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pope's suggestions for writing policy:

  • Consider a bored person who doesn't give a shit when writing. Like, you're absolutely going to end up with a big chunk of text, but it's worth sticking a summary at the beginning. I'm trying to get anything I'm working on to a state where the sections are "TL;DR", "Definitions", "Overview", "Specific use cases or exceptions or other weird shit", and "Conclusion" before presenting it as a thing to vote on.
  • i like to write early versions as outlines simply because it lets me dismantle the idea into its components and then look at each component and think of the weird interactions and edge cases they might run into. this is probably not great for finished versions, but it's a tool i use for the early stages
  • don't try to think of every possible use case or interaction. you'll drive yourself mad. start with broad strokes, modify those with a couple detail passes, and when you find yourself thinking 'well what about this scenario, which is so unlikely it'll happen maybe once or twice a decade, what do we do THEN' force yourself to drop it. this is policy, not computer programming, humans are significantly less likely to fall over and fart out magic smoke when they're fed stimulus they're not specifically programmed to handle. it's ok to have some slop.