Bee Exposition Extravaganza

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WizardSpellbookV2-32x32.gif This page contains a transcript of ingame content.
The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.

All across the galaxy, people have learned of the joy of Bees. Today, you will become one of these blessed Bee lovers.

Chapter One: Hatching Bees

While you may at times find Bees already buzzing around happily, often you will have to hatch them. To do this, pick up the Bee egg carton and open it, then using your other hand carefully extract the Bee egg inside. At this point, you can use a pen on the egg to name your Bee - Bees have an innate knowledge of their name if given in this manner. Then, you simply warm the egg in your hand, and out will pop an adorable Bee larva. Give them a little pat and let them explore - they're very curious little fellows! If they start chewing on your clothes too much, gently bop them with some rolled up paper and tell them no. Soon, they'll grow up into a full sized Bee!

There are rumors of other methods of hatching Bees, such as sneezing them out. While very silly, there may be some truth to these, so keep an ear out for interesting rumors!

Chapter Two: Types of Bees

The Greater Domestic Space-Bee

The most common of Bees in outer space, and the one from which all potential springs! You're going to see a lot of these, and that's a very good thing!

Colorful Domestic Space-Bee

Sometimes, especially with unorthodox hatchings, Bees will take on the color of the human who hatched them. Specifically, the color of their hair. It's fascinating, but these Bees otherwise act like any other Domestic Space-Bee.


These strange Bees are somehow infused with DNA from a PR-6 Robuddy. No one quite knows how it happens. The eggs for these are kept out of the mainstream distribution channels, but there may be someone who can help you get your hands on them...

Queen Space-Bee

These come in regular, colorful, and Guardbud-Bee varieties. Sometimes they're a little bigger than average, and occasionally they even have a crown! You can get these by feeding larva Royal Jelly.

Fat and Sassy Space-Bee

This is a fat, sassy space Bee. Don't make fun of their weight - their sass is downright painful if they turn it on you. They tend to really like bubble baths.

Greater Domestic Sea-Bee

These Bees are found in aquatic locales, and have cute little goggles! Adorable!

Psychadelic Space-Bee

Woah... these Bees are like, far out man... their eyes flicker and when they hug you it buzzes real good. Exposure to certain substances as an egg or larva causes Bees to become this when they grow up.

Chromatic Space-Bee

These Bees change between different colors constantly! Very popular among hardcore gamers. Basically never seen without Psychadelic Space-Bees in the area.


These Bees look unwell... but they'll produce honey for you just the same, if you give them lots of love!

Chapter Three: Specific Bees


The beloved pet of the Research Director of NanoTrasen Space Station 13. Tends to wear extremely stylish hats.


This li'l gal deals in all sorts of Bee-related goods. She's definitely someone you want to Bee-friend!


Said to be off in a hive somewhere in space. According to rumors, this Bee can bring honey into existence by shear force of will.

Chapter Four: Things which may be confused for Bees

Space Wasps

These horrible stinging monsters might be colored like a Bee, but they have none of the charm or docility. Defend Bees against them - just make sure you have some antihistamines.

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