z-levels.
    • Determine broadcast range for:
      • Network Radio
    • Add ways for triggering, receiving, and editing beacon broadcasts, as well as more info on how they work.
    • Substitute fictional example of patrol beacon pack for real one.
    • Add commands associated with controlling mulebots through QM PDA
    • Add info on modes, name, and dest fields for mulebot packts.
    • Confirm if home field on mulebot packets refers to underfloor beacon.
    • Add info on packet controls for duckbots.
  • Ore Processing: Add electroplater
  • Murder/Construction:
    • Update flamethrower effects
  • Artifact Research:
    • Describe artifact faults.
    • Explain artifact forms and selling.
    • Add additional sources of artifact stimuli.
  • Books: Add more books, like those added to the game in the February 2021 Monthly Contest
  • Clothing/Syndicate Items: Mention what gear is acid-proof.
  • Guide to Mining: Add sea elevator pinpointers.
  • Z-level: Explain new way to get out of the Trench: making explosions upward.
  • Powering the station/Random Events: Note haunted TEG event.
  • Guide to Botany: Update gene strain chances for: radium, uranium, unstable mutagen, and stable mutagen.

(C)low(n) Priority

Fun things everybody loves. Everyone adores them when they're there, but if they're gone or missing, nobody complains.

  • Supplementary Info & Galleries: Everyone loves them. They add a great touch of humor that no words can express and really add character to a page like a really good rug. Shame they're rather hard to find. Here are some pages that could particularly use one:
  • Updated Map Images: Some map locations get extra additions after their images are uploaded, like extra cyborg docks, security scanners, and completely new machines and equipment. Update their images to include those.
  • Annotated Maps: Maps of, well, station maps with important rooms labeled. Currently, we want ones for:
  • Clothing: Not only is clothing often added, making this a perpetual effort, but there are a few articles of clothing missing from here.

Sprites Wanted

Sprites wanted. Wanted sprites. Sprites that are wanted (by the wiki). The sprites that get a sad, sad TBA for their image. Sprites that may need updating due to resprites. While not required, it is very recommended that you specify whether an entry needs a sprite or needs its sprite updated as it prevents entries from being deleted due to misunderstanding.

Supplementary Video