H-87 Cloning Apparatus Manual

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WizardSpellbookV2-32x32.gif This page contains a transcript of ingame content.
The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.

Getting Started

Congratulations, your station has purchased the H-87 industrial cloning device!
Using the H-87 is almost as simple as brain surgery! Simply insert the target humanoid into the scanning chamber and select the scan option to create a new profile!
That's all there is to it!
Notice, cloning system cannot scan inorganic life or small primates. Scan may fail if subject has suffered extreme brain damage.

Clone profiles may be viewed through the profiles menu. Scanning implants a complementary CLONING RECORDS IMPLANT into the subject, which may be viewed from each profile. Profile Deletion has been restricted to [Station Head] level access.

Cloning from a profile

Cloning is as simple as pressing the CLONE option at the bottom of the desired profile. Per your company's EMPLOYEE PRIVACY RIGHTS agreement, the H-87 has been blocked from cloning crewmembers while they are still alive.

The provided CLONEPOD SYSTEM will produce the desired clone. Standard clone maturation times (with SPEEDCLONE technology) are roughly 90 seconds. The cloning pod may be unlocked early with any [Medical Researcher] ID after initial maturation is complete.

Please note that resulting clones may have a small DEVELOPMENTAL DEFECT as a result of genetic drift.

Profile Management

The H-87 (as well as your station's standard genetics machine) can accept STANDARD DATA DISKETTES. These diskettes are used to transfer genetic information between machines and profiles. A load/save dialog will become available in each profile if a disk is inserted.

A good diskette is a great way to counter aforementioned genetic drift!

This technology produced under license from Thinktronic Systems, LTD.

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