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(Taser rack is cardlocked, so you need to put in a little more effort to steal one off of it.)
(Spy thieves no longer have an objective to kill other spy thieves and antags.)
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[[Image:Jobspythief2.png|right|64px]] Your mission, '''Spy Thief''', if you choose to accept it, is to disrupt the business activities of NanoTrasen by stealing items and machines vital to everyday operations. Upon successful theft, you will be awarded with [[Syndicate Items|special spy gear]] to aid further extractions. Once enough bounties are completed, you must track down and terminate enemy agents and other threats to Syndicate operations. As always, should you or any of your Syndicate operatives be caught or killed, the Syndicate will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, '''Spy Thief'''.
[[Image:Jobspythief2.png|right|64px]] Your mission, '''Spy Thief''', if you choose to accept it, is to disrupt the business activities of NanoTrasen by stealing items and machines vital to everyday operations. Upon successful procurement, you will be awarded with [[Syndicate Items|special spy gear]] to aid further extractions. In addition, we have entrusted you with completing [[Traitor Objectives|additional missions]] essential to the success of future operations upon the station. As always, should you or any of your Syndicate operatives be caught or killed, the Syndicate will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, '''Spy Thief'''.
==Mission Briefing==
==Mission Briefing==
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As you turn in more items, the bounty rewards will greatly increase in value. Once you're on your fourth or fifth bounty, you reasonably expect to earn a 6 or 7-currency-unit item from turning in an item. On your completion of your sixth bounty, instead of Syndicate gear, you'll receive [[Syndicate Items#Target ID Tracker|target ID tracker]] tuned in to rival spy thieves and other [[Antagonist|dangerous agents]]. This brings us to the other important part of being a spy thief.
As you turn in more items, the bounty rewards will greatly increase in value. Once you're on your fourth or fifth bounty, you reasonably expect to earn a 6 or 7-currency-unit item from turning in an item. On your completion of your sixth bounty, instead of Syndicate gear, you'll receive [[Syndicate Items#Target ID Tracker|target ID tracker]] tuned in to rival spy thieves and other [[Antagonist|dangerous agents]]. This brings us to the other important part of being a spy thief.
You see, very frequently, you're not the only spy thief around. These other spy thieves will have the ''same'' list of item bounties as you, and they can claim those bounties before you do, depriving you of useful spy gear. The Syndicate wants the very best spies among its agents; unfortunately, there are only so few openings for so many candidates. That's why you, special agent, must prove your superiority by eliminating the other spy thieves (and occasionally other [[Antagonist|obstacles]]) and escaping alive on the Emergency Shuttle, as the sole Spy Thief standing.
You see, very frequently, you're not the only spy thief around. These other spy thieves will have the ''same'' list of item bounties as you, and they can claim those bounties before you do, depriving you of useful spy gear. In addition, these rival agents may objectives that conflict with yours, such as by assassinating someone you must protect or stealing something you must steal too. Naturally, it is quite prudent to...[[Murder|handle them]].
In the meantime, you can still complete your bounties, but at reduced payoffs. After your sixth bounty, you'll have to complete two bounties to get one piece of Syndicate gear, so you won't be rewarded until you complete your eighth and tenth bounties. Then, after some point, you'll have to do three bounties to earn an item, then four, and so on.
In the meantime, you can still complete your bounties, but at reduced payoffs. After your sixth bounty, you'll have to complete two bounties to get one piece of Syndicate gear, so you won't be rewarded until you complete your eighth and tenth bounties. Then, after some point, you'll have to do three bounties to earn an item, then four, and so on.

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Your mission, Spy Thief, if you choose to accept it, is to disrupt the business activities of NanoTrasen by stealing items and machines vital to everyday operations. Upon successful procurement, you will be awarded with special spy gear to aid further extractions. In addition, we have entrusted you with completing additional missions essential to the success of future operations upon the station. As always, should you or any of your Syndicate operatives be caught or killed, the Syndicate will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Spy Thief.

