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(Nuke op grenade launcher now comes with 8 HEDP rounds instead of being empty, riot launcher def start with smoke shells, 40mm HE shells use a different sprite now, what I know about HEDP shells.)
(Should mention where to get 40mm HEDP shells too.)
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| 5+Explosion
| 5+Explosion
| Explosion causes less damage to the station and to people (compare limb loss vs. outright gibbing), but still has the same radius of effect and can ignite combustibles.
| Explosion causes less damage to the station and to people (compare limb loss vs. outright gibbing), but still has the same radius of effect and can ignite combustibles. The [[Syndicate Objects#Grenadier Class Crate|Nuclear Opearative Grenadier crate]] comes with a few boxes of these.
|- id="CustomGrenade"
|- id="CustomGrenade"

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Murder can be messy!

Golly! it looks like you're trying to find out more about SS13's oldest past time! It's fair to say that as a Bad Guy, you're going to have to kill a few people. You might even have an objective to kill someone! There are many ways to commit the foul act, and the choice is yours.

Murderous Methods

There's more than one way to kill a man, especially in SS13. Below are some of the basic ways, feel free to mix, match, and create your own ways to butcher your fellow man.


A good old-fashioned beating is a half-decent way to take down an unarmored opponent. Set your intent to harm and whack away. Actually killing someone in this manner takes a long time, but repeatedly punching your opponent to drain their stamina and knock them down can allow you to use another method of finishing them off, such as strangulation or spacing. Generally speaking, your fists are only good weapons against opponents who are not wearing body armor and some sort of protective helmet. If they have both of these things, they're much more resistant to your punches, take less damage from them and aren't knocked down as easily from stamina loss. While you can take your chances and pray for a random critical hit or two, it's best to look for a weapon before taking on someone with gear. If you are going to take this approach, being under the influence of alcohol can help you resist punches yourself and deal more damage.

Blunt Objects

Ah, classic toolboxing it is! Incapacitating someone with a blunt object can be easy enough, killing them with one can be a bit more tricky, however.

You will generally want to knock your target unconscious first, unless you enjoy Jimmy McVictim running round the station bleating about what a bad person you are as you chase after him and try to beat him senseless. If your target is incapacitated, it's a good idea to drag him off somewhere secluded while you finish the job. Beating someone to death takes a fairly long time, even more so if they're wearing protective clothing. As for the weapon itself, it's important to select the right one for the task ahead. The rule of thumb is that blunt objects with some good weight behind them (fire extinguisher, rods, large oxygen tank) are centered around brute damage and stamina drain, anything with an open flame or heated tip (welding tool, soldering iron) inflicts burn damage, and any item with a sharp edge (shard, kitchen knife, scalpel) causes bleeding with all the proprieties of said mechanic, that is a time-delayed effect rather than ending the fight in somebody's favour on the spot.

Some traitor weapons, such as the cyalume saber, red chainsaw or butcher's knife, are able to kill people very quickly.

There are even artifacts with melee capabilities, with some even able to (somehow) deal OXY or TOX damage! You'll know one of these is around when someone's hitting people with an artifact (maybe you) that makes a very odd noise when it hits.


If you manage to get a stranglehold on someone, you can tighten your grab (the icon will appropriately enough spell KILL) to start squeezing the life out of them. Being strangled keeps them unconscious as long as you maintain your grip, so they've got absolutely no way of fighting back. You're guaranteed to kill them as long as you don't stop strangling. Unfortunately, strangulation is one of the slowest ways to directly kill someone, and as soon as you drop them, they will usually start healing the oxygen deprivation damage unless they're already in critical condition. Another interesting application is to suplex your victim, which requires an aggressive (or better) grab. Once acquired, use the *flip emote to deal a good amount of brute damage in addition to the strangulation!

As with other methods, the main difficulty lies in getting the necessary stranglehold on someone in the first place. You need to upgrade your grab two times, but moving away from you will let them break free of passive grabs, and Resisting or using Disarm will (with some perseverance) free them from aggressive grabs. Therefore, you'll need to stun them or knock them unconscious before you get to work. Any helmets or headgear they're wearing will need to be removed beforehand as well. As such, strangulation is more a finishing move on someone who's already stunned than an actual way to win a fight.


It's very difficult to space an enemy who is up and fighting, but trivial to space someone who's stunned. Drag them to the nearest airlock, open it, grab them, and throw them out. The combination of oxygen deprivation and burn damage (you did take their internals off, right?) will kill a person very quickly indeed. Even if they have a radio, they won't be able to yell for help since there is no air!

