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WizardSpellbookV2-32x32.gif This page contains a transcript of ingame content.
The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.


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The post to which you are assigned possesses one or more on-board power systems. If you have been stationed on a space-faring vessel or station, it is advised that you first configure the solar arrays if present.

Solar arrays have two primary components to configure: the solar tracker, and the SMES storage cell(s).

For each array, ensure the solar tracker has been set to Auto. There may not be power output at all times due to shifts in solar position.

After the array has been configured, proceed to its associated SMES cell or cells and configure their input and output.

SMES cells cannot charge above their set input level, so it is crucial to calibrate them based on input from the electrical source charging them.

Output should be set to a level lower than the input, though exact value is ideally determined by station load.

It is likely that your assigned post also has a primary engine, such as a thermo-electric generator.

Please refer to your respective engine's documentation for further set-up information, following all appropriate procedures.


It is likely that the post to which you have been assigned is subject to dangers external and internal.
In the event of a hull breach or other damage to station, repairing this damage is to be your top priority if possible.

Before approaching a breach, it is recommended you equip yourself with an internal oxygen supply and space suit, as well as appropriate repair tools.

The most crucial supply to obtain is metal sheeting; this can be found in most engineering supply rooms, and can be ordered by station quartermasters.

To repair damage to flooring, create floor tiles from the metal sheeting and apply them to missing floors. Damaged tiles are a low priority.

Walls broken down to a girder may be repaired by direct application of metal sheets; missing walls will require the creation of a girder from sheets.

Damaged windows may be repaired by applying glass to a grille; if the grille is damaged or missing, repair it with metal rods from sheets or storage.

Once all breaches have been repaired, obtain and utilize an air canister (white, potentially with a red stripe) and space HVAC on heat setting.

For further information, ask for mentor help or consult Nanotrasen's on-line data-base at the following sources:

Thank you for your service to Nanotrasen.

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