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Deep within a pit of caustic acid on the frigid and storm-wracked frontier world of Magus, the Nadir Extraction Site stands as a testament to the ambition and avarice of Nanotrasen’s finest; constructed to extract and transmute a vast deposit of the anomalous resource Miraclium, it serves both as an effective mine and a unique opportunity for experimentation. Surrounded by a flesh-melting sea and connected to the outside world only by a prototype transception antenna, purpose-built to pierce the corrosive sleet that ravages the planetary surface, Nadir’s brutal isolation and ever-looming danger have earned it a reputation among Nanotrasen employees as the “point of no return.”

— Kubius

In rotation Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 - now

Nadir is a medium-sized map used currently in-rotation in Goonstation servers, created by user Kubius. Similar to Manta and Oshan before it, it is an undersea map sete place on an ocean planet. Unlike other ocean maps; however, Nadir is located within a deep trench on the hostile acid planet Magus. Venturing outside will require protective equipment in order to not be burned by the deadly acid. Nadir comes equipped with three "experimental technologies" that are unique to this map:

  • The Harmonic Siphon is a miraclium mining device located in the science wing, which scientists and engineers have access to. By applying precise forces to miraclium ore, the siphon is able to transmute it into nearly any other substance. This is Nadir's secondary source of raw material,
  • The Catalytic Generators are the secondary power source of the station. Located at the northernmost and southernmost ends of the station, these generators use a cathode and anode rod to generate electricity from the acid sea. The acid will steadily degrade the rods over time, reducing output. The rods can be replaced with new rods, and their effectiveness is determined by the material statistics of the rod material.
  • The Transception Array allows for cargo to be shipped to and from the station without being destroyed by deadly acid. When a crate is ordered, it is placed in a shipping queue, which a quartermaster can then manually approve in order for the crate to be teleported to one of the cargo transception pads. Similarly, crates can be shipped by placing them on an open transception pad and then selecting that pad to teleport its contents out.


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