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in this page: stud enter the hue proves they can't spell "torpedoes"
The Torpedo Bay, standing vigilantly in the north right of the Bridge. Heads of staff only!
Its twin sister left of the Bridge.

Manta's replacement for Plasma Research. Instead of a bomb-making area that's ostensibly for studying plasma, you have rooms that have actual bombs/missiles with Possibly Legitimate [Citation Needed] uses. Hooray!

Operating the Torpedo Tubes

sprites for objects mentioned Soon(TM)
note to self: test if clicking on other parts of the tube also pulls out the tray
also get an actual image of the targeting area jesus christ
  1. Click on the torpedo tube to open it up and pull out the torpedo tube tray. Make sure there's nothing blocking it.
  2. Click-drag the sprite of whatever you want to load onto the torpedo tube tray sprite.
  3. Click on the torpedo tube to close it.
  4. Go to the torpedo console. You should see a targeting reticule. Some pointers:
    • Unless you're launching a high explosive torpedo, the projectile launched cannot go through solid objects.
    • Torpedoes move on their own accord, so you only need to aim where the torpedo needs to go. Meanwhile, other objects will land exactly on the square you aimed at, though they can still be pulled away by ocean currents if the ship is moving. In other words, the torpedo tube is not a mass driver.
    • The actual area where you can aim at is somewhat limited. You get a 3-tile wide horizontal line a couple tiles in front of the tube, then a 5-tile line above it, then a 7-tile one, etc., ending with an 11-tile wide, and the entire thing extends about 14 tiles; the whole shape is basically a parabolic shell. Essentially, you can't really see anything beyond the Clown Ship.
    • You can press Q or E to exit the console, as the game tells you.
  5. To fire at where you're aiming, press the Spacebar. Ideally, you should have permission from the Head of Security, Head of Personnel, or Captain before doing this.

What can be launched from the torpedo tubes?


Each torpedo starts off on its own rather adorable special tray, which you can pull to move it around. If you need to take it off the tray, simply click-drag it onto the tile of interest. When a torpedo is off the tray, it cannot be pulled or pushed.

With the exception of high explosive torpedoes, all torpedoes will fly off in the direction they were going until they hit something solid (i.e. a wall or a person), after which they will explode. In other words, All torpedoes explode upon contact, save for high explosive torpedoes, which explode based on distance.

Torpedoes can be set off if you hit them with enough blunt force, generally in the range of five extinguisher wacks (i.e. 50 "health"). After this percussive priming the torpedo will then fly off in the direction it was facing. Hopefully, you are smart enough not to stand facing its tip when you do this.

  • Incendiary torpedoes - Creates a blazing blue, screen-wide fireball upon hitting something.
  • Explosive torpedoes - Simply explodes, releasing shrapnel. Damage is on par with a weak TTV; everything within a roughly 3 tile radius (i.e. a 5x5 square) is utterly obliterated, and anything a good distance beyond that is heavily damaged.
  • High explosive torpedoes - Can pass through walls, windows, and other solid impassible objects. If it goes far enough without encountering anything, it explodes with fives times the power of a standard explosive torpedo.
  • Toxic torpedoes - Upon contact with, creates a screen-wide, persistent cloud of sarin, a deadly nerve gas that stuns and inflicts multiple damage types. The cloud cannot penetrate through walls and windows, and unlike the sarin grenade, concentration is high enough that even brief exposure has adverse effects.

Other Things

  • Coffins CoffinNew.png CoffinFancy.png - Because the torpedo tubes wouldn't be any good if you couldn't perform burial at sea with them. That said, the coffin is arguably unnecessary because...
  • People Jobclown.png - can insert people, living or dead, onto the tubes. If you open the tube while someone's in front of it and then close it, they'll go in. Similarly, you can also click-drag people onto the tray or click on someone with Grab intent and then click on the tray to shove them onto it. Launching does not in of itself harm them.
Sprites for torpedos Coming Soon (tm)

Supplementary Video

thinking of the part in Tomorrow Never Dies (?) where James Bond gets launched out of a torpedo