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Food is what you eat. Drinks are what you drink. Here is a comprehensive (but still incomplete) list of items and recipes for the chef to utilize and the crew to enjoy. Just remember that side-effects are by no means unknown or uncommon.


Icon Name Available from Info Buffs
Donut.png Donut Vendor, kitchen Frosted donuts give double the HP recovery to security officers. <Insert Joke>
Chips.png Chips Vendor TBA
Candy.png Candy Vendor uhgg TBA
Fries.png Fries Vendor, kitchen TBA
FoodPopcorn.png Popcorn Kitchen TBA
Chips-onion.png Onion chips Kitchen TBA
FoodNougatBar.png Nougat bar Kitchen TBA
FoodGranolaBar.png Granola bar Kitchen TBA
HetzCup.png Hetz' Cup Kitchen TBA
CandyApple.png Candy apple Kitchen TBA
CandyCane.png Candy cane Kitchen TBA
Yoghurt.png Yoghurt Kitchen Requires spoon. TBA
Pickle.png Pickle Kitchen
CandyHeartO.png Candy heart Quartermaster Flavored chalk with inscriptions such as "Robust Me" and "Love Transfer Valve". 4-5 in every box!
FoodBurrito.png Descuento Danito's Burritos Snacks Vendor Available in many different flavours. Comes with an integral heating mechanism.
FoodDanNoddles.png Discount Dan's Quik-Noodles Snacks Vendor Literally poison. Also equipped with a heater.
DiscountDanTVDinner.png Hungry Dan's TV Dinners Snacks Vendor Yum. Also equipped with a heater.
Lollipop.png Lollipop Medbay A healthy snack containing a small amount of medicine, such as charcoal or saline.
FoodPopeCrunch.png Pope Crunch Crew quarters Extremely crunchy! Can be eaten directly from the box, or mixed with milk in a bowl.
Foodapple.png Apple Hydroponics TBA
Foodbanana.png Banana Hydroponics Peel it first!
Foodorange.png Orange Hydroponics TBA
Foodlemon.png Lemon Hydroponics TBA
Foodlime.png Lime Hydroponics TBA
Strawberry.png Strawberry Hydroponics TBA
FoodAvocado.png Avocado Hydroponics TBA
Foodgrape.png Grapes Hydroponics TBA
Foodmelonslice.png Melon slice Hydroponics Slice a watermelon with something sharp to get six of these.
FoodHoney.png Honey Hydroponics Produced by space bees. Taste may vary, depending on the plant that provided the nectar.
Foodcarrot.png Carrot Hydroponics TBA
Foodslurry.png Slurryfruit Hydroponics Poisonous!
FoodEggplant.png Eggplant Hydroponics TBA
FoodCoconutMeat.png Coconut meat Hydroponics Break open a coconut to these loads of these and a handy cup.
FoodPineappleRing.png Pineapple slice Hydroponics No salt needed. Cut a pineapple to get one of these.
BambooShoot.png Bamboo shoot Hydroponics Slice a bamboo stalk to get one of these.
Foodyuck.png ????? Incompetent chef Contains ???? (reagent). The result of a bad recipe, probably shouldn't eat this...
Foodburnt.png Smoldering Mess Incompetent chef Also contains ????. The result of overcooking or -frying something.


Icon Name Type Available from Info
AlcoholVendingMachine.png Booze-O-Mat N/A Bar Dispenses booze and cocktail accessories. Doesn't have any ID restrictions.
BeerKeg.png SpaceBeerNew.png Space beer Alcohol Bar
BeerBox.png HoboBeer.png Fancy beer Alcohol Bar Contains beer plus a number of random chemicals.
DrinkCider.png Cider Alcohol Bar
DrinkMead.png Mead Alcohol Bar
DrinkWine.png Wine Alcohol Bar
HoboWine2.png Hobo wine Alcohol ??? Contains wine plus a number of random chemicals.
Vodka.png Vodka Alcohol Bar
GinBottle.png Gin Alcohol Bar
Tequila.png Tequila Alcohol Bar
Champagne.png Champagne Alcohol Bar Hit pods, segways or other vehicles with the harm intent to rename them.
DrinkRum.png Rum Alcohol Bar Spaced rum bottles also contain yobihodazine.
Bo Jack Daniel's.png Bo Jack Daniel's Alcohol Bar A real man's drink!
Stinkeye.png Stinkeye's Special Reserve Alcohol ??? A favourite of captains everywhere.
EggNogCarton.png Egg nog Other Bar, kitchen
DrinkMilk.png Milk Other Kitchen
DrinkCola.png Space cola Soda Vendor, kitchen
DrinkDecirprevo.png Decirprevo Bottled Water Soda Vendor
DrinkRobusteez.png Robust-Eez Soda Vendor Contains methamphetamine.
DrinkGrifeo.png Grife-O Soda Vendor
DrinkPubber.png Dr. Pubber Soda Vendor
DrinkGrones.png Grones Soda Soda Vendor Comes in random flavours.
DrinkSpooky.png Spooky Dan's Soda Vendor Two flavours on offer. Neither are industrial runoff, nope!
DrinkOrangeaid.png Orange-Aid Soda Vendor Contains oculine.
DrinkLimeaid.png Lime-Aid Other Vendor Contains antihol.
DrinkCoffee.png Robust Coffee Other Vendor
Happy Elf Hot Chocolate.png Happy Elf Hot Chocolate Other Vendor
Weight-Loss Shake.png Chicken Soup Other Vendor Can cure minor diseases.
Weight-Loss Shake.png Weight-Loss Shake Other Vendor Contains lipolicide.
FoodTea.png Tea Other Vendor
DrinkCoffee.png Wired Dan's Kafe Kick Other Hacked Vendor A daily fix of drugs and poison, diluted with water. Banned by the Space FDA.
Mugwort.png Mugwort tea Other Wizard A bitter tea with magical protective properties. Heals wizards.