Mission Briefing

As a spy thief, you start off with a flash and a Syndicate uplink cleverly disguised as a PDA. (If you were made a Spy Thief after roundstart, or if the PDA your job spawned with isn't responding to the code, check your backpack for another PDA.) To unlock it, you must first activate it by swiping it with your ID, then entering the given code (accessible by the Notes command). Once you've unlocked it, this PDA uplink will show a list of item bounties and the Syndicate Items each one rewards.

The list of bounties refreshes every fifteen minutes or so. **HOT** bounties grant Syndicate Items of higher-than-usual value. There are nine bounties, generally in the form of:

  • Two Station Item Bounties: Swipe some sort of item found on the station. What does the Syndicate need spicy spaghetti and a cakehat for? Classified.
  • Two Personal Item Bounties: Snatch the target's ID Card, PDA, and/or trinket/heirloom--things your common mugger or ne'er-do-well might pilfer. The Last Seen area states where the item (and usually its owner) was when bounty page was last refreshed.
  • Two Organ Bounties: Become an arms dealer--by snatching the unfortunate target's arm or leg with your PDA. As with personal items, the Last Seen area is the limb's (and presumably its owner's) location when the bounty page was last refreshed.
  • Two Big Machine Bounties: Steal something that doesn't quite fit in a backpack. Ever wanted to steal that asshole Zaldorf? Or take the Pool's diving board? These are the bounties for you.
  • One Photograph Bounty: Take a photograph of certain crew member (or a monkey). If there's wiring, piping, or some random crap also in the picture, it's still fine.

To turn in these items, go to the listed location for it and click on your PDA while holding the item, and the Syndicate Item will be teleported to the tile you're on. For larger objects, such as computers, all you have to do click on it with your PDA or drag-and-drop its sprite onto your PDA sprite and wait a few seconds. Similarly, for organs, you can simply hit the target with your PDA or click-drag their sprite onto the PDA's, and after a few seconds, you'll automagically chop off the requested limb. This procedure also stuns the victim, so you can saunter out cool as ice. (Or taunt them with impunity.)

As you turn in more items, the bounty rewards will greatly increase in value. Once you're on your fourth or fifth bounty, you reasonably expect to earn a 6 or 7-currency-unit item from turning in an item. On your completion of your sixth bounty, instead of Syndicate gear, you'll receive target ID tracker tuned in to rival spy thieves and other dangerous agents. This brings us to the other important part of being a spy thief.

You see, very frequently, you're not the only spy thief around. These other spy thieves will have the same list of item bounties as you, and they can claim those bounties before you do, depriving you of useful spy gear. In addition, these rival agents may objectives that conflict with yours, such as by assassinating someone you must protect or stealing something you must steal too. Naturally, it is quite prudent to...handle them.

In the meantime, you can still complete your bounties, but at reduced payoffs. After your sixth bounty, you'll have to complete two bounties to get one piece of Syndicate gear, so you won't be rewarded until you complete your eighth and tenth bounties. Then, after some point, you'll have to do three bounties to earn an item, then four, and so on.

Possible Bounty Items

This is a mostly comprehensive list of all possible bounties. While it's certainly very huge, the in-game bounty list will only ask for items and machines that are actually on the station at the time. For example, you won't get a bounty for Dave's salad if you aren't on Cogmap2, and if you actually are on Cogmap2, you still won't get a bounty for it if some random Staff Assistant had already ate it.

Also, the "mostly" bit is very important. For the sake of sanity, most of the possible Foods and Drinks bounties have been omitted, save for those that can be found in places besides the Kitchen or Hydroponics. If a food/drink is not on this list, please check out the dedicated Foods and Drinks page for specific locations.


