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*Heisenbee did nothing wrong.
*Heisenbee did nothing wrong.
*The year is 2053. You are in the Frontier, a star system far from home.

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Rp primer stuff

the idea is for this to be a hotlinked page when u join the rp server

please edit this with things you think would be a good idea for people to know

cultural stuff, roleplay attitudes, generally accepted lore, etc

Roleplaying Tips

When we speak of roleplaying, especially in an impermanent, round-based game like this, what we're really talking about is improvisation. That's right, we're doing improv! Nobody is expected to create detailed, realistic characters with deep, intricate backstories and well refined personalities. Anyone who does take the time to craft characters like this is totally awesome, but it is not a requirement to play or enjoy the game. What we do expect, however, is for players to communicate and react to each other in interesting ways. Ultimately, what separates roleplaying from other forms of play is the way in which players primarily interact through improvised communication and reactions. The following tips will help you interact with players in fun and interesting ways and encourage others around you to do the same!

1. Accept Information! The things you see and hear are actually happening! This is at the core of roleplaying and the easiest way to get into the perfect state of mind.

  • You see a corpse, it's not just a blob of pixels, it's someone who used to be alive!
  • You hear someone shouting about a vampire on the station, it's not just someone joking around, there's a real vampire somewhere!

Acceptance of information is what helps contribute to suspension of disbelief. This may be a goofy game, but we're also telling a story together!

2. React! Now that you've accepted this information as real, it's time to react! Almost any reaction that doesn't flat out deny the information will do. The important thing is to let others know that you're reacting. One of the pitfalls of roleplaying is getting caught in the "what would my character do?" loop. More often than not you'll be playing as a human. Just say or do what you would do!

  • You've just seen a corpse! How do you react? Call security! Or shout "oh my god, someone killed the clown again!"
  • You've just heard someone shouting about vampires! How do you react? Cry out "I always knew they were real!" Or say "Where's the Chaplain when you need him!"

Reactions give everyone permission to react themselves, and this is how conversation and interesting scenarios come about!

3. Add! Now that you've reacted to information, it's time to add to it! Sometimes this will be as simple as asking a question or performing an action that pushes your the "story" forward. This is also a great place to start exaggerating!

  • You've just reacted to finding a corpse! How do you add? You ask "Who could have done such a thing Officer! We have to find the killer!" Or you say "Officer, if this clown is cloned I'm going to be their personal bodyguard to make sure this doesn't happen again!"
  • You've just reacted to hearing about Vampires! How do you add? You say "Vampires should be given a chance to integrate into society!" Or you say "Well, if there's no Chaplain, we'll have to ordain one of the Officers!"

Adding to the situation gives everyone more information to react to and helps push the story in interesting directions!

4. Don't deny! The worst thing you can do is deny information! There will be cases where someone is being deliberately problematic and it's up to you to judge this (or ahelp it), but generally speaking to shut someone or something down is a missed opportunity and can suck the fun out of interaction.

  • You find a corpse. You silently drag it to medbay and go back to doing your job. You don't ask for help, you don't make the situation known. A missed opportunity.
  • Someone shouts about a vampire. You say "Shut up and let the Chaplain deal with it". Or you silently steal holy water from the chapel to protect yourself. Total shut down.

Good roleplaying and interaction comes when you play along with people and communicate! Don't deny or shut others down!

Remember that we're all playing this game together to have fun! As long as you make an effort to communicate and react with other people, you'll encourage others to do the same and everyone will have a good time!

Specific Roleplay Guidelines

  • todo: add this whole section

Specific in-universe lore primers

  • Nanotrasen wants you to protect against forest fires
  • Heisenbee did nothing wrong.
  • The year is 2053. You are in the Frontier, a star system far from home.

Common terms that may or may not have been explained to you yet?

  • SSD - Space Sleep Disorder is a type of narcolepsy used in character to describe what happens when a player disconnects without using cryosleep and their character is left standing there. Mostly referred to as "braindead".
  • Patho - Pathogens research
  • Toxins - Usually refers to the gas storage for Engineering. Depending on context, could also refer to the gas storage near the Science department.
  • Hellburn - A common way for enterprising Engineers to render significant parts of the station uninhabitable, in exchange for physics and universe defying amounts of power. Rare is the hellburn that DOESN'T turn engineering/mechanics/cargo/mining into a hellscape.
  • Biblefart - Fairly self explanitory, but usually has hilarious results.