BoozeDispenser.png FancyCocktails.png

The alcohol and soda dispensers offer a convenient way to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments. They have an essentially infinite supply of various drinks and operate like the machines in chemistry. That comes in handy, because many commercial products contain more than one reagent and it would otherwise be difficult to isolate specifically what you want for e. g. cake icing. And of course, they will also be useful if you decide to turn the kitchen/bar into a makeshift laboratory. A barman's job also isn't complete unless you know how to make people drunk off fancy recipes and how to present your creations properly. To that end, umbrellas, wedges and other doodads can be added to every drinking glass.

Most of these drinks can be made just with just the dispenser, but not all of them. For drinks with coffee, it's best it get coffee from the coffee machines (the green-colored vending machines) rather than fool around with the espresso machine. Drinks with sugar need sugar from the chemical or soda dispensers, not the sugar used by the Chef. For drinks with more exotic ingredients, you may need the chem dispenser (which is usually right near the alcohol and soda dispenser) and a beaker, since the chem dispenser doesn't accept drinkware. Luckily, there's usually a large one around right on top of it, and your glass recycler can make beakers.

Item Icon Recipe Info
Fruit wedges
Foodorange.png / Foodlime.png / Foodlemon.png + Knife.png Also available in fruit wedge kits from BoozeVends
Maraschino cherry
Cherries.png + FoodProcessor.png
Water + Sugar + Carbon + Oxygen
Lemon juice + Sugar
Lime juice + Sugar
Egg nog
Egg + Sugar + Milk
Chocolate milk
Chocolate + Milk
Strawberry milk
Strawberry juice + Milk
Sweet tea
Tea + Sugar
Half and Half
Sweet Tea + Lemon juice
Tea with honey
Tea + Honey
Tea with mint
Tea + Mint
Triple Citrus
Lemon j. + Lime j. + Orange juice
Vodka + Orange juice
Sex on the Beach
Screwdriver + Cranberry juice
Vodka Gimlet
Vodka + Lime juice
Vodka Gimlet + Cranberry juice
Bloody Mary
Vodka + Tomato juice
Bloody Scary
Vodka + Changeling blood
Vodka Martini
Vodka + Vermouth
Vodka Tonic
Vodka + Tonic water Is completely transparent in color. Right-click to pick up.
Mind Eraser
Vodka Tonic + Coffee
Black Russian
Vodka + Coffee
White Russian
Black Russian + Milk
Vodka + Cider + Epinephrine + Welding fuel Can also be extracted or distilled from omega weed.
Vodka + Wine + Sugar + Iron Has a chance to teleport you at random.
Beer + Milk
Beer + Nanomachines Can also be distilled from roburgers.
Bourbon + Ectoplasm
Whiskey Sour
Bourbon + Lemonade
Bourbon + Vermouth + Bitters
Bourbon + Cola + Tomato juice See Chemistry.
Irish Coffee
Bourbon + Coffee + Sugar + Milk
Old Fashioned
Bourbon + Bitters + Sugar + Water
Jean Harlow
Rum + Vermouth
Planter's Punch
Rum + Lemonade
Mai Tai
Rum + Lime juice + Orange juice
Space-Cuba Libre
Rum + Lime juice + Cola
Rum + Lime juice + Sugar Try adding the rum first, so you don't accidentally make limeade.
Piña Colada
Rum + Coconut milk + Pineapple juice
Gin and Tonic
Gin + Tonic water Is completely transparent in color. Right-click to pick up.
Gin Fizz
Gin + Lemon juice + Water
Pink Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic + Bitters
Gin and Chronic
Gin and Tonic + Tetrahydrocannabinol Decays into THC as well as ethanol.
Gin and Sonic
Gin and Tonic + Methamphetamine Decays into meth as well as ethanol.
Tequila + Vermouth
Brave Bull
Tequila + Coffee
Prairie Fire
Tequila + Capsaicin Decays into capsaicin as well as ethanol.
Tequila + Lime juice + Orange juice
Long Beach Iced Tea
Tequila + Sex on the Beach +
Rum + Gin + Lemon j.
Long Island Iced Tea
Tequila + Screwdriver + Rum +
Gin + Lemon j. + Cola
Gin + Lime juice
Gin + Vermouth
Martini + Bitters
Negroni + Ectoplasm
French 75
Gin + Champagne + Lemonade
Champagne + Orange juice
Mint Julep
Bourbon + Sugar + Mint
Daiquiri + Mint
Crème de Menthe
Vodka + Sugar + Mint

Crème de Menthe + Vanilla + Chocolate Turns you into a roach for an amount of time proportionate to how long it was in your system.
Tom Collins
Gin and Tonic + Lemonade
Planter's Punch + Wine + Orange juice
Martini + Apple juice + Suicider
Ecto Cooler
Ectoplasm + Uranium + Orange juice Decays into VHFCS and has a chance to produce strange green goop as well, which allows you to see ghosts.
Bread (reagent) + Welding fuel Stuns and infects the consumer with food poisoning.



Since the introduction of said dispensers, the still has fallen a bit out of favour - but that should not discourage a creative barman, as the apparatus is a decent option to move large amount of booze and get people horribly drunk elsewhere. Opening a counter in the market for example usually attracts more customers than the bar itself, thanks to its central location. Just don't forget to bring plenty of spare glasses and bottles with you!

Item Recipe Info
Foodwheat.png / SteelWheat.png
Steel wheat also produces iron.
Foodgrape.png / GreenGrapes.png
Green grapes make white wine.
Rice wine

Sugarcane.png / IngSugar.png
Cat drugs
Weed.png (any type)
Other reagents: LSD (rainbow weed), omnizine (lifeweed), cyanide (deathweed).
Drug cocktail
Yields THC, LSD, suicider, space drugs, mercury, lithium, atropine, haloperidol, meth, capsaicin, psilocybin, hairgrownium, ectoplasm, bath salts, itching powder, crank, krokodil, cat drugs and histamine. Fun for the whole family!
Yields all sorts chemicals. Ones that make you talk backwards, ones that set your mouth on fire, ones that set you on fire, all sorts of random fun! (but mostly literal sewage)

Espresso Machine

EspressoCup.png EspressoCupRack.png EspressoMachine.png

Some people don't want just coffee, served in a regular ol' plastic cup from a regular ol' coffee machine. They want special coffee, the kind that comes with milk and other things, the kind that is served in a different plastic cup and dispensed by a machine with weird foreign names for drinks. This espresso machine is for those sorts of people. Thankfully, its operation is simple: just insert a cup from the rack nearby, choose Make espresso, and choose any of the options below. It's easy to be a Space Starbucks barista!

