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New Chemicals

I'm of the understanding that, in addition to the new chemicals listed on the wiki page, there are two other new chemicals: Cyclopentanol and kerosene. The former, as far as I'm aware, exists and does nothing else in particular except as an ingredient to other stuff, while the latter has an ignition effect as well as one secret use that at least a few people probably know about. I'd like to see these added to the wiki page, though I'm not sure if the latter is supposed to be a secret recipe or not. --Baneofgiygas (talk) 15:54, 23 July 2015 (CDT)

Like you said, cyclopentanol has no properties whatsoever and is used for nothing but as an ingredient for kerosene. I'm against adding a separate entry that would be little more than clutter. Other entirely pointless chems such as space shark DNA or packing peanuts aren't listed for the same reason. Kerosine (or at least its recipe and special use) is considered a secret as far as I'm aware, and there's only one disclosable effect (the generic fireflash) that I could add to pyrotechnic chems. If you wish to post a recipe hint in the 'Secret Chems' section, feel free to do so. You might as well put the cyclopentanol recipe in the description too, as it's genuinely useless for anything else. --Convair880 (talk) 09:59, 24 July 2015 (CDT)


This one should probably have a hint; it doesn't seem to imply that it's on the status of QGP, so it should really have something that hints at what's involved in it. --Fox mccloud (talk) 1:55, 13 March 2019 (EST)


We could probably just add tabs to the location section rather than reproducing the whole page.--Noah Buttes (talk) 23:13, 7 May 2017 (GMT)

  • Yes I agree --Zewaka (talk) 23:57, 7 May 2017 (GMT)
  • Hmmm, that still doesn't look quite right. How exactly do we get the tabs either inside the location box or at least aligned with it?--Noah Buttes (talk) 00:03, 8 May 2017 (GMT)
  • I see two options here, and there might be more: - Studenterhue (talk) 00:09, 9 May 2017 (GMT)
1. Do what FTL13 Wiki does and move the thing to the body and make it slightly less ugly and misaligned.
2. Use <div> tags to align the tabs, which would require <div> on the location table too.
  • Now it's slightly off-center! It's better, but still mildly infuriating. --Noah Buttes (talk) 17:15, 17 May 2017 (GMT)

Hi all anybody mind if i add tabs to the recipe list to make it less ass?

Thanks! --Fosstarreagan (talk) 18:55, 26 May 2017 (GMT)

  • Why does it need tabs though? --Noah Buttes (talk) 15:50, 27 May 2017 (GMT)
  • actually nvm i suck at the wiki sorry ----

Hints Wanted

Based on a cursory survey, there are four secret chems that need hints and such added to the SECRET CHEMS section: -Studenterhue (talk) 04:31, 15 March 2018 (GMT)

  • Aconitum
  • Chlorine Azide
  • Reversium
  • Kerosene
  • Sarin
After much research, in the game, into the code, and on the Internet, I've narrowed done this hints-need list to aconitum. I've some theories, but finding the recipe (and I'm not sure if there is one, since it's not in the public release) will take a much longer while than the other four. If I cannot, I think it's possible to simply add a secret place to get it. - Studenterhue (talk) 07:16, 30 March 2018 (GMT)

Amanitin damage formula might be wrong(?)

It says damage dealt is based on elapsed cycles + rand(2,3). I tested a 50 unit amanitin pill on a monkey and with that formula it should equal to around ~125 toxin damage but the monkey had well over 250 or 300 I think it's actually meant to be elapsed cycles * rand(2,3) like the old one before it got changed here, but I don't have a way to tell with absolute certainty. Gerhazo (talk) 12:16, 12 February 2019 (GMT)

It is supposed to be different from the old one. Last year, the coders implepmented a patch that changed it to the formula you see now. That said, it's not unheard of for them to tweak or readjust values for whatever purposes.