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These are the rules for all Goonstation servers.
There are additional RP rules when playing on the Goonstation Roleplay server.


  1. Don't grief. Griefing is excessively harming your fellow players or the station. Being a jerk is okay; ruining someone's entire round isn't.
    • This rule doesn't apply to antagonists. They can freely kill, and be killed by, other players.
    • However, even if you are an antagonist, you should not damage the Arrivals area or harm players that have just joined.
  2. No metagaming. More information can be found on the Metagaming page. Basically:
    • Meta-communicating: You cannot chat or share information about the current round with other players outside of the game, such as over Discord, IRC, in-person, etc.
    • Meta-grudging: If someone attacked you in a prior round, you can't use that as a reason to attack them in a later round.
    • Multi-keying: If you've joined a round with one account, do not join it with any others.
  3. Using a modified client: You may not modify your BYOND or Dreamseeker client in any way.
  4. No racism, bigotry, sexual content, or slurs. This includes your character name, BYOND key, flavor text, in-game speech, etc. If you're told something breaks this rule, that is not an invitation for debate.
    • For example, calling someone a dick is okay; talking about yours isn't.
    • This also means no references to or jokes about "rape", the n-word, and so on. There is no reason to ever use those words here.
  5. Don't outright give secrets away, such as secret chem recipes and Adventure Zone secrets. Hints and advice are okay.
  6. Listen to the admins. If an admin PMs you with a question, you need to respond by clicking the admin's name or pressing F1. Admins have the final say in rule-related matters.
    • Don't impersonate the admins, or pretend to be one.
  7. This is not an exhaustive list. Rules-lawyering is strongly discouraged. "But it wasn't in the rules!" isn't an excuse.

Questions about the rules?

If you do not understand a rule or are unsure about a specific situation, ask the admins by using Adminhelp; push F1 in-game.

Have a problem with an admin?

If you believe you have been treated unfairly, or a rule was incorrectly applied, please post in the Admin Complaints forum. We take all complaints seriously, and you will not be punished for posting a complaint.