If the machine runs out of water, just unscrew the cap from the top with an empty hand, and click on the machine with a container full of water. Then, screw the cap back on.

Just don't expect to be making any Irish Coffee or any of the cocktails with coffee using this stuff. Again, those actually need the regular coffee from coffee machines.

Setting Description
Espresso Just 10 units of standard espresso coffee. Very different from regular coffee.
Latte A little bit of espresso, with lots of milk. Really milk with coffee at that point.
Mocha Half espresso, half milk and chocolate milk.
Cappuccino Espresso, with a good amount (6.5 units) of milk.
Americano Espresso, diluted with a good bit of water.
Decaf 10 units of espresso coffee, decaf, without the caffeine.
Flat White Espresso with a little less milk than what a cappucino would have.

Other Food-Related Items

Icon Name Info
KitchenVendingMachine.png Kitchen vendor Offers a wide selection of basic ingredients and other catering supplies. Doesn't have any ID restrictions.
KitchenwareRecyclerNew.png Kitchenware recycler Recycles glass shards. The machine can manufacture a variety of different glasses as well as plates.
Hotdogcart.png Hotdog cart Used to easily take large amounts of food out of the kitchen and hand it to people. Can only be opened by people with kitchen access.
DrinkingGlasses2.png Drinking glass All functionally similar, but drinks served in shot glasses are downed in one big gulp instead of little sips. Breaks into shards when thrown.
CoconutShell.png Coconut shell A coconut shell bowl that can hold 50 units of alcohol. Perfect for mixed drinks! Ask Hydroponics to grow some coconuts for these.
PitcherContainer.png Pitcher For refilling those drinking glasses. It holds 120 units.
Plate.png Plate Dinner is served, sir.
Bowl.png Bowl For holding food, such as cereal or gruel.
Spoon.png Spoon Needed to eat certain dishes.
Fork.png Fork Needed to eat certain dishes.
Knife.png Knife Used for slaughtering animals and cutting certain items.
PizzaCutter.png Pizza Cutter Used for cutting certain items, particularly pizza into slices. Suitable for surgery.
Rolling Pin.png Rolling pin Required to prepare pizza bases.
SaltPepperShakers.png Shakers Add salt or pepper for the perfect flavour.
KetchupBottle.png MustardBottle.png Condiment bottles Standard condiments in the form of ketchup and mustard.
IcingTube.png Icing tube Used for, you guessed it, adding icing to a cake. Accepts 50 units of any liquid.
Satchel(b).jpg Produce satchel This spacious satchel makes the life of every chef or botanist much easier. Almost any type of food-related item (dishes, bottles, seeds etc.) can be stored in them, and they also interact nicely with tables (drag & drop), crates, the food processor, mail chutes and other objects.
Bananapeel.png Banana peel Slippery. Created from peeling a banana, obviously!
Fish.png Fish Can be used to slap people around.

Chef's Cookbook

Here's where the real fun starts. While most of the ingredients needed by the chef should either be available in your kitchen or can grown for you in hydroponics, some recipes may require items from elsewhere on the station. A fair number of recipes also have downsides, so be wary of food poisoning and other nasty occurrences.


Short list of items that will be your basic ingredients, many of which can also be ordered in a crate from quartermasters.

Icon Name Buffs
IngFlour.png Flour Kitchen or process from wheat.
IngSugar.png Sugar Kitchen or process from sugarcane.
IngOatmeal.png Oatmeal Kitchen or process from oats.
IngSemolinaFlour.png Semolina Flour Process from durum wheat.
DonkPocketsKit.png Donk pockets Kitchen. Contains 6x Fooddpocket.png (cold)
BaconBox.png Bacon strips Kitchen. Contains 7x Rawbacon.png
IngMeat.png Human meat Kitchen
IngMeat.png Monkey meat Kitchen
IngMeat.png Synthetic meat Hydroponics
IngFMeat.png Fish Fillet Comes in different kinds.
IngMMeat.png Mystery meat Raking through gibs - dubious nutritional value!
ChickenNugget.png Chicken nugget Kitchen. May be used in place of mystery meat in most specific recipes.
BrainNew.png Brain Robotics
Synthbrain.png Synthbrain Hydroponics
Heart.png Heart Robotics
Cyberheart.png Cyberheart Robotics
Synthheart.png Synthheart Hydroponics
Butt.png Butt Hydroponics, robotics
Cyberbutt.png Cyberbutt Robotics
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Hydroponics
Watermelon.png Watermelon Hydroponics
Potato.png Potato Hydroponics
Mushroom.png Mushroom Hydroponics
Foodtomato.png Tomato Hydroponics
Foodchili.png Chili pepper Hydroponics
Foodspinach.png Lettuce leaf Hydroponics
Cucumber.png Cucumber Hydroponics
Foodcarrot.png Carrot Hydroponics
FoodCornCob.png Corn cob Hydroponics
FoodGarlic.png Garlic Hydroponics
FoodOnion.png Onion Hydroponics
Coconut.png Coconut Hydroponics
Pineapple.png Pineapple Hydroponics
MintPlant.png Mint leaf Hydroponics
Rice.png Rice Hydroponics
BeanPod.png Bean pod Hydroponics
IngEgg.png Egg Kitchen
DrinkMilk.png Milk Kitchen or process from soybean pods.
IngCheese.png Cheese Kitchen
IngSpag.png Spaghetti Kitchen or process from pasta sheets.
Pb.png Peanut butter Kitchen or process from peanuts.
CondMapleSirup.png Maple syrup Kitchen

Ingredient Processing

The food processor is important too! With it, you can turn items into different forms, which may be more useful, or usable in recipes.

