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if you want to leave me a message do so on my Talk page! This gives me that neato HEY GUY YOU HAVE MESSAGES popup that always pesters you when I leave stuff on your Talk page!

tia and One Love:

There were already two nuke disk pages. I deleted the one that wasn't linked to on the syndicate page and added it to the one that was, idiot. Perhaps you should pay attention to shit. -AdenAbrafo

Didn't even realize that I could do that. Thx. P.S. It's impossible to eat pee. -AdenAbrafo

thanks, shouldn't be too hard to implement it on other pages. can get rid of the "usage" and "cost" columns and just have description and notes for the few items that have notes worth posting. I can then change the template for items currently at the bottom of the syndicate items page to link to the new & improved pages.

only question is how to handle linking to items with multiple categories (i.e. optical thermals would go both on 'security items' and 'clothing' page) but its hardly a big deal. i'll probably work on this stuff over the next few days and hopefully someone will go back and fix all the mistakes I made in my DXM haze (when I checked my work today I noticed reference to a 'bowling shit' that gave me pause) -Mo Zi