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!Addiction probability<br>(INGEST)
!Addiction probability<br>(INGEST)
!class="unsortable" | Notes
!class="unsortable" | Notes
|- id="????"
|????||N/A. [[Guide to Botany#Out of this World|Purple goop]] or [[Foods and Drinks#Snacks|???? (food) / smoldering mess]].||0.4||No||||INGEST - Food poisoning, stuns the consumer briefly.||||||
|- id="Beer"
|Beer||N/A. Find in [[Foods and Drinks#Beer|beer bottles (duh)]], obtain from alcohol dispensers, or [[Foods and Drinks#Still|distill from wheat]].||0.4||No||||INGEST & Below 280K - Heals 5 TOX damage || || || It only heals immediately after it's ingested, not when it's in your bloodstream, so an [[Medical Objects#Blood Bag|IV drip]] (which constantly supplies chems in small increments) of it is better than a pill (which supplies it all in one go).
|- id="Beepskybräu Security Schwarzbier"
|Beepskybräu Security Schwarzbier||[[#Beer|Beer]] + [[#Nanomachines|Nanomachines]]. [[Foods and Drinks#Still|Distill from roboburgers]]||0.4||No||Decays into 4 units of ethanol. <br> <br> IF IN A [[Vehicles|VEHICLE]]: Stun, victim is ejected from vehicle. Drunk driving is a crime, you know!|| || || || The "shock" you get from attempting drunk driving with this can cure [[Virus#Known viruses|certain diseases]] and damage [[Roboticist#HeartCyber|cyberhearts]]. The reason it doesn't burn you is because it's coming straight from your liver.
|- id="Beff"
|Beff||[[#Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil|Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil]] + [[#Meat Slurry|Meat Slurry]] + Plasma||0.4||No||8% chance of decaying into 0.8 units of either partially hydrogenated space-soybean oil/toxic slurry/synthflesh/changeling blood/corn syrup/porktonium. 5% chance of decaying into up to 3 units of cholesterol||||||||
|- id="Blood"
|Blood||N/A. Draw blood from somebody with a syringe or [[Medical Objects#Blood Bag|IV drip]].||0.4||No||See [[#Stable Mutagen|stable mutagen]].||5+ UNITS: Creates slippery blood stains when applied to floor tiles.<br><br>INGEST - Provides nourishment for [[vampire]]s.||If plant is [[Syndicate Items#Strange Seed|man-eater]]: +3 GROWTH||||[[Changeling]] blood reacts to heat (324 K), which can be used to identify them.
|- id="Bread"
|Bread||N/A. Use a [[Foods and Drinks#Loaf of Bread|loaf or slice of bread]] (any type) on a beaker.||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Creates bread slices when applied to floor tiles.||||||
|- id="Caledonium"
|Caledonium||N/A. Extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Haggis|haggis]].||0.4||No||Grants the "Scottish accent" mutation for exactly three minutes, giving you the peculiar vocabulary and accent of tartan-wearing highlanders. Effect is not cumulative.||TOUCH / INGEST - Same effect.||||||Basically a [[Traits|Scots]] trait you can turn on and off. Even the smallest doses will give you the accent for three minutes, so you only need a little bit at a time to get your accent back.
|- id="Carbon Tetrachloride"
|Carbon Tetrachloride<br>(Firefighting Foam)||Carbon + Sulfur + Chlorine||0.4||No||See [[Chemistry#Pyrotechnic Chems|CLF3]].||TOUCH - Reduces the BURNING var when splashed onto people, objects or turfs that are on fire.||||||
|- id="Carpet"
|Carpet||[[#Space Fungus|Space Fungus]] + [[#Blood|Blood]]||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Creates a dirty carpet when applied to floor tiles.||||||
|- id="Catonium"
|Catonium||N/A. Extract from [[Guide to Botany#Catnip|Catnip/Nepeta cataria]]||0.4||No|||| || || ||A [[#Cat Drugs|cat drugs]] precursor that makes cats purr, roll about, and do weird cat things.