Produced item Recipe Creation method Info Buffs
Ectoplasm2.png Ectoplasm FireExtinguisher2.png + DrinkSpooky.png BoozeDispenser.png + InHand.png Isolate ectoplasm (min: 10 units) from a Spooky Dan's Horrortastic bottle, pour it (min: 10 units) into a fire extinguisher and then use the HUD icon to spray all around you.
IngCheese.png Cheese FireExtinguisher2.png + DrinkMilk.png + PoolOfVomit.png InHand.png See above. Required minimum is 10 units.
IngMeat.png Monkey meat Monkey32.png MeatSpike.png
IngMeat.png Human meat JobTourist.png Gibber.png
IngSpag.png Spaghetti IngPastaSheet.png FoodProcessor.png
IngFlour.png Flour Foodwheat.png FoodProcessor.png
IngOatmeal.png Oatmeal Oats.png FoodProcessor.png
IngSemolinaFlour.png Semolina Flour Foodwheat.png FoodProcessor.png Must be wheat of the durum wheat mutation
IronFillings.png Iron fillings SteelWheat.png FoodProcessor.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
FoodChocolateChips.png Chocolate chips Candy.png FoodProcessor.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
IngSugar.png Sugar Sugarcane.png FoodProcessor.png
DrinkMilk.png Milk FoodSoybeanPod.png FoodProcessor.png
Pb.png Peanut butter FoodPeanuts.png FoodProcessor.png
Yoghurt.png Yoghurt DrinkMilk.png (rancid) FoodProcessor.png Must use a bottle of rancid milk specifically. Requires spoon.
IngSemolinaDough.png Semolina Dough IngSemolinaFlour.png FoodProcessor.png
IngPastaSheet.png Pasta Sheet IngSemolinaDough.png + Rolling Pin.png InHand.png
IngDough.png Dough IngFlour.png KitchenSink.png
IngSDoughNew.png Sweet dough IngDough.png + IngSugar.png InHand.png
IngCDough.png 4x Cookie doughs IngSDoughNew.png + Knife.png InHand.png Probably shouldn't be eaten raw!
Doughstrip.png Dough strip IngDough.png + Knife.png InHand.png You can click on another strip with your strip to attach them back together.
Dough circle.png Dough circle Doughstrip.png + InHand.png InHand.png Click on the dough strip in your hand.
Holeydough.png Holey dough IngDough.png + Fork.png InHand.png
Crumpet.png Crumpet Holeydough.png OvenNew.png 3 Seconds, low.
Seedbagel.png Bagel Dough circle.png OvenNew.png 3 Seconds, low.
Donut.png Donut Dough circle.png + IngSugar.png OvenNew.png 3 Seconds, low.
Ice cream cone.png Ice cream cone IngSDoughNew.png + IngSugar.png OvenNew.png 1 second, low
Cake batter.png Cake batter IngSDoughNew.png + 2x IngEgg.png MixerNew.png
PancakeBatterNew.png Pancake batter IngSDoughNew.png + 2x IngEgg.png + DrinkMilk.png MixerNew.png
Loaf of Bread.png Loaf of bread IngDough.png OvenNew.png 1 second, low
Slice of bread.png Slice of bread Loaf of Bread.png + Knife.png InHand.png
Honey-WheatBread.png Loaf of honey-wheat bread IngDough.png + FoodHoney.png OvenNew.png 1 second, low
Honey-WheatSlice.png Slice of honey-wheat bread Honey-WheatBread.png + Knife.png InHand.png
Bananabread.png Loaf of banana bread IngDough.png + IngSugar.png + Foodbanana.png OvenNew.png Peel the banana first! 1 second, low
Bananaslice.png Slice of banana bread Bananabread.png + Knife.png InHand.png
ElvisBread.png Loaf of Elvis bread IngDough.png + Pb.png + Foodbanana.png OvenNew.png Peel the banana first! 6 seconds, low
ElvisBreadSlice.png Slice of Elvis bread ElvisBread.png + Knife.png InHand.png
DreadLoaf2.png Loaf of dread IngDough.png + Ectoplasm2.png OvenNew.png Spooky! 6 seconds, low
DreadSlice2.png Slice of dread DreadLoaf2.png + Knife.png InHand.png
PumpkinBreadLoaf.png Loaf of pumpkin bread IngDough.png + Pumpkin.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
PumpkinBreadSlice.png Slice of pumpkin bread PumpkinBreadLoaf.png + Knife.png InHand.png
CornbreadLoaf.png Loaf of northern-style cornbread IngDough.png + IngSugar.png + FoodCornCob.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
CornbreadSlice.png Slice of N-style cornbread CornbreadLoaf.png + Knife.png InHand.png
CornbreadLoaf.png Loaf of southern-style cornbread IngDough.png + FoodCornCob.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
CornbreadSlice.png Slice of S-style cornbread CornbreadLoaf.png + Knife.png InHand.png
CornbreadLoaf.png Loaf of honey cornbread IngDough.png + FoodCornCob.png + FoodHoney.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
CornbreadSlice.png Slice of honey cornbread CornbreadLoaf.png + Knife.png InHand.png
BrainBreadLoaf.png Loaf of brain bread Loaf of Bread.png + BrainNew.png / Synthbrain.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low. Works with any combination of bread and brain.
BrainBreadSlice.png Slice of brain bread BrainBreadLoaf.png + Knife.png InHand.png
Meatball.png Meatball IngMeat.png FoodProcessor.png Works with any kind of meat. TBA
Meatball.png Brain meatball BrainNew.png FoodProcessor.png Doesn't work with synthbrains. TBA
Meatball.png Butt meatball Butt.png FoodProcessor.png Only works with human/monkey butts. TBA
Meatpaste.png Meat paste IngMeat.png / IngFMeat.png MixerNew.png Works with any kind of meat or fish.
WontonWrapper.png 4x Wonton wrappers IngFlour.png + IngEgg.png MixerNew.png
CondKtch.png Ketchup Foodtomato.png FoodProcessor.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
CondHot.png / ColdSauce.png / IncrediblyHotSauce.png Hot sauce Foodchili.png / ChillyPepper.png / GhostlierChili2.gif FoodProcessor.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, is as spicy as the chili it came from.
CondMayo.png Mayonnaise IngEgg.png FoodProcessor.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
Cream.png Cream DrinkMilk.png FoodProcessor.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
Custard.png Custard DrinkMilk.png + IngEgg.png MixerNew.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
Butter.png Butter Cream.png FoodProcessor.png
Butt-er.png Butt-er Butt.png + DrinkMilk.png MixerNew.png Condiment - can be applied to any food, making it heal more.
Unfinished Pizza base.png Unfinished pizza base IngDough.png + Rolling Pin.png InHand.png
Half-finished pizza base.png Half-finished pizza base Unfinished Pizza base.png + CondKtch.png InHand.png
Pizza base.png Pizza base Half-finished pizza base.png + IngCheese.png InHand.png
Tortilla.png 3x Tortillas Unfinished Pizza base.png + Knife.png InHand.png
Foodmelonslice.png 6x Melon slices Watermelon.png + Knife.png InHand.png
IngFMeat.png Fish fillet Fish.png + Knife.png InHand.png Different kinds of fish exist.
Potatochips.png Chips Potato.png + Knife.png InHand.png Once to peel, twice to chop into chips.
FoodOnionRing.png 4x Onion rings FoodOnion.png + Knife.png InHand.png
FoodPineappleRing.png Pineapple ring Pineapple.png + Knife.png InHand.png
FoodCoconutMeat.png 3x Coconut meat Coconut.png + Knife.png InHand.png

