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The rules of the Goonstation servers are there to ensure an enjoyable and finely regulated RP experienggpffhfhahhahaha, okay, no. The rules are there so we can just weed out annoying fuckwits and other detriments to the server. The net effect of this is that the servers are more enjoyable for good players!

Not knowing the rules isn't an excuse for breaking 'em!

If you see someone breaking the rules, use the adminhelp command to send a private message to the admins & their IRC channel. A good adminhelp states the problem and the name of the offenders. If you are being murdered or griefed adminhelp it, and they will check it out. They won't confirm if a certain person is/isn't an antagonist. You can use adminhelp for rules clarifications too. Don't use adminhelp to beg for shit.

Please use mentorhelp for questions regarding game mechanics. In general, the admins trust those guys not to act on IC information. Bad mentors are not tolerated - by all means, do let us know if one of them has caused you trouble.

#1 Don't Grief

If you are not an antagonist, and you are injuring or killing innocent crew, bombing the station, uploading AI laws allowing the AI to murder people, and otherwise fucking shit up for other players without a good reason to be doing so is considered griefing. There is a line between griefing and permissible shenanigans, but it is subjective and up to the presiding admin to decide.

A confirmed enemy role is someone caught using syndicate gear, or with an unlocked traitor PDA, or an obvious changeling/wizard/nuke operative.

Chat spamming is obnoxious, don't do it.

#2 Don't Metagame

Metagaming includes:

  • Talking about IC/in-game events in OOC. Don't even hint at anything!
  • Grudging from past rounds
  • Using information gotten outside the game (like through IRC or private messages) inside the game
  • Multikeying - logging onto the same game twice with different BYOND keys
  • Rushing to the Wizard/Syndicate shuttle early in a round to figure out what game mode it is

#3 Don't be a Creep

Bigotry of any form isn't acceptable on the servers. There is no acceptable excuse for using homophobic, racist or sexist language. We don't care if you are gay, black, Latina/o, etc. in real life. D”on't use bigoted language, period. This also applies to names, including spoonerisms (e.g. "Digger Nick"). Creepiness is also unacceptable. This includes rape jokes, roleplaying sex, sexual harassment/assault or rape. If it involves your genitals, it doesn't belong here.

Don't import drama. What people do on the internet outside of SS13 is not the concern of any of us. We don't know, we don't care, we don't WANT to know. Harassing someone in-game, on the forums, or in IRC about things they do or say outside of it is terrible. If it didn't happen here, then it didn't happen as far as we're concerned.

Other prohibited stuff:

  • Anime smilies in chat ^_^
  • My Little Pony chat


Bad things for bad people

Warning: Simply being told to quit what you're doing in-game, either by direct PM or a "voice in your head". Ignoring this will lead straight to a harsher punishment.

Prison: Your character will be sent to a prison zone, where an admin should contact you shortly to interrogate you. This is just a holding area and not a punishment in and of itself - if you can satisfy the admin that you weren't being shit, you'll be returned to the station. If you ever get sent here and an explanation or interrogation doesn't occur after a few minutes, adminhelp it.

Death and/or Humiliation: Usually reserved for minor offences. Bemoaning your fate will only make things worse.

Job Ban: This will prevent you from playing as that job until your ban is lifted. You can also be job banned from roles such as Traitor, Wizard, etc.

Server Ban: Ban lengths can range up to permanent. You can appeal bans at the forums if you think it was in error or if you're going to acknowledge what you did wrong.


Finally, just some general pointers and advice on the rules and adminnery in general.

Hilarity Clause

If you make a transgression against the rules in a manner which is sufficiently entertaining or funny, you'll receive no punishment for your actions.

Seldom used these days. "Funny" is entirely relative and it is purely up to the admins to decide if you were funny enough or not - and we've seen many things a lot of times before. If you're going to shoot for this rule, be original or it won't end well for you.

Sploded Clause

If you have been a consistently terrible player for a long time, the admins can ban you purely based your history alone.

The enforcement of this rule generally requires several admins to be in agreement that you are utter shit and a hopeless detriment to the server to take effect. This is not something to be proud of.


Mindslaves are considered antagonists and thus free to cause mischief, but there are a few things to know. Firstly, they are required to follow their master's every order. However, mindslaves are exempt from this restriction if doing so would either violate the rules or established admin consensus. Examples:

  • You can't be forced to use bigoted language, participate in ERP, torture or some other creepy stuff. Should you receive an order to that effect, make sure to let us know in adminhelp.
  • You are not required to hand out secret chemistry recipes. Mixing e.g. initropidril for your master is an acceptable demand, but nobody is going to be grumpy if you refuse to tell them the recipe.

Secondly, the loyalty is bound to the implant. Generally speaking, you cease to be an antagonist if you somehow end up losing it:

  • Your regular implant runs out. The version used by spies doesn't have a timer, so this does not apply.
  • Your implant has been removed by surgery.
  • You have been cloned, i.e. your new body doesn't have the implant.

Likewise, the enslavement of vampire thralls ends with their death and does not carry over to clones.

What to do about Admin Bullshit

The Appeal Forum exists so that we can detect any badmin activity going on and put a stop to it before we start losing good players. If you think you were banned or otherwise punished with shitty reasoning (or if you think someone else's treatment was bullshit) then go to the Unban Appeals section for requesting your ban be overturned, or the Admin Complaints section for calling out any other bullshit.

Bear in mind that your definition of bullshit may vary wildly from that of others - your circumstances will be called as what they are! Also read the forum rules or you'll be subjected to a viciously ego-shattering drubbing. More specifically use the Ban Appeals template for ban appeals, and How to complain about an admin for the admin complaints template. Failure to use either of these templates in your threads may get you ostracized, or make your pleas of innocence fall on deaf ears. Also when arguing your case, try to be reasonable and if you did break a rule, don't try to weasel out of it by saying dumb things like "I didn't mean "harsh word against minorities" that way", or by denying everything. Admins have logs and they will call you out on your actions if necessary.