|- id="Cheese"
|Cheese ||[[#Milk|Milk]] + [[#Vomit|Vomit]]. Extract from [[Food#Cheese Sandwich|cheese sandwiches]] made with [[Food#Loaf of Dread|spooky bread]].||0.4||No||3% chance to create 1-2 units of [[#Cholesterol|cholesterol]].||5+ UNITS: Creates a slice of [[Food#Cheese|cheese]] when applied on the floor.||||||Fun to mix with [[#Smoke Powder|smoke powder]] and a great way to replenish the kitchen's cheese stocks.
|- id="Cheese Substitute"
|Cheese Substitute||N/A. Extract from magical jelly beans and certain Discount Dan's burritos.||0.4||No||OVERDOSE (50) - 8% chance of 1 to 2 TOX damage.||||||10%||
|- id="Chocolate"
|Chocolate||N/A. Extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Ice Cream|Chocolate ice-cream]], [[Foods and Drinks#Chocolate-Chip Cookie|chocolate chip cookies]], [[Foods and Drinks#Happy Elf Hot Chocolate|chocolaty drinks]], [[Foods and Drinks#Hetz Cup|Hetz Cups]], and chocolate bars. ||0.4||No||Raises body temperature very slightly. Decays into 0.8 units of sugar. Removes any [[#Freeze|Freeze]].||3+ UNITS: Creates a chocolate bar on the floor. Grody.|||||||
|- id="Colorful Reagent"
|Colorful Reagent||Plasma + Radium + [[#Space Drugs|Space Drugs]] + [[#Cryoxadone|Cryoxadone]] + [[#Triple Citrus|Triple Citrus]] + [[#Stabilizing Agent|Stabilizing Agent]]||0.4||No||||INGEST - Changes your blood to a random colour.<br><br>TOUCH - Paints almost everything it touches with a random colour.||||||Foaming or smoking this can be fun.
|- id="Congealed Gnesis"
|Congealed Gnesis||N/A. Use a beaker or similar on puddles of teal fluid or weird stringy fibers. OR eat a [[Foods and Drinks#Flockburger|flockburger]] and [[Medical Objects#Syringe|extract]] your blood.||0||No||Converts your blood into more congealed gnesis, at 2 units converted to 2 units of gnesis per second.<br><br>200+ UNITS: Chance of gibbing [[Flockmind#AI Flockdrones|AI (i.e. noncontrollable) flockdrone]], virtually guaranteed at 300 units. ||ON TURF: Creates either a scrap of [[Guide to Mining#Gnesis|gnesis]] or shard of [[Guide to Mining#Gnesis|transparent gnesis]]<br><br>TOUCH: Paints item into a rather dark shade of teal, adds "teal-stained" if possible. <br><Br>INGEST: Amusing message about the gnesis tasting like children's modeling clay.||||||It eats your blood from the inside out, like an unholy crossbreed of grey goo and vampires. To delay such a cruel and unusual fate, refill your blood with [[Medical Objects#Blood Bag|packs]] or [[#Filgrastim|filgrastim]], [[#Saline-Glucose Solution|saline]], and other blood-restoring chems. To avoid it, take some [[#Calomel|calomel]] to flush it out faster than it can convert it.
|- id="Corn Starch"
|Corn Starch||N/A. Extract from [[Guide to Botany#Corn|corn]] and [[Foods and Drinks#Bee Kibble|bee kibble]]. ||0.4||No||||||||||Corn-related precursor.
|- id="Corn Syrup"
|Corn Syrup||[[#Corn Starch|Corn Starch]] + [[#Sulfuric Acid|Sulfuric Acid]] @ 374 K||0.4||No||Decays into 1.2 units of sugar.||||||||A sufficiently high dose can easily lead to [[Doctoring#Hyperglycaemic shock|hyperglycaemic shock]].
|- id="Denatured Enzyme"
|Denatured Enzyme||Booster Enzyme @ 424 K OR Extract from certain [[Foods and Drinks#Snacks|Discount Dan's products]]||0.4||No|| || || || ||An otherwise completely useless chem that's a precursor to many other chems, secret and non-secret.