Main course

This is a list of probably not remotely all of chef's dishes. Enjoy - Bork Bork Bork.

Some dishes can accept "any item" or "any food item". "Any item" does mean any item, so you can for example bake something that obviously isn't edible into a pie. Be warned that trying to put a non-food item into a dish that only accepts "a food item" will destroy the non-food item as well as ruining the recipe. Frying anything makes it a food item.

Produced item Creation method Time & temperature Info Buffs
Toast.png / BananaToast.png / ElvisToast.png / TerrorToast2.png / BrainBreadToast.png Toast Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low Most of the these recipes work with every kind of bread.
Cheese on Toast.png / CheeseElvisToast.png Cheese on toast Slice of bread.png + IngCheese.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
BaconToast.png / BaconElvisToast.png Bacon on toast Slice of bread.png + Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
Eggtoast.png / Eggelvis.png Eggs on toast Slice of bread.png + 2x IngEgg.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
PlainCheeseSandwich.png / CheeseElviswich.png / KilledCheeseSandwich2.png Cheese sandwich Slice of bread.png + IngCheese.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
PlainMeatSandwich.png / MeatElviswich.png / Murderwich2.png Meat sandwich Slice of bread.png + IngMeat.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
PlainPBSandwich.png / PeanutButterElviswich.png / PeanutButterBreadula2.png Peanut butter sandwich Slice of bread.png + Pb.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
PeanutButterElviswich.png / PeanutButterBreadula2.png Peanut butter and honey sandwich Slice of bread.png + Pb.png + FoodHoney.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
FoodEggSandwich.png Egg-salad sandwich Slice of bread.png + FoodEggSalad.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
XSandwich.png / BananaXSandwich.png / CrazyBananaXSandwich.png X sandwich Slice of bread.png + X + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Try various fillings (up to six food items) to create the ultimate sandwich! You can even mix two different types of bread for the slices.
XSandwich.png / BananaXSandwich.png / CrazyBananaXSandwich.png X club Slice of bread.png + X + Slice of bread.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
XSandwich.png / BananaXSandwich.png / CrazyBananaXSandwich.png X double-decker sandwich Slice of bread.png + X + Slice of bread.png + Slice of bread.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
XSandwich.png / BananaXSandwich.png / CrazyBananaXSandwich.png X dagwood Slice of bread.png + X + Slice of bread.png + Slice of bread.png + Slice of bread.png + Slice of bread.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
MeatballSub.png Meatball sub Loaf of Bread.png + Meatball.png + IngCheese.png + CondKtch.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low Works with any type of bread loaf.
FoodBanhMi.png Banh mi Honey-WheatBread.png + Foodcarrot.png + Cucumber.png + Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low Works only with honeywheat bread
Hotdog1.png Hotdog Meatball.png + Meatball.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
HerbalSausage.png Herbal sausage Hotdog1.png + ContusineLeaf.png InHand.png N/A You may use any other herb, including cannabis or catnip.
Hotdog0.png / Bananadog.png / Hounddog.png / BeefFrank2.png / Braindog.png Hotdog in a bun Hotdog1.png / HerbalSausage.png + Slice of bread.png InHand.png N/A Appearance and taste depend on the type of sausage and bread.
Corndog.png / BananaCorndog.png / HounddogOnAStick.png / DamnedCorndog2.png / BrainCorndog.png Corndog Hotdog0.png + RodsSteel.png InHand.png N/A
AppleOnAStick.png Apple on a stick Foodapple.png + RodsSteel.png InHand.png N/A
CandyApple.png Candy apple AppleOnAStick.png + IngSugar.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low
Foodorange.png Synthorange Foodorange.png + IngMeat.png InHand.png N/A Must use synthmeat specifically. Heals twice the amount of regular oranges.
Fooddpocket.png Warm donk pocket IngDough.png + Meatball.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
Fooddpocket.png Warm donk pocket Fooddpocket.png (cold) OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
Fooddpocket.png Warm honk-pocket IngDough.png + Meatball.png + BikeHorn.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high Turns your farts into honks for a short time! But it does something completely different when it's cold...
Cookedbacon.png Bacon Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Burger.png Burger IngDough.png + IngMeat.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Burger.png Cheeseburger IngDough.png + IngMeat.png + IngCheese.png OvenNew.png 7 Seconds, high
Burger.png Monkey cheeseburger IngDough.png + IngMeat.png + IngCheese.png OvenNew.png 7 Seconds, high Must use monkey meat specifically.
The Coronator.png Coronator IngDough.png + IngMeat.png + IngMeat.png + IngCheese.png OvenNew.png 9 Seconds, high
THE MONSTER.png THE MONSTER The Coronator.png + The Coronator.png + The Coronator.png + The Coronator.png OvenNew.png 9 Seconds, low Crazy-huge burger that will probably make you sick. And by sick, we mean dead. Slowly.
Foodbrainburger.png Brainburger IngDough.png + BrainNew.png / Synthbrain.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Infects whoever eats it with kuru.
Foodassburger.png Assburger IngDough.png + Butt.png / Cyberbutt.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Now that's awkward! Contains fartonium.
Foodroburger.png Roburger IngDough.png + RobotHead.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Also works with a light cyborg head. Infects whoever eats it with robotic transformation.
Foodbrainburger.png Dubious burger IngDough.png + IngMMeat.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Foodfishburger.png Fishburger IngDough.png + IngFMeat.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high Type of fish used doesn't matter.
Sloppy Joe.png Sloppy Joe IngDough.png + Meatpaste.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Foodbaconburger.png Baconatrix IngDough.png + Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Heartburger.png Heartburger IngDough.png + Heart.png / Synthheart.png / Cyberheart.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Works with human, monkey or synthetic hearts. Cyberhearts are also compatible.