If your target is wearing a spacesuit, take it off them, then space them. Spacing is a surefire way to kill someone and only on very rare occasions will their body ever be found. In fact, even if you've already killed your enemy, it's a good idea to space their corpse to ensure they never come back, since even if their body is found most of the time the person will just loot it and move on. Dragging it all the way back to the station for revival is a chore, after all.


Much like spacing, gibbing a person is very difficult unless you've incapacitated them first. There are plenty of ways to gib your victims on the station, however many are job specific. The aptly-named gibber behind the kitchen is the chef's preferred body removal device. The chaplain has access to a crematorium. There's a biomass reclaimer in medbay that will eagerly pulp corpses (but not living people unless emagged). Engineering and the mining outpost have furnaces that will consume anything put in them. Finally, everyone has access to the rather descriptive crusher located in waste disposal. All these devices will require your target to be immobilized beforehand, and the inherent danger of fighting so close to them can have...unfortunate results.

Unless their data was already in the cloning database, a gibbed target for all intents and purposes cannot be revived short of a full respawn.

Special Attacks

Some weapons and objects hold special moves. You can click any distant tile on Disarm or Harm intent to use a Special Attack associated with that weapon. Special attacks cannot roll critical hits, and may suffer in damage output or stamina usage.

New Special Attacks are constantly being added, so don't be afraid to experiment. You can what special attack an item has by looking at its Tooltip.


Keep your intent on anything other than Help to fire your gun point-blank. However, only dedicated stun weaponry (such as the taser or amplified vuvuzela) will knock the target down instantly when used this way. Do not fire the rocket launcher and other explosive ammo point-blank, dumbass.

Attack someone with a gun on Grab to hold them at gunpoint. You won't fire immediately, but if the hostage tries to move or attack, you'll automatically shoot them. However, they can still talk over radio and PDA and rummage through their backpack and such, so they can still totally escalate and pull an explosive fast one on you.

If you're holding a gun in both hands, you'll fire both of them at the same time, essentially dual-wielding them. Most guns will support guns akimbo, particularly revolvers and tasers, but if you can't reasonably dual-wield a certain gun in real-life/in a way the makes sense (or the combo would otherwise be too, too powerful), you can't dual-wield them in-game. So, no dual-wielding Spacker-12s or MPRTs or the like for you.

Kinetic firearms can be unloaded with an empty hand and reloaded at will, you don't have to empty your gun into a wall to use a different type of ammunition. In addition to intuitively clicking on the gun with ammo in-hand to reload, you can also click on the ammo while holding the gun or click-drag the ammo sprite onto the gun sprite and vice versa. You can examine the gun to see how many bullets are left and which ammo type it is currently loaded with. With few exceptions (40mm grenades, RPG rockets), spare ammo boxes/magazines are tiny items and may be carried in jumpsuit pockets. Don't try to beat anyone with your gun if you run out of ammo, the damage is laughable.

Kinetic firearms leave gunshot residue on the shooter and, depending on the type of gun, eject spent casings after every shot or during reload. In addition, projectiles and casings can be linked to a certain gun with ballistic fingerprinting, a fact you should take notice of. If stealth is top priority, consider energy weapons as a 'clean' alternative.

Note that most guns can occupy your belt slot. This includes most of the larger guns that are too big to fit in a backpack.

Sidearms (kinetic)