|- id="Diluted Fliptonium"
|Diluted Fliptonium||[[#Fliptonium|Fliptonium]] + Water||0.1||No||Makes you flip off nearby people.<br><br>OVERDOSE (30) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.||||||5%||
|- id="Ectoplasm"
|Ectoplasm||N/A. Extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Ectoplasm|ectoplasm globs]] and [[Foods#Loaf of Dread|spooky]] [[Foods#Toast|scary]] [[Foods#Cheese Sandwich|sa]][[Foods#Meat Sandwich|nd]][[Foods#Peanut Butter Sandwich|wic]][[Foods#Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich|hes]] [[Foods#Toast|and]] [[Foods#Spookie|baked]] [[Foods#Full Moon Pie|goods]]. Obtain from [[Foods#Spooky Dan's|Spooky Dan's Horrotastic Cola]].||0.4||No||Ominous but ultimately harmless sensations of something that isn't there, i.e. the heebie-jeebies.||10+ UNITS: Creates a [[Foods#Ectoplasm|surprisingly edible blob of ectoplasm]].||||||As a blob, it's surprisingly malleable when [[Ore Processing#So fucking metal!|processed]].
|- id="Egg"
|Egg||N/A. [[Guide to Botany#Free-range Egg-Plant|Eggplant mutation]] or use an egg on a drinking glass.||0.4||No||8% chance of farting, 3% of decaying into up to 2 units of cholesterol.||||||||
|- id="Essence of Elvis"
|Essence of Elvis||N/A. Extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Ingredient Processing|foods containing Elvis bread]].||0.4||No||Grants the [[Guide to Genetics#Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-E|Elvis's accent]] for exactly three minutes. Effect is not cumulative.||TOUCH / INGEST - Same effect.||||||Elvis lives through the power of chemistry! The best part is that you only need a little bit of Elvis each time you want to extend the duration, since even the smallest of doses grant Elvis's accent for three minutes. 
|- id="Expresso"
|Expresso||(3) [[#Neurotoxin|Neurotoxin]] + (1) [[Foods and Drinks#Espresso Machine|Espresso]]||0.4||No||+2 BRAIN damage||||||5?%||The dimwitted cousin of espresso. Grammar is not exactly its strong suit, but inflicting [[Doctoring#Brain|brain damage]] is.
|- id="Fartonium"
|Fartonium||[[#Refried Beans|Refried Beans]] + [[#Egg|Egg]] + [[#????|????]] + [[#Cheese Substitute|Cheese Substitute]] or extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Assburger|assburgers]]||0.4||No||66% chance of farting.<br><br>If simethicone is present: funny text messages, 5-25% chances of up to +4 BRUTE||||||||Non-stop farty party.
|- id="Flaptonium"
|Flaptonium||[[#Egg|Egg]] + [[#Colorful Reagent|Colorful Reagent]] + [[#Chicken Soup|Chicken Soup]] + [[#Strange Reagent|Strange Reagent]] + [[#Blood|Blood]] @ 374 K||N/A||N/A|||||||||||Makes a parrot upon synthesis, similar to life. Squawk!
|- id="Fliptonium"
|Fliptonium||[[Foods and Drinks#Dispenser|Gin and Sonic]] + [[#Liquid Dark Matter|Liquid Dark Matter]] + [[#Chocolate|Chocolate]] + [[#Ephedrine|Ephedrine]]||0.2||No||1.5x stun reduction, slight stamina regeneration buff. Spins your mob constantly. Causes jitteriness, reduces drowsiness.<br><br>OVERDOSE (15) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be confused movement, stuns, drop items hold in either hand, jitteriness||||||10%||
|- id="Foamed Metal"
|Foamed Metal||[[#Fluorosurfactant|Fluorosurfactant]] + [[#Sulfuric Acid|Sulfuric Acid]] + (Aluminium or Iron)||N/A||N/A||||||||||Reacts immediately upon mixing. After a short delay, the foam will turn into weak metal walls (and floors, if there isn't one on the tile), which can be destroyed with a few whacks of a blunt object.<br><br>A silly chem that can be as helpful or as harmful as you want it to be, you can either plug up holes in the station or inconvenience people with huge metal obstructions. Unlike other foams, this one can't be slipped on (since it doesn't use water).