FoodCoconutBurger.png Coconut burger IngDough.png + FoodCoconutMeat.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
FoodLuauBurger.png Luau burger IngDough.png + IngMeat.png + FoodPineappleRing.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
FoodTikiBurger.png Tiki burger IngDough.png + FoodCoconutMeat.png + IngMeat.png + FoodPineappleRing.png OvenNew.png 9 seconds, high
Steak.png Steak IngMeat.png OvenNew.png 9 seconds, low You may use synth-, monkey- or human meat.
Omelette2.png Omelette IngMeat.png + IngCheese.png + 2x IngEgg.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high Requires fork.
Omelette2.png Deep-space hell omelette IngMeat.png + IngCheese.png + 2x SpaceBeeEgg.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high The space bees are not going to like this! Requires fork.
Fish fingers.png Fish fingers IngFMeat.png OvenNew.png 9 seconds, low The type of fish used is irrelevant.
Baked potato.png Baked potato Potato.png OvenNew.png 9 seconds, high
FoodMashedPotatoes.png Mashed potatoes 3x Potato.png MixerNew.png N/A Requires fork.
Fries.png Fries Potatochips.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, low
Bacon and eggs.png Bacon and eggs 2x Rawbacon.png + 2x IngEgg.png OvenNew.png 8 seconds, high Requires fork.
SpagP.png Plain spaghetti IngSpag.png OvenNew.png 8 seconds, high Requires fork.
SpagT.png Spaghetti in sauce IngSpag.png + CondKtch.png OvenNew.png 8 seconds, high Requires fork.
SpagT.png Spaghetti in sauce IngSpag.png + CondKtch.png InHand.png N/A Requires fork.
SpagS.png Spaghetti arrabiata IngSpag.png + CondHot.png OvenNew.png 8 seconds, high Spicy! Requires fork.
SpagS.png Spaghetti arrabiata SpagT.png + CondHot.png InHand.png N/A Requires fork.
SpagM.png Spaghetti with meatballs IngSpag.png + Meatball.png OvenNew.png 8 seconds, high Requires fork.
FoodSwedishMeatballs.png Swedish meatballs IngFlour.png + IngEgg.png + 2x Meatball.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Bork Bork Bork! Requires fork.
Plain pizza.png X pizza Pizza base.png + X InHand.png N/A The toppings may consist of any food item. Doesn't need to be baked.
FoodXPizzaSlices.png 6x X pizza slices Plain pizza.png + Knife.png InHand.png N/A
Foodcookies.gif Sugar cookie IngCDough.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
OatmealCookie.png Oatmeal cookie IngCDough.png + IngOatmeal.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
ChocolateCookie.png Chocolate-chip cookie IngCDough.png + FoodChocolateChips.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
IronCookie.png Iron cookie IngCDough.png + IronFillings.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
BaconCookie.png Bacon cookie IngCDough.png + Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
Spookie2.png Spookie IngCDough.png + Ectoplasm2.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
JaffaCake.png Jaffa cake IngCDough.png + Candy.png + Foodorange.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
SugarMoonPie.png Sugar moon pie 2x Foodcookies.gif + IngSugar.png + IngOatmeal.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
OatmealMoonPie.png Oatmeal moon pie 2x OatmealCookie.png + IngSugar.png + IngOatmeal.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
Chocolate-chipMoonPie.png Chocolate moon pie 2x ChocolateCookie.png + IngSugar.png + IngOatmeal.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
IronMoonPie.png Iron moon pie 2x IronCookie.png + IngSugar.png + IngOatmeal.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
BaconMoonPie.png Bacon moon pie 2x BaconCookie.png + IngSugar.png + IngOatmeal.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
FullMoonPie2.png Full moon pie 2x Spookie2.png + IngSugar.png + IngOatmeal.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
JaffaMoonCobbler.png Jaffa moon cobbler 2x JaffaCake.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high
WhoopiePie.png Whoopie pie 2x ChocolateCookie.png + Candy.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires chocolate-chip cookies specifically.
CookiesWithFrosting.png Cookie with frosting Foodcookies.gif + Cream.png InHand.png N/A Works with any type of cookie or moon pie.
FoodNougatBar.png Nougat bar FoodHoney.png + IngSugar.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low
FoodGranolaBar.png Granola bar FoodHoney.png + IngOatmeal.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low
Biscuit.png Biscuit IngFlour.png + IngDough.png OvenNew.png 4 seconds, low
Emuffin.png English Muffin Biscuit.png + Knife.png Knife.png N/A Butter is optional. Cut in half with a knife.
Hardtack.png Hardtack IngDough.png + IronFillings.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Butterburger.png Butter Burger IngDough.png + Butter.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
Macguffin.png Sausage MacGuffin 2x Emuffin.png + IngCheese.png + IngEgg.png + IngMeat.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high
FoodHoneyWonks.png Honey Wonks FoodHoney.png + FoodPopeCrunch.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low Can be eaten directly from the box, or mixed with milk in a bowl.
HetzCup.png Hetz' Cup Pb.png + FoodNougatBar.png InHand.png N/A
Foodwaffles.png Waffles IngSDoughNew.png + IngDough.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, low Energized, Very Energized
Creamy Pie.png Cream pie IngSDoughNew.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
XCreamPie.png X cream pie IngSDoughNew.png + Cream.png + X OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Accepts any food item. Requires spoon.
Pie.png Custard pie IngSDoughNew.png + Custard.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
Apple Pie.png Apple pie IngSDoughNew.png + Foodapple.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
Pumpkin pie.png Pumpkin pie IngSDoughNew.png + Pumpkin.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
Lemon pie.png Lemon meringue pie IngSDoughNew.png + Foodlemon.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
Lime pie.png Key lime pie IngSDoughNew.png + Foodlime.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
StrawberryPie.png Strawberry pie IngSDoughNew.png + 2x Strawberry.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
FoodSlurryPie.png Slurry pie IngSDoughNew.png + Foodslurry.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