Item Location(s) Notes
Camera Detective's Office
Captain's Quarters
Crew Quarters/Staff Assistants' Quarters
Information Office (Cogmap1/Oshan)
Not something you need to turn in, but you need it for photograph bounties.
ID Card On people Go to the area listed to find the owner, stun them with the flash you started with a few times (or something better, then nab their ID. Tip: if your own ID is a bounty, it's best to not claim it.
PDA On people Like ID Cards, these can be tricky to steal if you're not an experienced mugger. If it's another Spy's though, don't turn it in! (Especially if it's almost completed.) Do their bounties and claim the prizes for yourself!
Limbs On people, but not for long... Use the Last Seen: to find them, stun them for a 3 or more seconds (two uses of your flash is good enough) to keep them down, then, as previously mentioned, attack them with your PDA to automatically snatch their limb. So simple! If you're feeling kind, you could also attach a new limb, but nobody's going to judge you if you don't.
Trinkets Unpredictable If it's a hat or glasses item, it's often on their head, or at least their backpack. If it's a rock or other useless item, it's often abandoned by the owner and left in the area where they spawned. If it's a bee egg, it will most definitely not be available, because who doesn't like bees?!
Multitool Tool Storage Super-common. Can be made in any general manufacturer (found in Tool Storage, Cargo Bay, and Ore Processing). If you really must steal something, take it from Mechanics Workshop.
Power cell Tool Storage
Charge level and capacity do not matter, though type does. In general, wherever there's cell chargers, there's power cells. In particular, Tool Storage and Robotics both have plenty of them out in the open. For extra hooligan points, steal one from an APC.
Hand teleporter Teleporter Room
Research Director's Office
At least two spawn on a table in the Teleporter Room, another spawns in the RD's locker in their office. Both require a bit of breaking in. Very rarely, Mechanics may freely distribute these as an extension of their crew objective.
'Freeform' AI-module AI Chamber Zealously guarded by turrets and kept in a room lined with r-walls, electrified grilles, and IR-detectors. A Command-level ID is highly advised.
'Reset' AI-module AI Chamber
Computer Core
Bridge (Cogmap1/Cogmap2)
Similarly well-protected as the Freeform module. If you're not too inclined to get shot up by stun turrets and very likely discovered by the AI, try looking for the one on the Bridge if possible.
Captain's spare ID Captain's Quarters The golden ticket itself. Some captains may offer it as an challenge or bounty award, other crew members may try to get a hold of it through less noble means. A smart thing to do would be to stop by Customs and give yourself captain-level access and THEN turn it in.
Pinpointer (authentication disk) Captain's Quarters Found on the same table beneath the spare captain's ID, below a bunch of other junk. Some captains may keep the pinpointer on them, while entrusting the disk to someone else.
Nuclear Authentication Disk Captain's Quarters Sometimes haphazardly abandoned on the floor of the Captain's Quarters, sometimes locked the quarters' secure safe, occasionally given to a confidant, more often just found on the Captain.
Data disk-COMMaster Computer Core
Tech Storage
EVA (Cogmap2)
Try not to confuse it with the other, similar-sized disks.
Captain's antique gun Captain's Quarters Spawns in neat little glass display case in the Captain's Quarters. Go ahead, bust it open with a fire extinguisher. Take your time, the glass is surprisingly strong. It's just a display model, so you won't get locked in or trigger an alert by breaking the case.
Energy gun Captain's Quarters
Head of Security's Office
One spawns in the Captain's equipment locker, another in the HoS's, and both are eagerly taken by their owners. On occasion, a Mechanic may freely pass these out just for kicks.
.38 revolver Detective's Office A.k.a. the Detective's gun. It spawns in a box in the confusingly named, Security-access-locked forensics locker. The Detective usually arms themself with it immediately, and for a good reason.
Stun baton Security
Most Security Checkpoints
Typically found in Security equipment lockers, which can only be opened with a Security Officer ID (or super packet-hacking). Most Security Officers carry one on their person.
Taser Security