Item Image Caliber Capacity Raw Damage Default ammo/
Ammo type
Pocketable? Description
.22 Pistol
.22 LR 10 35 FMJ Low stopping power, but there aren't any conspicuous text messages when you fire it. Just remember that shooting somebody leaves physical evidence embedded in their body (namely bullets), which may not be desirable in certain circumstances.
.22 LR 10 35 FMJ Easily stopped by body armour. Also available from hacked general manufacturers.
.38 Revolver
.38 Spc 7 20 Stam Stun Technically the detective's sidearm. Still, the .38 can be "borrowed" and fired by everybody. Spare ammunition can be obtained from his office, the vending machines in security or (again) an unlocked general manufacturer.
.38 Spc 7 35 FMJ Not overly powerful, but any unprotected target will bleed heavily and take additional damage over time until the bullet is removed.
.38 Spc 7 20 Stam Stun Turns the .38 into a seven-shot taser. Stun rounds do not cause bleeding.
.38 Spc 7 50 AP AP ammo, as provided by the Syndicate, is very effective against unprotected and armoured targets alike. The damage is comparable to .357 Magnum AP.
.357 Revolver
.357 Mag 7 60 FMJ A well-priced gun for defensive and offensive purposes. Two to three shots are generally enough to incapacitate somebody, or at least slow them to a crawl. The choice of ammo is important, remember to load AP rounds when you're about to engage the captain, security guards and other high-risk targets! The revolver can also chamber .38 Spc rounds, opening up the station's supply of stun bullets, and it could save you in a pinch if the entire supply of .357 Mag ammo has been exhausted.
.357 Mag 7 60 FMJ Good against most people, light cyborgs and annoying robots. Significantly less effective against ballistic vests, but not entirely useless.
.357 Mag 7 50 AP Armour-piercing ammunition for the .357 revolver. It does a bit less damage than normal rounds, but it rips and tears through armor like it's nothing.
.41 RF 2 120 AP The derringer does a lot of damage point blank, causes the victim to bleed and stuns them just long enough for you to strip/strangle them. It can be concealed in any piece of clothing and drawn straight to your active hand by using the *wink emote. Good last-resort weapon to use when you are about to be arrested.
.41 RF 2 120 AP Conveniently, the derringer comes loaded with AP rounds by default. Spare boxes of ammunition are however not available for purchase.
M92 Pistol
9x19 mm 15 25 FMJ This pistol has the highest ammo capacity of all these sidearms, but it takes 4 to 5 shots to send someone into critical condition.
9x19 mm 15 25 FMJ Slightly weaker than .22 LR, though it still causes bleeding and does decent damage against armored opponents. You can't buy or make more, so spend those 15 bullets wisely.
Clock 188
Clock188Tan.png Clock188Black.png
9mm 17 5 BRUTE + 1 Stam FMJ The sidearm of Nanotrasen Security Operatives. It has two modes: burst fire, which fires three bullets, and single fire, which fires just one. Bullets are rather weak, but the stam damage might slow people down enough for more accurate shots.
9mm 17 5 BRUTE + 1 Stam FMJ Quite weak unless in high numbers. The magazine pouch NT Security Operatives spawn with contains three of these.
Flare pistol
12 ga 1 20+Fire Flare Each flare doesn't cause a lot of direct damage, but it sets people alight - with interesting tactical implications! The pistol can also be reloaded with shotgun shells.
12 ga 8 20+Fire Flare A box of flares. And it does work the other way around, so you can jam them in a 12 ga shotgun too!
Zip gun
Multi 2 Varies N/A Zip guns, which can be crafted by everybody, have one significant advantage: the ability to fire almost any type of ammunition. From tiny .22 LR rounds up to and including RPG rockets, and all of them in the same pistol! However that works. That makes them a natural choice for the seasoned scavenger, but no improvised firearm is without a catch. They tend to blow up and disarm (get it?) the user in the process.
Syringe gun
Other 6 1+Chems N/A As the name implies, this weapon fires syringes at people, the contents of which are drawn from an internal reservoir. Ideally, said reservoir should contain less-than-beneficial medicine or other poisons.
NT syringe gun
Other 6 1+Chems N/A Same as the standard syringe gun, except somewhat more legitimate since you can obtain it from the Medical Director's equipment locker. Accepts only chems whitelisted by the hypospray unless EMAGed, but you can still use it for nefarious purposes, say, filling it with blood tainted with pathogens.

Sidearms (energy)

Examine the firearm to view the type and PU usage of the current firing mode. Click on the firearm or activate it in-hand to switch firing mode.

Item Image Cell
Autocharge Rate
Shot Costs Raw Damage Per Shot
(xNumber of Shots Fired)
Lethal? Description
100/0 Stun: 20 PU
Burst: 50 PU
Stun: 20 Stam (x1)
Burst: 20 Stam (3x)
Security's standard-issue sidearm, which is decent for stunning people before murdering them. The duration of the stun decreases significantly with range, so try to close in on your target first. The second mode can be useful if you manage to corner somebody given that the taser generally requires two hits in a row to stun completely.
Taser Shotgun
Taser shotgun full.png
300/0 Stun: 20 PU
Spread: 37.5 PU
Stun: 20 Stam (x1)
Spread: 80 Stam (3x)
The Taser's bigger and 2 handed brother, it features a higher cell charge, and replaces the burst mode with a wide spread of taser bolts which is extremely effective at close range. Can only be obtained through Security Equipment Upgrade crates.
Wave gun
200/0 Stun: 25 PU
Burst-Fire: 75 PU
Paralysis: 45 PU
Stun: 25 Stam (x1)
Burst-Fire: 5 Stam (x3)
Paralysis: 80 Stam (x1)
Good alternative to the taser, if your ID can open experimental weapons crates.
Amplified vuvuzela
200/0 25 PU 50 Stam (x1) The devious version of the taser, sort of. The vuvuzela has a larger battery than the default and doesn't suffer from range penalties. It's also incredibly loud - what did you expect?
200/0 50 PU 10 Stam (x1) Teleguns are slightly complicated to use, but an amusing way to get rid of people. Once you've set up the teleporter and linked the gun to it, it will magically move them to the selected destination. "There" should be somewhere unpleasant, of course.
Energy gun
200/0 Stun: 20 PU
Kill: 25 PU
Stun: 20 Stam (x1)
Kill: 45 BURN (x1)
One of the best lethal weapons on the station. They can be toggled between stun and lethal, for a total of 10 taser bolts or 8 lasers. It's almost trivial to kill someone by stunning them and then following it up with a few lasers while they can't fight back easily. The captain and HoS start with one each.
200/0 25 PU 20 BURN (x1) The phaser is fairly common, because they can be ordered at QM. To unlock the crate, you'll need an ID with security clearance or an EMAG. A entire battery charge is usually enough to deal with most threats in a boring, but practical way.
Laser gun
200 25 PU 45 BURN (x1) An energy gun without the stun setting. Damage-wise, it is clearly preferable to the phaser.
Laser rifle
400/40 50 PU 35 BURN (x1) The laser rifle is effectively a laser gun that recharges on its own. It doesn't deal as much damage, though.
40/2.5 40 PU 100 Stam + Radiation (x1) A pocketable stealth weapon. There's no indication when it is fired, but it does have a very obvious sprite. Anyone hit by the bolt will take heavy toxin and radiation damage over time, collapsing occasionally until they die. It fires a single shot, which recharges over time. Underestimated.