FoodBaconPie.png Bacon pie IngSDoughNew.png + Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Requires spoon.
Asspie.png Asspie IngSDoughNew.png + Butt.png / Cyberbutt.png OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high Yikes! Requires spoon.
XPie.png X pie IngSDoughNew.png + IngEgg.png + X OvenNew.png 2 seconds, high You may add one or two items (food or otherwise). Requires spoon.
Creamy sponge cake.png Creamy sponge cake Cake batter.png + Cream.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
Chocolate Sponge Cake.png Chocolate sponge cake Cake batter.png + Candy.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
Meat Cake.png Meat cake Cake batter.png + IngMeat.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
BaconCake.png Bacon cake Cake batter.png + 3x Rawbacon.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
DroopyCake.png Droopy cake Cake batter.png + BrainNew.png / Synthbrain.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
FRUITCAKE.png Fruit cake Foodburnt.png + Foodyuck.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high A December-month exclusive.
FoodDryPancakes.png / FoodPancakes.png Pancakes PancakeBatterNew.png + CondMapleSirup.png OvenNew.png + InHand.png 6 seconds, high Don't forget to add the maple syrup after cooking the pancakes!
XCake.png X cake Cake batter.png + X + IcingTube.png MixerNew.png + OvenNew.png + InHand.png 6 seconds, high Mix the cake batter and food item of your choice, then cook the unfinished batter in the oven. Add icing to finish the product.
XCakeSlices.png 10x X cake slices XCake.png + Knife.png InHand.png N/A
MeatRangoon.png / Eggroll.png X rangoon / eggroll WontonWrapper.png + X DeepFryer.png N/A Combine the wrapper with a food item of your choice, then load it into the deep fryer. Tiny objects make a rangoon, normal-sized items an eggroll.
FoodFriedOnionRing.png Fried onion ring FoodOnionRing.png DeepFryer.png N/A
Chips-onion.png Onion Chips 2xFoodOnionRing.png + FoodOnion.png + IngCheese.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high
FoodPopcorn.png Popcorn FoodCornCob.png +Welder.gif InHand.png N/A Heat the cob with a welding tool or other heat source until it pops.
FoodPopcorn.png Popcorn FoodCornCob.png FoodProcessor.png N/A
XIceCream.png X-flavoured ice cream Ice cream cone.png IceCreamMachineNew.png N/A The machine offers three basic flavours. Alternatively, you can use a container (beaker, drinking glass, bottle etc.) with reagents of your choice.
Mashed brains.png Mashed brains BrainNew.png / Synthbrain.png MixerNew.png N/A Good brain food! Requires fork.
Meatloaf.png Meatloaf Meatpaste.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Requires fork.
Taco.png Taco shell Tortilla.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, low
MeatTaco.png Meat taco Taco.png + IngMeat.png + IngCheese.png + CondHot.png InHand.png N/A Most types of meat can be used, including bacon.
FoodTortillaChip.png 4x Tortilla chips Taco.png InHand.png N/A Crush an empty cooked taco shell to get four of these.
FoodGuacamole.png Guacamole FoodAvocado.png FoodProcessor.png N/A Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
FoodMintChutney.png Mint chutney MintPlant.png + Foodchili.png + FoodGarlic.png + Onion.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
Mapleoatmeal.png Oatmeal (random flavour) IngOatmeal.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
TomatoSoup.png Tomato soup 2x Foodtomato.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
Gruel.png Gruel 3x Foodyuck.png MixerNew.png N/A Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
ChiliConQueso.png Chili con queso Foodchili.png + IngCheese.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
FoodChiliBowl.png Chili con carne IngMeat.png + Foodchili.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
FoodChiliBowl.png Chili con flagration IngMeat.png + Foodchili.png + 2x CondHot.png OvenNew.png 6 seconds, high Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
ElDiablo.gif El Diablo FoodChiliBowl.png + FoodChiliBowl.png + Foodchili.png + CondHot.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, high Warning: not for the faint of heart! Combine the con carne and flagration along with the rest of the listed ingredients. Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
CreamOfMushroom.png Cream of mushroom Mushroom.png + DrinkMilk.png MixerNew.png N/A Can be eaten alone (requires spoon) or used as a dip for tortilla chips.
FoodSalad.png Salad 2x Foodspinach.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low Requires fork.
CandyCane.png Candy cane MintPlant.png + IngSugar.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low
EggNogCarton.png Egg nog 3x IngEgg.png + DrinkMilk.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low
FoodHardBoiledEgg.png Hard-Boiled Egg IngEgg.png OvenNew.png 4 seconds, low The loose cannon of foods
FoodDeviledEgg.png Deviled Egg FoodHardBoiledEgg.png + Knife.png InHand.png N/A
FoodEggSalad.png Egg Salad FoodHardBoiledEgg.png + FoodSalad.png + CondMayo.png OvenNew.png 5 seconds, low
Haggis.png Haggis Heart.png + FoodOnion.png + IngOatmeal.png OvenNew.png 9 seconds, high Och laddie, don ya ken wha U'm sayin?
ScotchEgg.png Scotch Eggs Slice of bread.png + IngEgg.png + IngMeat.png OvenNew.png 3 seconds, high In scotland, Scotch Eggs count as a vegetable.
Pickle.png Pickle Cucumber.png FoodProcessor.png N/A
BeeKibble.png Bee Kibble Foodyuck.png + FoodHoney.png + Foodwheat.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, high For bee larva only.
BirthdayCupcake.png Birthday Cupcake BeeKibble.png + RoyalJelly.png + SmallCandle.png + IngSugar.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, high For space bees only...or brave humans.
RefriedBeans.png Refried Beans Rawbacon.png + 2x BeanPod.png OvenNew.png 7 seconds, high Requires spoon. Fart Thruster, Gassy
RiceAndBeans.png Rice And Beans Rice.png + BeanPod.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, low Requires spoon. Fart Thruster, Gassy
FriedRice.png Fried Rice Rice.png + IngEgg.png + FoodOnion.png + FoodGarlic.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, low Requires spoon. Brute Regeneration
Omurice.png Omurice Rice.png + IngEgg.png + CondKtch.png OvenNew.png 8 seconds, low Requires spoon.
Risotto.png Risotto Rice.png + Butter.png + FoodOnion.png + FoodGarlic.png OvenNew.png 10 seconds, low Requires spoon.