Most Security Checkpoints
Same deal as stun batons. A bit easier to get, since three of them spawn in a recharger rack that, while cardlocked, is relatively easy to bypass.
Riot launcher Security
Often found in proximity to Security equipment lockers. Sec doesn't use it often, but if it gets taken, they will notice.
Apprentice Cap Chapel (Cog1)
Arcade (Cog2)
Outside Hydroponics (Clarion)
Nerd Dungeon (Oshan)
Sparkly pink conical hat that spawns on a wooden table with dice, paper, pens, and other tabletop-gaming gear. It's the only one on the station, so raise your Rogue levels by stealing it before any other spy can!
2k13 Vintage Santa Hat Kitchen (Clarion/Destiny) Spawns in the freezer/cold room portion. Do not claim, lest ye bring the curse of Christmas ruin upon ye. No really, that hat is warm enough to protect you from the cold of space, so if you need some space gear and don't mind looking like a doofus, take the hat, but don't turn it in.
Prisoner's beret Brig The personal hatwear of Monsieur Stirstir himself. Getting in is easy, getting the hat off is even easier, getting out is...not. The exact means of escaping the Brig differs from map to map, but one thing stays the same: a hidden door in the bathroom made beforehand sure works wonders.
Merchant's hat Cargo Bay (Cog1/Cog2) An oversized white sombrero found in a crate hidden somewhere in the Cargo Bay's conveyor belt network. Occasionally found and worn by the Quartermaster and a common "fashion" item among Merchants
Captain's Hat On the Captain Since they can fight back with their energy gun, you have to ambush them first, so they don't get a chance to use it. You could, among many, many other things, steal a taser from Sec and try to fire first, slip a good ol' banana peel on them and beat them to unconsciousness, throw a beaker of cryostylane and wail on them the moment they break out of the ice, etc. The best methods and means depends on your current resources; the key here is having the knowledge and experience to utilize them. If you lack any of those, at least remember that the PDA accepts heirloom/trinket Captain's hats too.
HoS' Hat/Beret On the head of the Head of Security The reddest of all redshirts, with weeks and weeks of Security experience under their belt and an energy gun they're not afraid to use right beside it. If your usual ambush tactics fail, and you can't match the equipment advantage by stealing a similar gun, fight dirty. Catch 'em while they're detaining suspects in a Port-a-Brig, jump them while they're fighting other thieves/antagonists, etc.
Cakehat Bar The one and only. Pluck from the bar counter before some Staff Assistant puts it on.
Blindfold Genetics
There's always two of these in Animal control lockers, which are usually in either the monkey pen or the actual genetics lab. The Bridge usually has one too, in conjunction with some handcuffs for...purposes.
Sunglasses Captain's Quarters One pair always spawns in the Captain's equipment locker in the Captain's Quarters. Trinket sunglasses work as well, and you may find a pair while combing Maintenance. Stay away from the ones in the Pool, which are not true sunglasses.
Prescription glasses Medbay
Below Net Cafe (Cog2)
There's usually a whole box of these somewhere in Medbay. If you're having trouble finding it, try fabricating one through the Medical Fab.
Medical Eyepatch Medbay
Medical Booth
Every medicine storage locker has one of these for some reason. If you put one on, you'd look like a real superspy. (Or maybe just a real goofball.)
VISOR goggles Medbay
Medical Booth
There's one in every medicine storage locker, and Medical Fabricators can manufacture one fairly cheaply.
ProDoc Health Goggles Medbay
Medical Booth
Every medical uniform locker has one, and there's always a few on some tables in Medbay, typically nearby some paramedic suits and/or medical dispensers.
Spectroscopic goggles Chemistry
A few of these can be found in the Chemistry Lab. Hydroponics, Bar, and Pathology also get their own pair. They can also be ordered by Cargo in the form of Chemistry Resupply Crates (Cardlocked [Research])
Optical Thermal Scanner Armory
Detective's Office
One pair spawns in the Forensics equipment locker in the Detective's Office, and a few can be found in a table or rack in the Armory.
Meson Goggles Mechanics Workshop
Mining Department
CE's Office
Tech Storage
Miner, Mechanic, Engineer, and Chief Engineer equipment lockers each have one pair. Tech Storage usually has a pair too somewhere.
