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Item Image Description
Basic Laboratory Tools
DropperV3-32x32.png BeakerV2.png
See Chemistry.
Reagent Scanner
ReagentScannerV2-32x32.png ScientistPDAV2.png ResearchDirectorPDAV2.png
See Chemistry.
Spectroscopic Scanner Goggles
See Chemistry.
Hand Teleporter
Using the hand teleporter will open a temporary portal. It can either lead to a random location within a 10 tile radius, or a tracking beacon or tracking implant locked on to by a teleport computer. Hand teleporters have a 100u power cell built in, and opening a portal will cost 25u. When out of charge the hand teleporter will need to be recharged at a recharger. The RD and Captain have one of these at their disposal.
Tank Transfer Valve
Used to link two tanks of gas together. The valve can also accept attachments such as remote signalers, timers, and wire.
Remote Signaler
Sends out a radio signal of a given code on a set frequency, and when attached to something, will activate when it receives that signal. For an overview of the various assemblies, see Construction.
Proximity Sensor
When armed, it will activate whenever it detects motion adjacent to it.
Activates once the timer hits 0.
If used as an attachment, igniters heat the beaker or other assembly when activated. Can also be used to light cigarettes, or manually heat reagent containers.
Timer/Igniter Assembly
One of the various assemblies you can build and attach to beakers as well as bombs.
Pressure Crystal
Plop these around a bomb, and it'll change color based on how strong the explosion was and how far it was from its epicenter. As you'd might expected, darker and redder colors mean higher power. Put it in a pressure sensor for a more quantitative measure of explosion strength. Found in Vendomats.
Pressure Sensor
A tool for measuring and, more importantly, comparing strength of bomb explosions, found in Vendomats. Simply insert a pressure crystal into it, activate it, and it'll tell you the energy of the explosion in kilojoules, based on the damage to the crystal. Found in Vendomats.
Goes on the back slot of a monkey or other victim; it cannot be removed by the wearer. Set a remote signaler and the pack to the same frequency and code, then turn it on. When a signal is received, the pack delivers a debilitating jolt of electricity to whomever is wearing it. You can also make an electric chair out of it with some gear from mechanics and security.
Space GPS
Using it will bring up a menu of a few functions and a list of other active GPS devices. Any GPS in distress mode will be highlighted in red. You can use it to get your local coordinates or send out a distress signal. You can also input a set of coordinates to you want to go to, and the GPS will point in general direction you need to go to get there. In addition, you can use it to track beacons, people with tracking implants, and even other GPS devices. Extra space GPS devices can be made at a science fabricator.
Tracking Beacon
Allows someone using the teleporter to safely lock onto it as a destination. A few spawn at the start of a round in key locations and cannot be picked up unless unanchored with a screwdriver. For some reason, arcade machines occasionally dispense these as prizes, except they're renamed "electronic blink toy game".
Makes you look like you're taking notes or something productive instead of melting people's faces off. You can also use it to store a pen.
See Medical Objects
See Medical Objects.


Item Image Description
Lab Counter
See Chemistry.
Chem Dispenser
See Chemistry.
Reagent Extractor
See Chemistry.
Reagant Heater/Cooler
See Chemistry.
CheMaster 3000
See Chemistry.
ChemiCompilerStationary.png ChemiCompilerPortableV2-32x32.gif
See Chemistry.
See Chemistry.
Chemical Request Console
Chem request console.png
See Chemistry.
Chemical Barrel
ChemicalBarrelRedClosed.png ChemicalBarrelYellowClosed.png ChemicalBarrelBlueClosed.png
See Chemistry
PortASci.png RemoteNew.png
Intended to safely send telescientists and loot back to the station, though the device is experimental and may malfunction occasionally with unpleasant results. Can be controlled with the RD's PDA or the separate remote it comes with. If necessary, the Port-a-Sci's home turf can be changed by click-dragging the machine onto an adjacent floor tile.
Science Teleporter
See Telescience.
Quantum Telescope
See Quantum Telescope.
Long-Range Teleporter
The companion piece to the Quantum Telescope.
Research Apparel
Contains clothing used by Scientists and other steely-eyed practitioners of SCIENCE!. Besides spare Scientist uniforms (brown shoes, scientist jumpsuit, lab coat, etc. plus Scientist PDAs and headsets for some cash) and a couple of alternative outfits/clothing items, it also contains some personal protective equipment, including extra gas masks and biohood and biosuit sets.
Dispensary Supply Chute
See Chemistry

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