The crossbow cannot be upgraded with high-capacity (100+ PU) power cells, nor can it be recharged manually.
100/5 Stun: 20 PU
Burst: 60 PU
Disruptor: 30 PU
Stun: 25 Stam (x1)
Burst: 25 Stam (x3)
Disruptor: 70 Stam (x1)
It is for all intents and purposes a less-lethal weapon, given the properties of the stun projectiles. They drain stamina and therefore stun the target, but also cause a not insignificant amount of burn damage. The disruptor beam on the other hand is comparable to a laser or energy gun set to lethal. Disruptors used to be elite security equipment, but are typically reserved for admin shenanigans these days.
Antique laser gun
Depends Depends Depends Starts off as a deactivated display model in the captain's quarters that can be repaired by a skilled handyman. Replacement parts of average quality will make a reskinned laser gun, while above-average and top-notch parts can increase the weapon's energy output or add a burst-fire mode respectively.
Laser Assault Rifle
200/0 Plasmabolt: 5 PU
Stun: 5 PU
Plasmabolt: 15 BURN (x2)
Stun: TBA (x2)
The weapon of NT-SO Security Operatives. Burst stun that is roughly equivalent in stamina drain and stun time to a taser on burst stun. Unlike other energy weapons, you need two hands to wield it.
BFG 9000
300/0 100 PU 400 BRUTE (x1) 400 brute damage per shot...can you spell overkill? Where you'd get one of these outside of the holiday season is anybody's guess.
Artifact gun
Artifact/Random Depends Depends Either 0% or 100% Artifact guns are completely randomized in every respect: type of projectile, damage type, capacity, burst-fire capability, etc. Experiment to find out more about a particular relic! If it's activated but not firing, you usually need to swap it out (yes, you can do that!) with another weapon's power cell or your own custom cell with a higher capacity.

Power cells

Used by energy guns and stun batons. Their power cells can be swapped by clicking an existing device with a new cell.

Item Image Capacity Self-
Charge rate Description
PC - 100
100 PU N/A Entry-level power cell.
PC - 200
200 PU N/A Medium-sized cell used by stun batons and the majority of energy guns. Security Officers and the Head of Security all spawn with one of these in their security starter kit boxes.
PC - 300
300 PU N/A Rarely seen in the wild because you need to either swap out the cell from the expensive taser shotgun or buy the cell from the Listening Post merchant for 10k to obtain it.
Custom PC
Depends N/A Made at the Nano-Fabricator. Maximum capacity depends on the type of raw material (e.g. cerenkite combined with a good conductor). Self-charging cells are possible, although they will usually charge very slowly.
PC - Atomic
40 PU 5 PU Basic self-charging power cell. Low capacity severely limits its usefulness, as the primary firing mode of most guns drains 25 PU per shot.
PC - Atomic slowcharge
40 PU 2.5 PU The crossbow comes with this variant.
PC - Disruptor charge
100 PU 5 PU The disruptor's standard power source. Generally speaking, these are only available from surplus crates or abandoned crates.
PC - Fusion
400 PU 40 PU An advanced cell with a very high charge rate. Found in laser rifles.
Artifact PC
Depends Depends Artifact cells are randomized, though they're always self-charging. Some are of little value (50 PU capacity and the like), though 1000 PU super-cells with a 60 PU charge rate are also a possibility. Sadly, they can only be found by swapping out the power cell of an artifact gun.