VR Goggles Arcade
Detective's Office
Plasma Research
The 'arcadevr' ones are in their own crate in the Arcade, while the 'bombtest' ones are on a table in Plasma Research, hidden under loads of other crap. The Detective spawns with the 'det-net' goggles in their backpack.
Clown suit Clown Tent/Hole The Clown usually keeps an extra suit in a crate in their Clown Tent/Hole. Comedy Equipment kits have clown suits too, along with other clowning essentials. Why not request a second one and put on the shoes?
Body armor Security
Most Security Checkpoints
Head of Personnel's Office
Captain's Quarters.
Every Security equipment locker has one. The Barman spawns out wearing one, and the Head of Security, Captain, and Head of Personnel all start out with one in their lockers.
Biosuit Pathology
Plasma Research
Custodial Closet
Found in Level 3 Biohazard Closets, a common sight in Pathology, Chemistry, and Plasma Research. The Janitor also has their own biohazard closet in their Custodial Closet
Paramedic suit Medbay Two of these spawn on a rack somewhere in Medbay, usually near Operating Theatre. Also fairly popular amongst roaming Medical Doctors, so expect to find at least one of them wearing a paramedic suit.
Space suit EVA This bounty is specifically asking for the generic space suits in EVA, rather than any of the department-specific ones. While you're there, you might as well grab another one for yourself as well, alongside a space helmet and an oxygen tank from the tank dispenser. It might come in handy!
Captain's space suit Captain's Quarters Spawns on a rack in the Captain's Quarters. If it's gone, there's 45% chance the Captain's wearing it, a 50% chance a Clown pretending to be the Captain for comedy is wearing it, and a 5% chance an enemy spy has made off with it.
Engineering space suit Mining Department
Mining Outpost
Emergency Storage B (Cogmap2)
Emergency Storage A (Cogmap2)
Fairly common. Can be made fairly cheaply in Mining Manufacturers, which are found in Mining Department, the Mining Outpost, and Cargo Bay.
Industrial mining armor Mining Department It doesn't spawn on the station at roundstart, but can be made in a Mining Fabricators if provided the right materials and found in certain industrial shipment crates. You'd probably want one for yourself; while its melee and bullet protections are below average, it has zero movement slowdown and excellent explosion resistance.
Overcoat and scarf Information Office (Cogmap1/Oshan) Spawns in a crate, along side other goodies like fanny packs. Feel free to help yourself to one of them; you'll appreciate the extra space for your gear.
Insulated gloves Engineering Storage
Engineering Storage usually has a few pairs. Mechanic equipment lockers each have on pair, Engineering Crates from Cargo have two, and electrical supplies lockers each have a whopping three pairs. And you'll definitely want one--they'll protect you from being electrified while door-hacking.
Unsulated gloves Cargo Bay Dock (Cogmap1/Clarion)
Bridge (Cogmap1)
Insulated gloves's sneaky identical twin, but without any electrical insulation. Some people start with a pair as a "heirloom", and NPC QM Merchant Pianzi may offer it under the guise of "yellow gloves".
Security Headset Security
Most Security Checkpoints
Detective's Office
Forensic supplies and Security equipment lockers each have one, kept away in a box with various other wardrobe items. Steal one for a bounty, then steal one for yourself so you can snoop in on the Security Officers' conversations.
Command Headset Bridge Usually on a table, hidden amongst a bunch of desk clutter and junk.
Captain's Headset Captain's Quarters The Captain wears on of these, obviously. They also keep a second on inside their Captain's equipment locker in their quarters, alongside many other goodies. You may want to keep it for yourself, if you want to listen in on the Security channel.
Head of Personnel's Headset Head of Personnel's Office Found on the Head of Personnel's head, obviously. If you can't find them (don't worry, few of us can), check their Head of Personnel equipment locker in their office, which has a spare HoP headset (and a few other choice goodies.)
Medical Director's Headset Medical Director's Office The Medical Director, as you'd expects, spawns wearing this and keeps a spare one in their office, inside the Medical Director equipment locker.
