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Welcome to the future.

The other OS that exists in SS13. Different from DWAINE, and easier to use, but still not great. Operates most command-line computers outside of the Research Wing. Understanding ThinkDOS is helpful for knowing how to call the escape shuttle.

Logging In

Use the computer to bring up the prompt, then with your ID in your active hand, click on the slot next to "Card:" Then, type login.


Important Commands

cd Changes directory. cd / will return to the root directory.
dir Displays contents of current directory.
drive [hd0, fd0, sd0] Switches between hard drive, floppy disk, or secondary floppy disk (if available).
copy & paste Copies a file. ThinkDOS can only store one file in its buffer at a time.
delete or del Deletes a file.

Other Commands

rename Renames a file.
cls Clears the screen.
title Renames the current drive.
root Sets working directory to root of current drive.
user Displays user account data.
makedir Makes a new directory.
read Shows contents of a txt file.
print Prints a file if a printer module is available.
run Runs a file.
time Displays system time.

Important Programs


View and Edit Criminal Records. Useful if you want Beepsky to ruin someone's day. To send Beepsky on the hunt, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Insert a Security ID and type login.
  2. Type run secmate or just secmate if you're feeling particularly lazy.
  3. Type 1 to view all the Security Records. A list of records will appear.
  4. Locate your target's record, and then type the number next to the name of the person you want to screw over.
  5. Type 6 to modify their criminal status.
  6. Type 1 to set their criminal status to Arrest (on sight).
  7. (Optional) Type either 6 or 9 and enter some sort of crime to set their specific charges. All crimes are equal to Beespky and the other Securitrons, so go wild!

To set someone off of arrest, just do the above steps, but instead of typing 1 for Step 6, type a number between 2 and 5. It doesn't really matter which one you choose, but 4 (Parolled) and 5 (Released) are usually the most appropriate. Handy for pardoning Jailbirds and reseting the Securitrons on a rogue-AI-induced rampage.

If all this DOS mumbo-jumbo is too much for you to handle, know that the Securiton 9000 can do it all for you, though it can't set people to arrest.


For calling and recalling the Emergency shuttle. To call the shuttle, insert a Head ID and type the following commands:

  1. Login
  2. ComMaster
  3. link
  4. call

Then add whatever you'd like for the "nature of your emergency" bit. Go nuts!

To recall, do the same but replace "call" with "recall". If it didn't work, then the computer's connection to the comm dish has likely been severed. Recalling will also fail if the shuttle is less than 2 minutes away. If the first dish is disconnected, you can try to transmit using the other dish by linking up to it. For more detail, including the staggering number of ways this simple process can go wrong, please refer to Calling the Escape Shuttle.


View and edit medical records. Also has a function to read up on diseases (currently not implemented). Surprisingly easy to use for a ThinkDOS program, but nobody bothers anyway - the only useful data here is DNA and fingerprints, and the Detective gets his own computer with software to analyze those.

Available on Medical Computers.


A not entirely terrible mail program, available on the Personal Computers distributed about the station. You start the shift having received a few e-mails. Hunting down the other staff members' addresses is left as an exercise for the reader.


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Describe how to print something with WizWrite

A primitive line by line text editor. Useful if you want to spam your seditious materials everywhere and can't be bothered to find a pen and paper.

Setting up a ThinkDOS Computer

First, build a heavy computer. For most functions, you will want to build it on top of a data terminal. Put in a ThinkDOS disk and login to begin using the computer. If you want use other disks, you'll have to copy ThinkDOS to your hard drive. Simply type copy ThinkDOS, drive hd0, and paste ThinkDOS. If you take out the disk and restart, the computer will boot from its hard drive now. Insert a SecMaster, COMMaster, or whatever disk to start working with that software.

Higher Functions

Do you like to wear a fedora and have strong opinions about wall scrolls? Maybe you should check out the Advanced Guide to ThinkDOS.

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