Note that some longarms are two-handed, meaning they take up both hand slots to wield and use (though they still take up one inventory slot). These two-handed weapons don't have one-handed modes, but reloading isn't a problem, since, as previously mentioned, you can just click on a box/magazine of the relevant acceptable ammo to reload it. Dragging and dropping the sprite of the ammo onto the sprite of the two-handed gun also works.

Item Image One- or Two-handed? Caliber Capacity Raw Damage/shot Default ammo/
Ammo type
2H .308 Win 30 40 FMJ By default, the AK features the largest magazine of all small arms in the game. Even better: it can be fired in three-round bursts! Devastating, if you somehow manage to acquire one.
.308 Win 30 40 FMJ Because you have to reload eventually.
Tranquilizer rifle
2H .308 Win 4 (max 30) 10 Haloperidol More useful for sedation than anything else, and even then there's a considerable delay before your target finally falls asleep. A poor choice for outright murder.
.308 Win 4 10 Haloperidol Good for stopping drug-fueled rampages, but that's probably not what you have in mind. Two doses will slow people down and generally inconvenience them (collapsing occasionally, blurred vision), so it can be useful in a pinch.
.308 Win 4 10 Mutadone Though entirely ineffective against ordinary crewmen, mutadone darts can be your saving grace if you find yourself having to dispatch Superman knockoffs in genetics. One magazine can be found in the Medical Director's locker and another one in the armory.
.308 Win 4 10 Sodium thiopental Basically tiny sleepy pens fired out of rifle. Part of the MD's safari kit, which contains a boomerang and fancy outfit as well.
Hunting rifle
2H .308 Win 4 (max 30) 100 AP The hunting rifle is, at least point-blank, more than powerful enough to instantly put anybody into critical condition and wreck light cyborgs. Because spare ammo is so scarce, generally your only option is to fall back on haloperidol darts once the magazine runs dry.
.308 Win 4 100 AP Good luck finding one of these.
M19A4 Assault rifle
2H 5.56×45mm NATO 30 30 FMJ The budget AK744 for assault troopers. Like the AK744, it has a handsome 30 rounds but fires a sane one round at a time. Its takes about 4 or 5 hits to send someone into crit, and the shots sometimes veer off at higher ranges.
5.56×45mm NATO 30 30 FMJ Fairly lethal and the associated crate is fairly generous with these.
S90A1 Marksman's Rifle
Syndicate sniper rifle.png
2H 7.62 NATO 4 80 FMJ For long-distance kills. Zoom in by holding down Space (/tg/style controls) or Shift (any other layout) and look around with WASD or Arrow keys while still holding Space/Shift. Zooming in makes you stand still. Slows you down significantly when held, but can be worn on the back for ease of movement, making you look like a real sniper elite.
7.62 NATO 4 80 FMJ High knockback, long stun, and, of course, good damage. The Marksman crate gives you a whole pouch of these 7.62 NATO mags.
Riot shotgun
2H 12 ga 8 5+20Stam Rubber slug Shells fired from riot shotguns, which are available from the armory and the barman, will both stun, slightly damage and heavily knock back anyone they hit. They serve the same purpose as tasers (less-lethal takedowns), but come with ammo boxes for in-the-field reloads.
1H 12 ga 8 70 Buckshot Exactly the same, except the default load is deadly buckshot, and it's one-handed rather than two-handed, freeing up for hands for easy reloading or extra fun. Where a revolver could be confused with an annoying brobot or a drunk detective testing out his .38, the Spacker-12's distinct noise will draw a lot of attention. A shotgun is not a stealth weapon.
12 ga 8 5+20Stam Rubber slug These slugs, though approved for police work, actually aren't harmless. They are less-than-lethal in application, comparable to their real life equivalent.
12 ga 8 70 Buckshot Make no mistake, buckshot will rip unarmoured foes apart.
12 ga 8 50+Explosion Frag-12 (HE) These things hurt a lot. They explode on impact, knocking the target (and anyone next to him) down and usually relieving them of a few limbs as well. They also do explosive damage to the environment. Pretty vicious, but not seen very often as getting your hands on them requires significant effort.
M90 Machine Gun
2H 7.62×51mm NATO 100 10 FMJ At a whopping 100 bullets, the heavy weapons guy's MG is hands down the highest capacity weapon in the game--and boy will you need all 100. It fires in bursts of 8 and two or three point-blank volleys are enough to put people in crit, but its range is deceptively low, and it's distressingly inaccurate beyond a couple of tiles. Carrying it slows you down, though at least you can hold on your back and look badass.
7.62×51mm NATO 100 10 FMJ Not much stronger than an extinguisher, but at least it's plentiful, and a few shots is enough to slow people for close-range volleys. Keep the LMG belt in your pockets for easy reloading.
7.62×51mm NATO W 25 1 FMJ Each bullet does literally 1 damage, but causes lots of bleeding. Discount LMG belts drop from SharkDrones in the Trench.
Riot launcher
1H 40mm 1 25 Smoke The GL can be a surprisingly valuable addition to your arsenal, if you know how to use it properly. For example, you could open up on your (possibly armed) opponents with a smoke shell, causing them to cough a lot and drop their weapons, and then switch to your primary weapon and shoot into the cloud. They won't even know where you are!
Grenade launcher
1H 40mm 8 5+Explosion HEDP Loved throwing grenades with the riot launcher, but hated its single-shot capacity? This launcher from the Nuclear Opearative Grenadier crate is just like the riot launcher, except it can fit up to a whopping six shells. The launcher can only accommodate a single type of shell at a time, so you can't, say, load in a 40mm HE or incendiary grenade after putting in a flashbang.
40mm 5 25 Smoke Standard issue. Two boxes spawn in the security office, and they are also available from hacked general manufacturers.
40mm 2 25+Explosion HE Fragmentation grenades, as used by real life military forces. Dents the hull quite well. Interestingly enough, they're also used by the fearsome artillery weapon system.