Research Director's Headset Research Director's Office As you'd expect, one spawns on the RD's head, while another is kept in the Research Director equipment locker in their office in Research Wing.
Chief Engineer's Headset Chief Engineer's Office The Chief Engineer wears one, obviously, and another can be found inside the Chief Engineer equipment in their office in Engineering.
Security Belt Equipment/Locker Room
Most Security Checkpoints
There's one in every Security equipment locker, which can only be opened with a Security Officer or Captain ID. They're fairly popular among officers, so you might have to rummage through a few lockers to find one.
Utility belt Tool Storage
Mechanics Workshop
Warehouse (Cogmap1/Cogmap2)
Maintenance (Cogmap2)
Grab one for yourself, you'll appreciate the extra inventory space later. You can find these on a table or rack out in the open somewhere in Tool Storage and the Mechanics Workshop and hidden away in Engineer lockers. You can also get these from the QM through Utility Belt Crates.
Medical belt Medbay
Medical Booth
Medical Director's Office
Rather uncommon. Two can be found out in the open on a rack with some paramedic suits, the others can be found in cardlocked Medical uniforms lockers.
Jetpack (Oxygen) EVA
Mining Department
Captain's Quarters
EVA and Mining Department both have these sitting on racks alongside the space suits. The Captain gets his own personal jetpack that's on a rack in his office.
Backpack & Satchels Crew Quarters
Locker Room
There's one on you right now! (Usually.) There's also one in the vast arrays of personal lockers in Crew Quarters and/or Locker Room, and Uniform Manufacturers can fabricate an extra one if you're extra lazy.
Medic's backpack/satchel Medbay
Medical Booth
A common sight in medical uniform lockers.
Magnetic Boots Engineering Storage
Engineering Pod Bay (Cog1)
Engine Control Room (Destiny/Clarion)
Mining (Oshan)
Most of the listed locations have multiple pairs. They might help a liiitle bit if another spy tries to space you, but besides that, wearing them otherwise has marginal benefits.
Flippers Pool
Engineering Storage (Oshan)
Mining (Oshan)
EVA (Oshan)
The Pool usually has one pair--and one pair only. On Oshan Lab though, you can find them plenty of them in Engineering Storage, Mining, and EVA.
Galoshes Custodial Closet
Mini-Custodial Closet (Cogmap2/Cogmap1)
Usually, the station has only one pair of galoshes, which Janitor usually puts on ASAP. Mini-Custodial Closets have an extra pair, but the boots are locked behind a Janitor-ID-only locker. Supposedly, there's one in deep, deep space.
Cleaner bottle Custodial Closet
Mini-Custodial Closet
Usually found on one of the tables in these rooms, below a few other things, so you don't have to look through the access-locked custodial supplies closet. Can brought quite cheaply from Cargo in form of Janitorial Supplies Refill crates.
Mop Custodial Closet
Mini-Custodial Closet
Janitorial Supplies crates have these as well. You can also nab one of these off the rack when the Janitor isn't looking (which is fairly often, as their job doesn't require them to be in their office often), but why do that when you can steal it right when the Janitor's using it for extra hooligan points?
Russian revolver Bar Specifically in the room where the Barman spawns, known as Barman's Closet/Bar Office. Ask nicely or face the barrel of a territorial Barman's riot shotgun.
Extravagant Chocolate Gateau Kitchen / Bar Usually on some table very close to the general Bar area, so it's quite easy to steal. There's only one of these around on the map, so the Chef will likely notice that his precious pastry has been pilfered.
Vodka Bar
HoS's Office
The Head of Security always starts with one in their office in Security. The Bar's Booze-O-Mat usually has plenty of these.
Champagne Bar
Bridge (Destiny/Clarion/Oshan/Cog2)
Most station's Bridges have a few bottles, ostensibly to demonstrate one of the "perks" of being a Head of Staff. The Booze-O-Mat behind the Bar counter also has at most four bottles.
Wine Bar
Bridge (Cog1/Oshan)
The Bar's Booze-O-Mat usually has up to four bottles of these, and the Barman will usually be happy to lend you all of them. Cog1 and Oshan Lab's Bridge also has a few bottles on a wooden table near a wall, ostensibly for "parties".
Bo Jack Daniel's Detective's Office
