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I hate Redlinks, so I made this page,

I am an on and off player of Space station 13 and a ton of other games, I also enjoy wiki editing.

Personal Goals

Figured I might as well use this space for something

Create Disco Inferno

Part Phlogiston, part Psilocybin, perferably with Silver Sulfide to keep the user from burning to death

Botanist can make some pretty cool drugs from mutant plants, all you need for this mix is Fungus, Commol, and Mutagen. Flaming Commol and Magic Mushrooms in the extracter make all the necessary regents. Sometimes the seeds will randomly mutate before you even get mutagen on them.

Somewhat accomplished, the drug produces the desired effect but further experiments are necessary to make it safe to consume

Borg the Entire Station

No idea how I am going to pull this off without being a traitor captain/HOP, Unless I manage to figure out Robotics well enough to Actually Borg people. My initial Idea was to spike the foods with nanomachines, but these things are hard to experiment with the only recipe requiring extracting from a roburger.

Nanomachines are incredibly potent, will be testing with <1 units in order to maximize supply. If I am borged Chemistry module is the best option for distribution, but can't manipulate pills or create more nanomachines.

End the round rich and alive

self explanatory