40mm 2 25+Explosion HE, Pod-Seeking Special grenades found in the Armory that attempt to latch on to nearby Space Pods. Meant to be used by an artillery weapon system.
40mm 8 5+Explosion HEDP Explosion causes less damage to the station and to people (compare limb loss vs. outright gibbing), but still has the same radius of effect and can ignite combustibles. The Nuclear Opearative Grenadier crate comes with a few boxes of these.
40mm 1 Depends Depends Your favorite grenade, now in a handy 40mm form that instantly detonates on impact with a person or the ground.
1H Other 1 40+Explosion HE The RPG is the be-all, end-all of firearms. Nuclear operatives start with a couple on their shuttle. They're essentially extra-powerful pipebombs fired out of a bazooka. Too large to fit in a backpack, but as a firearm it can stick to your belt... somehow.
Other 1 40+Explosion HE It's a rocket for the RPG, obviously. Unlike the RPG itself, these do fit in backpacks.
Singularity Buster Rocket Launcher
2H Other 1 15+Explosion Destabilizing More for destroying singularities than destroying people or stations. The resulting explosion is usually too weak to cause hull damage, but it can still cause fires, tear off limbs, and take out about a fifth of a person's health. On Manta, the Chief Engineer spawns with one in their private quarters, alongside the rockets for it, and there's a launcher in every Anti-Singularity Pack.
Other 1 15+Explosion Destabilizing Explosions from singularity buster rockets are weak but can still delimb people and cause a fair bit of damage. Has very low chance to create another singularity during firing and flight. A few spawn in the Chief Engineer's private quarters on Manta, and more can be ordered from a specific cargo crate.
1H Other Depends N/A Welding fuel Technically not a gun, but it can be used for the same purpose. Welding fuel isn't too shabby and a nice option for setting people on fire from a distance (sort of like the flare pistol). For advanced mixtures, consult a knowledgeable chemist. Like the RPG, it's a bulky item and thus can't go in your backpack, but unlike the RPG is isn't classified as a firearm; you must carry it by hand.
Other 400 units of chems N/A Welding fuel A 400u capacity beaker for the flamerthrower, basically. By default, they contain 400 units of welding fuel, but with the right Chemistry knowledge, you could pour it all out and add something fun/deadly/useful.


Different grenades will have different effects, but they all work mostly the same. To use a grenade, you can either click on a visible turf to automatically prime and throw the grenade in that direction, or activate the timer manually, throw or drop the grenade and then run like hell. You can also stuff it into a riot launcher to launch a special version of it that'll instantly detonate on impact.

The timer of non-chem grenades can be adjusted with a screwdriver.

