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Have you tried to take over the station but were busted within the first five minutes? Have you attempted to create a murderbox only for the AI to rat you out immediately? Or are you just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items and possibilities that are now open to you?

Worry not my murderous friend, for you have come to the right place! This is a guide that will give you some general advices for traitoring in specific jobs!

This guide will usually try to give advices regarding traitoring in specific jobs, although there will be mentions of traitors items here and there, we will mainly focus on using your status,job,access and responsibilities and exploit them to your advantage.

You may also want to read Being A Better Traitor and Syndicate Items for more advice.



JOB EXCLUSIVE ITEMS CyborgDockingStationV2-32x32.png CyborgFrameV3-32x32.png

The Roboticist greatest strength and weakness is their isolated job, usually the Roboticist has to take care of the first round of cyborgs and then goes unnoticed for the rest of the shift, having only to meet the silicons requests from time to time, witch leaves a lot of free time where you can do your illegal stuff where rarely anyone will notice your absence from robotics or your silence on the radio.

Of course this also means that if you are gone when the station needs you they will start a manhunt and that will usually result in you being discovered and promptly be thrown in the brig. Of course, your colleagues can take care of the job themselves, however due to the close contact with them, they will be the first to notice your prolonged absence.

Access to Medbay also grants you the ability to make some mean poisons in the Pharmacy or healing chemicals for yourself, it will also make it very easy to justify dragging corpses around, just say that you are bringing them to medbay or robotics while in reality you murder them the moment you are out of sight, all of this comes without the usual responsibility of doctors since peoples don't expect you to treat others.

Maintenance is also available to you, witch is perfect considering that's the best place to do your stuff out of sight and the tools you spawn with allow you to tinker with various devices.

The Silicons and you

CyborgV3-64x64.gif AIV3-64.gif

The way you interact with Silicons i.e. the Cyborgs and the AI is unique compared to the whole station, since you are the one that is supposed to make new borgs, shells, bots and AI if necessary.

This means that to them, you are very important, after all, who is gona rebuild them when the other traitors start to run the station into a hell hole? With the other Doctors too busy with the torrent of injured they keep receiving and the MD curled up in a corner high on meth, the only option they have is you, witch is very bad.

The AI is your greatest enemy, since it can detect you in an instant and seeses everything that is going on in the station, cutting the cameras with a wirecutter will remove this advantage but it won't help against their shells.

Subverting the AI might be the best idea however doing so ain't easy you can also build a law rack and make a cyborg law linker with the Robotics Fabricator then connect the Cyborgs to new laws (this tool is very underused, it will take a while before someone understands that you made a new law rack) then when the Cyborgs start acting weird it will place the heat on the AI, to build one is very simple, ask one of your borgs to scan the one in the AI upload, then go to Mechanics and use the Ruckingenur Kit to make a new rack, then have the borgs steal the law module you want (preferably the freeform and onehuman) and put them in the rack in a secluded place, then slap the rack with the law linker to connect it to the rack.

Congratulations, you can now convert the cyborgs on the station to your personal army while spending 2 traitors points at best! (for the syndie cyborg frame to make him do this stuff) of course if you can, try to change even the main one or connect the AI to the new one you made, all of this however comes with the high chance of your borg being discovered, they CAN'T rat you out but having a borg behave wildly will alert security, and they may destroy it, if you can, try to recover the frame so you can make a new one.

Of course you don't need laws in the rack to make it work, however there is no guarantee that the borg will listen to you insead of murdering you on the spot.

Nanites are also a very powerful, if very obvious, weapon for they turn living creatures into Cyborgs, if they are players, or bots if they are NPC's, with a subverted AI or a EMAG this can lead to massive borging and chaos, the chef will happily help you with making Roboburger as long as you bring cyborg heads to them, you can then force-feed them to peoples or EMAG a hypospray and inject them in others, a sleepy pen is also useful and far more stealthy, but with the hypospray you have control over the dosage (remember to extract the nanites in the Pharmacy with the CheMaster 3000).

The Medbay

Access to the Medbay also means access to all of the injured peoples that get thrown inside peoples that can't fight back.

Since the medical department has a habit of being understaffed no one will suspect you if you start helping with the injured, and with helping we mean injecting them with as much poison as you can.

Capulettium is very useful in here, a sleepy pen to deploy it can do wonders, just inject it into someone and wait, when they fall scan them, react with stupor then drag them away, they think they are getting to medbay, in reality they are on a one way trip to the afterlife.

Combining this drug with the conversion chamber is the easiest way to rank up a massive body count, you won't be able to afford the pen or an EMAG that way though so injecting a person is rather tricky, of course using the pill trick is also a possibility but peoples will start to get wary of you if you keep offering them pills.

Another very nasty thing you can do is to infect them with diseases as a roboticist making roboburgers is very easy, for the chef won't get suspicious of you in that way, then simply start to infect everyone with robotic transformation, be careful though, it can be cured and the effects are quite obvious.

Finally the nastiest thing you can use, and the most destructive way to rank up a massive body count... KURU or more specifically Prions obtaining them isn't easy and the chef will very likely refuse to make them... unbeknownst to them however you don't need their help.

All you need is a Syindie borg with a engineering module and the Ruckingenur Kit, make them go to the chitchen and scan the oven and food processor, then have make them order some hydroponics tray from cargo then after deploying all of this swap their module with a civilian one and have them plant wheat in the trays with the seed dispenser, once it grows put it in the food processor and obtain flour then use on the sink to obtain a piece of dough.

After all of this is done just make some SICC in the roboticist fabricators and put them in the oven with the dough for 6 seconds at high temperature, now you have some deadly Cyber brainburgers the only thing left is to put all this stuff in a crate and bring them to the Reagent Extractor and extract the prions.

Now in your hand is the deadliest disease in the game, Space kuru this beast will paralyze someone in seconds and kill them in minutes, also it has the funny perk of being incurable meaning that once it is in it won't get out, can't become asymptomatic [requires confirmation], and if somehow it gets out it will manifest again sometime later, this means that you can use this as a very potent, but very obvious, assassination tool.

The best part is that you don't need to inject them personally, just fill a large backer with this, then open a medibot with your ID, insert the backer and have them inject 6 units of the stuff, (this is the minimum amount required to infect a person), then increase the health threshold as high as it goes, in that way they will inject everyone for the slightest bit of damage (you can also EMAG them if you want to make them inject the stuff to everyone regardless of health) now place the bot in the middle of Medbay or the main corridor preferably in a position where it can reach the injured before the doctors do.

For a while this will start to murder everyone it gets his hands on, the best part is that peoples will usually stop and let then medibot inject them because they think it is helping them, this will be their last mistake.

VERY IMPORTANT this strategy only works if you remove the cloning pod or can somehow avoid them from being scanned, if they get revived all of this is useless

A final note, you can use a sleepy pen or a hacked hypospray to inject this stuff inside others yourself, in this case however it is advised that you use it to take out high priority targets like security or the heads, you can also use the paralyzing effects to bring them away and convert them.

this is only a small amount of examples of stuff you can do, try to be creative and you can become a threat in no time.

P.S. it isn't true that you can't decide how much stuff the sleepy pen injects, just insert the amount you need to inject in the pen, for example use two becker's, one with the prions and one empty, then transfer 7 units of prions to the empty becker (you can have a borg take a mechanical dropper from science) then pour the 7 units in the pen and stab someone with it.