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This page covers what is secret, for the purpose of Rule 8 - No spoilers.. Note that this is NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST. Even if it isn't explicitly listed here, use your best judgement if it feels like it might be secret - if still in doubt, ask an admin!

Categorically Secrets

These are explicitly defined to be secrets - usually the first and possibly only item to come to mind when somebody speaks of secret content.

  1. Adventure Zones - There are several z-levels outside of the station z. One of these is the adventure zone level, which consists mostly of locations visitable by either telescience or by the long-range teleporter. As a general rule of thumb, if it can't be seen on the Maps section of goonhub and it isn't in the mining field or trench, it's secret content. You are allowed to acknowledge their existence and name, but their contents is what's secret.
  2. Secret Chemicals - The chemistry page has the secret chemicals explicitly listed in their own section; their descriptions higher up on the page all list their recipe as Secret. The method of making these chemicals is secret.
  3. Unlisted Chemicals - By default, if a chemical is not found on the chemicals page, it is secret. It's entirely possible an oversight leaves a chemical off the page - if you find such, consult an admin as to whether it is intentionally left off or not.

Other Secrets

There are several individual secrets that can't be easily summed up like the above secrets-by-definition. Usually they consist of content which the creator requested to be considered secret. Again, the below is NOT an exhaustive list.

  1. Golden Emags - there is a way to make everybody's favourite hacking device, the electromagnetic card, golden (besides paint). This method is secret.