|- id="Green Vomit"
|Green vomit||N/A. Extract from Pro Puffs cigarettes. Collect from green vomit piles.||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Creates a slippery glob of green vomit. Grody.||||||When you collect this from a green vomit pile, anyone who sees you may vomit from sheer disgust. Green vomit piles often result from ingesting [[#Toxic Slurry|toxic slurry]], and they can be found in a few disgustingly ill-kept places and occasionally around a [[Syndicate Items#Port-a-Puke|Port-a-Puke]]. 
|- id="Holy Water"
|Holy Water||Water + Wine + Mercury or [[Guide to Botany#Garlic|garlic]].||0.4||No||||Temporarily creates a slippery surface when applied to floor tiles.<br><br>TOUCH - Reduces the BURNING var when splashed onto people, objects or turfs that are on fire. -10 BRAIN, 1% chance of curing diseases.<br><br>TOUCH/INGEST - If target is [[vampire]]: +1.25 BURN and -1.25 blood per unit applied.||||||Will be displayed as simply "water" in the chem dispenser and reagent scanner.
|- id="Honkfartium"
|Honkfartium||[[#Fartonium|Fartonium]] + [[#Simethicone|Simethicone]] @ 374 K||0.4||No||Changes your fart sounds into honking noises.||||||||Farty party clown style.
|- id="Luminol"
|Luminol||Oxygen + Hydrogen + Nitrogen + Carbon||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Shows blood stains that might have been removed.||||||Highly useful for [[Detective]]s!
|- id="Ice"
|Ice||Water @ 273 K||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Creates a solid, non-slippery chunk of ice when applied to floor tiles.||||||The frozen state of water. The reagent turns to water when brought to a temperature higher than 0° C.
|- id="Life"
|Life||[[#Strange Reagent|Strange Reagent]] + [[#Synthflesh|Synthflesh]] + [[#Blood|Blood]] @ 374 K||N/A||N/A||||||||||Creates a random [[critter|NPC]] immediately upon synthesis for you to play with. Be careful though, not all of them are friendly! Note that you have to get the reagent numbers exactly right, otherwise you'll just produce a critter or meat cube.<br><br>'''Note:''' Spamming this in a public area as a non-antag isn't advised, as you could end up with a bunch of the violent mobs that will attack the crew.
|- id="Meat Slurry"
|Meat Slurry||[[#Corn Starch|Corn Starch]] + [[#Blood|Blood]]||0.4||No||4% chance of decaying into up to 3 units of cholesterol.||5+ UNITS: 10% chance of creating slippery gibs when applied to floor tiles.||||||
|- id="Magnesium Chloride"
|- id="Magnesium Chloride"
|Magnesium Chloride||Magnesium (1) + [[#Hydrochloric Acid|Hydrochloric Acid]] (2)||0.4||No||Precursor to magnesium-ammonium chloride or something||||||||
|Magnesium Chloride||Magnesium (1) + [[#Hydrochloric Acid|Hydrochloric Acid]] (2)||0.4||No||Precursor to magnesium-ammonium chloride or something||||||||
|- id="Magnesium-Ammonium Chloride"
|- id="Magnesium-Ammonium Chloride"
|Magnesium-Ammonium Chloride||[[#Magnesium Chloride|Magnesium Chloride]] + [[#Ammonia|Ammonia]] @ 273.15 K||0.4||No||Makes large amounts of ammonia when heated to 423 K||||||||
|Magnesium-Ammonium Chloride||[[#Magnesium Chloride|Magnesium Chloride]] + [[#Ammonia|Ammonia]] @ 273.15 K||0.4||No||Makes large amounts of ammonia when heated to 423 K||||||||
|- id="Milk"
|Milk||N/A. Found in, well, [[Food#Milk|milk bottles]], [[Food#Quilty Farms Milk|milk jugs]], and certain Discount Dan's products.||0.4||No||If total TOX damage is less than 25: Heals 1 TOX damage. <br><br>Removes [[#caspicin|caspicin]] 5 units at time. Removes all [[#Dragon's Breath|Dragon's Breath]] and [[#Ghost Chili Juice|Ghost Chili Juice]], completely consuming the milk.||||||||
|- id="Mint"
|Mint||N/A. Extract from [[Guide to Botany#Mint|mint]].||0.4||No||Attempts to lower body temp to 0° C in 5 degree increments.||||||||An essential ingredient in [[Foods and Drinks#Dispenser|mint-based cocktails]].