Item Icon Type Timer
Chem (kit) Chemgrenade.png Chemical 3 See the next section.
Metal foam MetalFoamGrenade.png Chemical 3 Spreads a huge mass of metal foam, which solidifies into brittle floors and walls. You'll ideally want to use these at the center of a hull breach, or in the middle of a hallway to create temporary obstacles. The walls and floors break easily from being struck, though.
Fire fighting FirefightingGrenade.png Chemical 3 Sprays fire-fighting foam upon detonation. No other effects.
Cleaner CleanerGrenade.png Chemical 3 Releases harmless space cleaner and water foam, cleaning the floor and making it all slippery at the same time. For malicious purposes, cleaner grenades work best in combination with galoshes.
Fake cleaner CleanerGrenade.png Chemical 3 Covers a large area in fluorosulfuric acid and space lube foam, and can cause a significant amount of property damage and injuries when used correctly.
Flashbang FlashbangNew.png Chemical 3 Stuns everyone within a small radius. Standard issue for security, Syndicate operatives and an option for traitors.
Cryo CryoGrenade.png Chemical 3 These grenades contain cryostylane, which traps people in large ice cubes and temporarily forms a layer of very slippery ice on the floor. A solid area denial weapon. They are available from experimental weapons crates.
Shock ShockGrenade.png Chemical 3 Excellent for crowd control. Briefly incapacitates nearby people with electricity, dealing some burn damage in the process. Can be found in the security equipment crate.
Crowd dispersal CrowdDisperalGrenade.png Chemical 3 Similar purpose, inferior execution. You can get these from the armory or security equipment crates.
Incendiary IncendiaryGrenadeNew.png Chemical 3 Creates a CLF3 fireball, burning through floor tiles and igniting items that wouldn't otherwise burn. Quite destructive! Available in grenade boxes and experimental weapons crates.
High-range incendiary HighRangeIncendiary.png Chemical 3 Contains phlogiston dust instead, resulting in a larger fireball. This type of incendiary grenade doesn't ignite non-flammable materials or burn through the floor. Another thing you can find in the experimental weapons crate.
Sarin gas SarinGrenade.png Chemical 3 Coats everybody in the vicinity with sarin, a very deadly and effective poison.
Banana BananaGrenadeNew.png Other 3 (6) A small cluster of banana peels can be most dangerous...occasionally.
Moustache MoustacheGrenade.png Other 3 (6) More of a gimmick item, but they do prevent the use of internals unless melted off.
Smoke SmokeGrenadeNew.png Other 2 (6) Releases a large amount of smoke upon detonation, which cannot be seen through.
Mustard gas MustardGasGrenade.png Other 2 (6) Unleashes harmful mustard gas, burning and suffocating anybody in its effective radius.
Sonic SonicGrenade.png Other 3 (6) Another good choice for crowd control, just remember to wear the earplugs!
EMP Emp.png Other 5 (3) Has various effects on machinery and robots, but is harmless to humans.
Gravaton GravitonGrenadeNew.png Other 10 (6) Creates a gravity distortion field, shifting the location of everything in its radius - and everything includes otherwise immovable objects like doors, computers, firelocks, windows, etc. More of a troublemaker than legitimately destructive.
Stinger grenade StingerGrenadeNew.png Other 3-10 Explodes into a burst of rubber balls that can take out limbs, inflict lots of brute damage, and lodge shrapnel into everyone's chest. Very similar to the Syndicate's frag grenades.
Frag FragGrenadeNew.png Other 3 Can take out limbs, inflict lots of brute damage, smoke out an area, and lodge shrapnel into everyone's chest. Very similar to the Security's stinger grenades.


When it comes to bombing, the bigger the better. Except when it isn't! Sometimes, the situation calls for smaller, precise strikes. Maybe you don't want to wreck rooms and equipment you're going to need later, or perhaps mass bombings just aren't your style. Whatever the case, there are tons of different explosives to chose from to cater for every need. And remember that this list isn't complete, in other words even more ways to blow people to smithereens exist!

