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All the manner of especially illegal and/or restricted things--how to find/discover them!

Contraband Levels

The following is a mostly-comprehensive list of things the security scanners, SecHUDs, the Guardbuddies, and Beepsky and his securitron brothers all consider illegal. By no means should you use contraband rating as the sole factor in deciding to confiscate an item/arrest a person. Contraband is strictly a legal term; all contraband is dangerous, but not everything that's dangerous is contraband. Use your common sense! Sure, a man carrying a butcher's knife isn't technically carrying contraband, but that doesn't mean he hasn't done anything illegal.

Item Image Contraband
Most Syndicate Items Falsemustache.png 0
Flash Flash.png 0
Flare Gun FlareGun.png 2
Toy Sword CSaberNew.png 3
Syndicate Space Suit SnekSyndieSuit.png 3
Syringe Gun Syringegun.png 3
Stun Baton StunBatonNew.png 4
Stun Cane StunCane.png 4
Taser Gun Taser.png 4
Amplified Vuvuzela AmpVuvuzela.png 4
Wave Gun LockedPhaser.png 4
Energy Gun Egun.png 4
Laser Gun Lasergun.png 4
Phaser Phaser.png 4
Miniature Crossbow Radbow.png 4
Disruptor Disruptor.png 4
Telegun TeleportGun.png 4
Antique laser gun AntiqueLaserGun.png 4
Laser Rifle LaserRifle.png 4
BFG9000 BFG9000.png 4
.22 Pistol 22Pistol.png 4
.38/Detective's Revolver Detectivegun.png 4
.357 Revolver Revolver.png 4
Derringer Derringer.png 4
Tranquilizer rifle TranqRifle.png 4
Artifact gun ArtifactGun.gif 4
Red Chainsaw RedChainsaw32.png 4
Wizard Robes WizardRobes2.gif 4
Cyalume Saber CSaberNew.png 5
Katana (Sword only) KatanaSheathed.png 5
Riot Shotgun RiotShotgun.png 5
Flamethrower Flamethrower.png 5
Zip Gun ZipGun.png 6
Police Baton PoliceBaton.png 6
Riot Launcher GrenadeLauncher.png 7
Spacker-12 Spacker.png 7
Wrestling Belt WrestlingBelt.png 8
Old Hunting Rifle Hunting rifle.png 8
AK-744 AK-744.png 8
MPRT-7 MPRT-7.png 8

The Security Scanners


Space TSA! Stationary machines found at the entrances into Medbay, the Bridge, and Security, and sometimes a few other weird places depending on the map. They scan anyone walking through them (people in Vehicles are not scanned at all) for contraband based on simple algorithm:

  1. Check the contents of the person's hands, pockets, belt, and backpack contents.
  2. For each contraband item detected, add that item's contraband rating to a total threat level, going from 1 to 10.
    • If the item was in a pocket, backpack, or belt item, only 1/2 of its actual contraband rating is added to the total.
    • If the item was in a box in said backpack or belt item, its rating is not added and is essentially undetected.
    • Similarly, items implanted into their chest also go undetected.
  3. If that person's threat level is over 4, the scanner goes off and sends everyone in Security a PDA message with the name of the person who failed the scanner, their threat level, and the location of the scanner that send the message.

This machine also checks for Weapon/Firearms Carry Permits, so people who are allowed to have tasers and such, like Security Officers, can pass through these machines without spooking the rest of Security.

It also looks into the person's Security Record and checks if they are set to Arrest. If so, they fail the scanner and their threat level is reported as 4, though it is possible for it to be higher if that person is carrying higher level contraband.

Humorously, a Shambling Abomination will also set off the scanner. Zombies set it off too, and in both cases, the threat level is 8. Seems that being that ugly is especially heinous.


SecHud.png ContrabandIcon.png

Super-slick special sunglasses that, among many other things, can detect if someone in your sight is carrying contraband. If they're carrying an item with a contraband rating of one or above in their belt slot or in their hands, they'll a little C over their character sprite. Simple as that.

Beepsky and The Securitrons


Tiny lil' Security Officers that roam about the station looking for those set to arrest and those carrying contraband. They use a much similar contraband search algorithm to the scanners:

  1. Scan someone within their sight (i.e. seven tiles) and look into the person's hands, belt, and (exo)suit slots.
    • As you could probably tell, the pockets or backpack slots are left unscanned, unlike the scanners.
  2. Compile a threat level based on what contraband they see, adding each item's contraband rating to a total threat level.
    • If the contraband item in the belt slot/item, only 1/2 of its actual contraband rating is added to the total.
    • If the securitron is emagged, everyone's threat level is 10.
  3. Attempt to arrest and pursue anyone whose threat level is 4 or above, communicating that arrest by pointing their weapon at them and shouting "Level [threat level] infraction alert!"

Like the scanners, the Securitrons will also check if that person's ID has a Weapon/Firearms Carry Permit. If the Securitron will completely ignore them, regardless of what contraband they're in fact carrying. However, if it's set to check the Security Records, it will still go after that person if they're set to arrest. This Arrest status is tied to ID card, so the perp could put their ID away to avoid being chased, though they'd still be pursued if they were spotted before putting away the card.

Interestingly, despite their reputation as ruthless and rather foul-mouthed enforcers, they are perhaps the most lenient when it comes to handling blatant non-humans. Being a Predator, a playable Zombie, a transformed Werewolf, a Shambling Abomination, or a Monkey increases threat level by 2, so it's not illegal in of itself, but it is an aggravating factor.

The GuardBuddies


Adorable little companions under the control of the Research Director and Head of Security. They use the exact same algorithm the Securitrons use to assess for perps; they scan belt, suit, and hand slots, they compile an additive threat level based on what they find, and arrest a perp if their threat level is 4 or above. They even announce their arrests attempt in nearly the exact same way.

The main difference between them and the Securitrons is their policy towards the more monstrous non-humans. GuardBuddies can detect if the thing they're looking at is blatantly not a human; however, they will only arrest those that are especially ugly and/or dangerous to the Scientists and other humans. This includes Predators, transformed Werewolves, Zombies, and Shambling Abominations, which are all considered threat level 5.

Also, because these GuardBuddies do not connect with the (since they're considered property of Research, not Security), they do not pursue people who are set to Arrest in the Security Records.