|- id="Monosodium Glutamate"
|Monosodium glutamate (MSG)||N/A. Extract from most [[Foods and Drinks#Snacks|Discount Dan's products]]||0.2||No||BLOOD TYPE NOT A+: 10% chance of 2-4 TOX damage, 7% chance of short- to medium-duration stun<br><br>BLOOD TYPE A+: Same as above, but much less often.||INGEST: Messages about food tasting amazing.||||||The secret of Discount Dan's: migraine-inducing salt that discriminates by blood type!
|- id="Moonshine"
|Moonshine||N/A. Find in [[Syndicate Items#Moonshine|jugs of syndie moonshine]].||0.4||No||Decays into 10 units of [[#Ethanol|ethanol]].||INGEST & IF [[Traitor]]: Gives 10 units of [[#Omnizine|omnizine]].||||||Potent brew that heals traitors and makes nontraitors absolutely smashed. Beware of omnizine overdose.
|- id="Paper"
|Paper||N/A. Use a [[General Objects#Paper|sheet of paper]] on a beaker.||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Creates ripped up paper when applied to floor tiles.||||||
|- id="Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil"
|Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil||[[#Space-Soybean Oil|Space-Soybean Oil]] + Hydrogen @ 524 K OR Extract from Discount Dan's [[Foods#Descuento Danito's Burritos|burritos]], [[Foods#Discount Dan's Quik-Noodles|noodles]], [[Foods#Hungry Dan's TV Dinner|TV dinners]], and [[Foods and Drinks#Little Danny's Snack Cake|snack cakes]]||0.2 (75+ UNITS: 0.4)||No||15% chance of decaying into up to 3 units of cholesterol, 8% chance of decaying into 5 units of porktonium.<br><br>OVERDOSE (75) - 10% chance of +5 OXY, 5% of +25 OXY and a medium-duration stun||||||||Potentially, a sufficiently large dose of soybean oil could be used as a delayed stealth poison if the RNG cooperates.
|- id="Pepperoni"
|Pepperoni||[[#Saltpetre|Saltpetre]] + [[#Beff|Beff]] + [[#Synthflesh|Synthflesh]]. Extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Pepperoni Log|pepperoni logs]] and [[Foods#Pepperoni Slice|slices]]||0.4||No||||TOUCH - Funny text messages, 50% chance of +1 BRUTE (blocked by headgear).||||||
|- id="Refried Beans"
|Refried Beans||N/A. Extract from certain Discount Dan's products.||0.4||No||||10% chance to *fart.|| || ||
|- id="Reversium"
|Reversium||Secret!||0.4||No||Grants the 'reversed speech' mutation for 3 min (not cumulative), making you say everything backwards.||TOUCH / INGEST - Same effect.||||||Harmless fun. The duration can't be extended by having excess reversium in your bloodstream, so you only need to consume a tiny quantity every three minutes.
|- id="Sewage"
|Sewage|| N/A. Put Discount Dan's burritos in a [[Foods and Drinks#Still|still.]] || 0.4 || No || 7% chance of 1 TOX damage. || TOUCH/INGEST - Makes you vomit. Blarrgh.|| ||  || Of course it makes you vomit. What else were you expecting?
|- id="Silicate"
|Silicate||Silicon + Oxygen + Aluminium||0.4||No||||Reinforces windows up to a maximum durability of 500. Every application makes the window twice as strong.||||||A standard reinforced window has about 80 durability.
|- id="Space Fungus"
|Space Fungus||N/A. Fungi from [[Guide to Botany#Space Fungus|botany]] or patches growing on walls.||0.4||No||||INGEST - 50% chance of contracting [[Virus#Food Poisoning|food poisoning]], 10% of up to 5 units of toxin (reagent).||Up to +3 ENDURANCE||||Space fungus is acquired by scraping it off walls with your beaker. It mostly grows in maintenance tunnels, so you might need to request appropriate access to get at it.