Item Image Type Damage
Trigger Description Notes
Other Minor Signal PDA explosions are small with a decent chance of limb removal. Used to soften up a target, if they haven't thrown away their PDA or turned messaging off. Discarded PDAs are easy to find - consider using them for precision strikes.
Trick cigarettes
Other Minor Timer Whether it's critical equipment or corpses, a 1x1 boom gets rid of a lot of things. And a packet contains eight of them! Excellent value for money. Cigarettes don't need to be in your hand for you to light them, almost anything that puts off heat or sparks will do the trick.
Rigged equipment
PowerCell.png LightTube.png
Chemical Minor Electricity Easy to make if you have access to tool storage and a chem dispenser, yet it requires a bit of planning and creativity to employ them to good effect. Quite situational overall. Think of other pieces of machinery which are powered by those batteries. It's not just APCs.
Breaching charge
Other Minor Timer Designed for reliably blasting through walls, airlocks, windows and grills, but can be used against personnel if you remember that they're fairly inflexible (attaches to turfs, not directly to the target) and have a 5 second timer.
Thermite breaching charge
Other Minor Timer Same concept, different execution and with a slightly larger radius. Can double as an incendiary grenade. The name is somewhat misleading, given that the charge doesn't contain any thermite reagent.
Hacked mining charge
BreachingChargeNew.png GeologicalScanner.png
Other Minor Timer Basically mass-produced breaching charges. They damage the hull over a small area, take out equipment, cause limb loss and stun people for a decent amount of time. Terrorize the station without ever setting foot on it! Making a lot of these is trivial for a miner, use that to your advantage.
Other Medium Life signs Microbombs cause a fair amount of direct damage, reliably blow off limbs and are very affordable. Ideal to take revenge on your killer. They stack, so you can inject yourself with several of them to increase their effectiveness. A macrobomb implant is the functional equivalent of 12 microbombs. Try not to use the Suicide command, or they might not detonate.
Chameleon bomb
Other Medium Interaction Can be disguised as any hand-held item, critter or robot. Once armed, it will explode in the face of the next person trying to pick it up. Good for (deadly) pranks and comical assassinations, if you can pull it off. About as powerful as the Syndicate pipe bomb.
Single tank bomb
Gas Medium Timer, prox, remote These assemblies can be makeshift incendiary devices, localized 1x1 explosives or medium-sized bombs. Versatile, but not as powerful as the bigger brother. They usually don't kill outright, but can have a significant range capable of tearing off limbs and wall plating if there's nothing to impede it.
Transfer valve bomb
Gas Major Timer, prox, remote While less powerful mixtures exist, these bombs are usually of the 9x9 variety. Needless to say, a couple of them detonated close to key areas are sufficient to cripple the station. Transfer valves are too large to fit in a backpack, so you'll be forced to carry them around in your hands or a crate/closet. If you're feeling daring, you can attach wires to it to make straps and wear it as a backpack.
Canister bomb
Gas Extreme Timer An elaborate sight that is mostly for show, these explosives pack multiple times the maximum radius of a transfer valve bomb, but maximizing their power requires lot of practice and a good amount of time. When armed, it automatically announces its location and time to detonation to everyone on the server, often causing a mass exodus and a mad scramble to defuse the bomb. More detonator attachments means more wires to cut, which is good because canister bombs are very obvious and have a countdown of at least 1:30 min.
BIG FUCKING WARNING NOTE: These bombs are no joke. The amount of hull they can take out of the station has the potential to warrant an Emergency Shuttle call, so if you're not an antagonist and seek to build a canister bomb for whatever reason, run it by the admins first with adminhelp.
Chem grenade
Chemical Depends Timer Similar to beaker assemblies, which are freely available, but with the advantage of using two beakers instead of one. These grenades instantly mix the contents of both beakers upon detonation, allowing for obscenely deadly reactions without you having to be in the middle of them. Coming up with suitable mixtures requires a skilled chemist (or the help of one), but they can easily rival most bombs in terms of destructive power. A starter kit is well-hidden somewhere in space, but otherwise your only source of these will be a traitor scientist.
Chem grenade bomb
Chemical Depends Timer, prox, remote While the perks and limitations of chem grenades still apply, alternative detonators do add a welcome degree of flexibility. Essentially a direct upgrade over the beaker bomb.
Pipe bomb
Chemical Depends Timer, Prox., Remote. There are several different flavours, most of which are craftable. Welding fuel pipe bombs are great to rip off limbs, but unlikely to actually kill anyone on their own. For a bigger boom, fill them with black powder or another volatile compound (see Construction for the full list). An pipebomb with an...unusual variation is available from the Syndicate.
Mousetrap bomb
MousetrapPipeBomb.png MousetrapGrenade.png
Chemical Depends Pressure Ideal for leaving booby traps or land mines for unsuspecting victims! All types of grenades and pipe bombs can be attached. Hide them in places where they aren't readily seen, yet are still likely to be walked over, like under a metal sheet.
Mousetrap car
Chemical Depends Impact A fun and creative method to deliver deadly presents. Mousetraps rigged with grenades as well as pipe bomb are compatible.
Land mine
Other Depends Pressure An anti-personnel land mine for people to step on. These come in different versions: stun (2x2 radius), radiation (irradiates victim and induces bad mutations), incendiary (3x3 range) and blast (minor explosion). As with mousetrap bombs, you can put armed mines in backpacks and other containers to booby-trap them.
Beaker bomb
Chemical Depends Timer, prox, remote Free and practically standard equipment for the research department. This is a good option if you want to spread your hellsmoke without spending a penny, or in case the grenade kit isn't something you have access to. Not as much capacity potential as the grenades since only one beaker is used, but still a great way to deploy hellsmoke (and hellfoam too if you're creative enough).
Suicide bomb vest
Chemical Depends Life signs The poor man's microbomb. The payload may either be a grenade, pipe bomb or beaker. If you want to use the latter, you won't get very far without a basic knowledge of chemistry. Try not to use the Suicide command, or they might not detonate.


Get creative. There are many ways to kill someone not listed here. Use the environment to your advantage. Surprise people in dark, tight spaces. Teleport someone into the toxins mixing chamber. Poison food. Sabotage equipment.