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Avack, sporadic contributor and long-time parasite.

Safe engine setups

These are engine setups intended to get comfortable but not impressive amounts of power with the minimum of both risk and maintenance. So far I know of setups like this only for Clarion and Destiny, but if I manage to get some sorted for the Cogmaps I'm thinking I might write them up as proper guides on the proper wiki for proper people.

Clarion safe engine guide.png

Destiny engine guide.png

Samedi Solars WIP

SMES Image Peak output Suggested
East Solars (Mining)
Image Here
 ??? 25 000 W 10 000 W (I never actually saw these produce any power but the SMES said it was charging at some point so????)
North Solars (Security Maint)
Image Here
~51 000 W 32 000 W 16 000 W Next in line after the east solars, the north solars are rather more productive.
West Solars (Medbay Maint)
Image Here
~43 500 W 32 000 W 16 000 W (what do I say about this it's basically just the same as the north solars)
South Solars (Research Maint)
Image Here
~63 000 W 40 000 W 30 000 W As the last solar SMES in the grid, giving it more aggressive settings gives it a lot of room to maneuver without draining it.