|- id="Space Lube"
|Space Lube||Silicon + Oxygen + Water||0.4||No||Temporarily crates a very slippery surface when applied to floor tiles.||||||||Causes people to slip and fall regardless of running or walking. Deals no damage to people who slip, the damaging version can be made by adding helium.
|- id="Organic Superlubricant"
|Organic Superlubricant||Space Lube + Helium||0.4||No||Temporarily crates an extremely slippery surface when applied to floor tiles.||||||||Causes people to slip and fall regardless of running or walking. Deals BRUTE damage to people who slip.
|- id="Space-Soybean Oil"
|Space-Soybean Oil|| N/A. Extract from [[Guide to Botany#Soybean|soybeans]] and Discount Dan's [[Foods#Descuento Danito's Burritos|burritos]], [[Foods#Discount Dan's Quik-Noodles|noodles]], [[Foods#Hungry Dan's TV Dinner|TV dinners]], and [[Foods and Drinks#Little Danny's Snack Cake|snack cakes]]||0.4||No||||8% chance to decay into 5 units of porktonium, separate 10% chance to decay into 1-3 units of cholesterol||||||
|- id="Strange Green Goop"
|Strange green goop|| N/A. Extract from ProPuff cigarettes, decays from [[Foods and Drinks#Ecto Cooler|Ecto Cooler]]. || 0.8||No||Let's you see [[Ghost|GHOSTS!]]|| || || ||
|- id="Swedium"
|Swedium|| N/A. Extract from [[Foods and Drinks#Swedish Meatballs|swedish meatballs]].||0.4||No||Grants the [[Guide to Genetics#Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-B|Swedish accent mutation]] for three minutes at any dose level.||TOUCH/INGEST - Same effect.|| || || As with reversium, the duration can't be extended by having excess swedium in your bloodstream.
|- id="Urine"
|Urine||N/A. Fill your stomach with water, then use the ''*piss'' emote or pee in a drinking glass or beaker.||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Temporarily creates slippery puddles of urine when applied to floor tiles.||||||
|- id="Very-High-Fructose Corn Syrup"
|Very-High-Fructose Corn Syrup (VHFCS)||[[#Corn Syrup|Corn Syrup]] + [[#Denatured Enzyme|Denatured Enzyme]] (enzyme is not consumed). OR Find inside [[Foods and Drinks#Drinks|any soda that isn't Grones or Orange-Aid]]||0.4||No||Decays into 2.4 units of sugar.||||||||A more potent form of corn syrup that can more easily induce [[Doctoring#Hyperglycaemic shock|hyperglycaemic shock]].
|- id="Vomit"
|Vomit||N/A. Get drunk and puke all over the floor. OR ingest [[#sewage|sewage]] or space ipecac.||0.4||No||||5+ UNITS: Creates slippery pools of vomit when applied to floor tiles.||||||There's also a green variant of vomit, which can be scooped in a beaker to make others vomit.
|- id="Weird Cheese"
|Weird Cheese||[[#Milk|Milk]] + [[#Green Vomit|Green Vomit]]. Extract from [[Foods#Weird Cheese|weird cheese]].||0.4||No||5% chance of adding 1-3 units of [[#Cholesterol|cholesterol]].||5+ UNITS: Creates a slice of [[Foods#Weird Cheese|weird cheese]] when applied to floor tiles.||||5%||Essentially the SS13 version of Limburger and other stinky cheeses. Fun to make [[#Smoke Powder|chemsmoke]] with.

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A section for the stranger chems in the game that are hard to classify anywhere else.

Reagent Recipe Depletion rate Penetrates skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Addiction probability
Magnesium Chloride Magnesium (1) + Hydrochloric Acid (2) 0.4 No Precursor to magnesium-ammonium chloride or something
Magnesium-Ammonium Chloride Magnesium Chloride + Ammonia @ 273.15 K 0.4 No Makes large amounts of ammonia when heated to 423 K