Zeta Research Station

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Zeta Research Station




Research Director, Scientist

Zeta Research Station is the asylum's science-themed floating metal deathtrap, situated a good distance east of the Shuttle Bay and Cargo and accessible via a shuttle that docks on the west end of the Shuttle Bay. It's sort a mini-asylum for the Research Director and their posse of Scientists (in-fact, it's outfitted from a old prison ship dock), except the halls actually end somewhere, so very few people ever actually go mad from simply wandering these halls. Unfortunately, there's pretty of other things that would drive most people insane. Like:

Yet, in the middle of it all, the scientists sleep happy. Their dormitory/breakroom/"observatory" is smack-dab is middle of all this reality-breaking corruption, and the Research Director even keeps their pet space bee Heisenbee here, happily oblivious and ignorant.

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