Deep Fryer

DeepFryer.png FriedConor.png

Every food can be deep-fried, and the same applies to many other objects. In fact, pretty much anything you can think of besides containers and bulky items - experiment!



Though rarely (if ever) used for anything, the microwave still has its place in the bar. Most people are aware of warm donk pockets, but there are also several other legacy recipes which might be of use to a barman or hungry assistants - a second unit can be found in crew quarters, and more may be deployed with the help of a mechanic.

Produced item Recipe Info Buff
Donut.png Donut IngFlour.png + IngEgg.png
FoodPopcorn.png Popcorn FoodCornCob.png
Foodwaffles.png Waffles 2x IngFlour.png + 2x IngEgg.png
Pie.png Custard pie 2x IngFlour.png + Foodbanana.png Peel the banana first! Requires spoon.
Burger.png Burger IngFlour.png + IngMeat.png Possible types of meat: synth, monkey, human.
Foodbrainburger.png Brainburger IngFlour.png + BrainNew.png Only a monkey or human brain will work, not synthbrains! Infects whoever eats it with kuru.
Foodassburger.png Assburger IngFlour.png + Butt.png Doesn't work with synth- or cyberbutts. Very Sweaty
Foodroburger.png Roburger IngFlour.png + RobotHead.png Recipe is limited to the standard cyborg head. Infects whoever eats it with robotic transformation.
Heartburger.png Heartburger IngFlour.png + Heart.png Works with human and monkey hearts. Synthetic or cyberhearts are not compatible. Very Sweaty
Meatball.png Meatball IngMeat.png + IngMeat.png Valid combination: 1x monkey + 1x human.
Fooddpocket.png Warm donk pocket IngFlour.png + Meatball.png
Fooddpocket.png Warm donk pocket Fooddpocket.png (cold) A box of them can be found in the kitchen refrigerator. Once heated, they will stay warm for about seven minutes.

In case of an invalid or unrecognized recipe, the microwave is less forgiving than its successor. However, it's not the end of the world and both failure states can be addressed rather easily.

The microwave gets covered in muck! - Get some space cleaner. Ask the janitor or simply steal one of his spray bottles.

The microwave breaks! - Use a screwdriver on the unit, then a wrench.

Prison Loaf Processor


Certain customers may not even be able to visit the bar and enjoy your culinary delicacies. Fortunately, there is still a convenient way to deliver food to the inmates: the Lay-Z Chef Prison Food Chute. Many items (food or otherwise) are suitable components for the processor, which sends the fresh loaf directly to the brig. While you have limited control over the taste or appearance of said loaf, there is actually more to it than meets the eye. It might be worthwhile to experiment with the amount and composition of the ingredients!

If a loaf is simply too much to eat, using a welder on the processor toggles it into nugget mode! Freshly made nuggets of food will be extruded and portioned out to the prisoners, perfect for some fast grub.

Icon Level Name Comments Notes
Prisionloaf base.png 1 Prison loaf A rather slapdash loaf designed to feed prisoners. Technically nutritionally complete and edible in the same sense that potted meat product is edible.
Prisionloaf base.png 2 Dense prison loaf The chef must be really packing a lot of junk into these things today.
Prisionloaf base.png 3 Extra-dense prison loaf Good lord, this thing feels almost like a brick. A brick made of kitchen scraps and god knows what else.
Prisonloaf supercompressed.gif 4 Super-compressed prison loaf Hard enough to scratch a diamond, yet still somehow edible, this loaf seems to be emitting decay heat. Dear god.
Prisionloaf fissile.gif 5 Fissile loaf There's so much junk packed into this loaf, the flavor atoms are starting to go fissile. This might make a decent engine fuel, but it definitely wouldn't be good for you to eat. Throw it and watch what happens.
JPfru.gif 6 Fusion loaf Forget fission, the flavor atoms in this loaf are so densely packed now that they are undergoing atomic fusion. What terrifying new flavor atoms might lurk within?
PrisonloafNeutron.gif 7 Neutron loaf Oh good, the flavor atoms in this prison loaf have collapsed down to a solid lump of neutrons.
Prisonloaf quark.gif 8 Quark loaf This nutritional loaf is collapsing into subatomic flavor particles. It is unfathmomably heavy. You can bash through reinforced walls with this.
Prisonloaf degenerate.gif 9 Degenerate loaf You should probably call a physicist.
Prisonloaf strangelet.gif 10 Strangelet loaf You should probably call a priest. Flies around at random, destroying whatever it hits and heavily damaging players it bashes into.
Prisonloaf EinsteinRosen.gif 11 Einstein-rosen loaf A hypothetical feature of loaf-spacetime. It could in theory be used to open a bridge between one point in space-time to another point in loaf-spacetime, if one had the machine required ... Can be used to make a material that causes whatever it's made out of to float.

Animal Slaughter


Knives can be used on dead critters to slaughter their bodies. This will in most cases instantly produce several pieces of meat bearing the creature's name, which you can use for cooking. Monkeys are an exception, they still have to be put on spikes.

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