There's one in the Bar's Booze-O-Mat, and another one in the Detective's Office. The latter is sometimes tucked under a bedsheet, sometimes hidden under some desk clutter, more often than not in the hands of the Detective.
Stinkeye's Special Reserve Captain's Quarters
Often well-hidden behind some bush or other potted plant. You can also ask for one from the Barman, if they've hacked the booze vendor.
Spaced Rum Head of Personnel's Office Spawns on a table/desk in the HoP's office. The HoP hardly ever uses it all, so they're hardly gonna miss it.
2010 Vintage Bridge (Cog2)
Defendant's Chair (Cog1/Oshan)
Courtroom (Destiny)
Community Center (Clarion)
A distinctly piss-yellow bottle full of...actual piss. Huh. Anyways, NPC QM Merchant Pianzi may offer it under the guise of a "vintage drink", and a second bottle may be found lurking in the nooks and crannies of the station.
Hobowine Bar
Jazz Lounge
Derelict Quarters (Cog2)
Usually has a randomized name like "Huk's Sherry" or "Freedom Wine Cooler" rather than being named hobowine. Jazz Lounge usually has a bottle or two, as does the backdoors area of the Bar, and you may find a few stashes of them while opening abandoned crates or prowling about maintenance.
Heisenbee's birthday cupcake Research Director's Office Found on one of the wooden tables, close by to Heisenbee himself. Nobody will probably miss it if you take it, unless someone is attempting to make some of the secret chems, but why would you steal something from a poor bee?
Bee kibble Research Director's Office Like the birthday cupcake, it's on a wooden table close to Heisenbee, but again, why would you steal from a cute and innocent space bee? Spare them the trauma and make your own.
Yellowcake Research Director's Office Some sort of sickly-yellow-green slice of cake that the Research Director keeps on a table in their office for some reason. Luckily, it's somehow not radioactive at all, so it's safe to pick up and turn it.
Cereal box - 'Pope Crunch' Crew Quarters (Cog1)
Crew Quarters A (Cog2/Oshan)
On Cog1, Cog2, and Oshan, one box, and one box only, spawns in Crew Quarters (A). Snatch it before some Staff Assistant makes it their next snack.
Cereal box - 'Roach Puffs' West of the Kitchen (Oshan) Oshan-exclusive. The station's sole box of Roach Puffs spawns in a maintenance corridor west of the Kitchen.
Fortune Cookie Escape Hallway (Oshan) One spawns on a glass table in the southeast corner of the Escape Hallway. You can also can one from Golden Gannets deliveries.
Candy heart Research Wing (Oshan) There's one amongst a whole table of sweets in Oshan's Research Wing, and Candy Crates from Cargo have at least 4 of these.
Peach ring Clown Tent/Hole
Research Wing (Oshan)
A rare but not necessarily difficult to find specimen. If you find a golden ticket while eating a burrito, you can redeem at the GTM somewhere in Maintenance for an entire bag of peach rings. Sometimes they also appear in the Clown's goodybag.
Candy corn Clown Tent/Hole
Research Wing (Oshan)
Has a good chance of being in a goodybag, which the Clown keeps in their Clown Tent/Hole. On Oshan, one kernel (?) spawns on a table in a lounge area of sorts in the Research Lab.
Candy cane Clown Tent/Hole
Research Wing (Oshan)
One spawns on a small table full of candy in the roughly southwest portion of Oshan's Research Wing. It's also very easy to make your own candy canes, since all it takes is mint and sugar, and it's fairly common find in goody bags.
Onion Chips Above Hydroponics (Oshan) One "bag" of these can be found in a Maintenance tunnel above Hydroponics. It shouldn't be hard to notice, because the area has a window into the hallway for reason. It's also possible to make your own chips, provided you've at least two onions and some cheese.
Salad Escape Hallway (Oshan) One salad spawns on a table in the southeast corner of the Oshan's Escape Hallway, alongside a fortune cookie and donut box. Making your own salad is also pretty easy, provided you've access to an oven and at least two leaves of lettuce.
Dave's salad Escape Arm (Cog2) Dave's salad is found inside a refrigerator in the hallway outside Mechanics. Go ahead, steal it, Dave's not watching.
100% synthetic free range monkeymeat sandwich Hydroponics This disgusting meat sandwich with a mouthful of name is found exclusively on a table in the hippie den that is Hydroponics.
Donk Pocket Kitchen
Crew Quarters
The Donk Pocket boxes in the Kitchen and Crew Quarters each have seven of these, and you can easily make plenty more with the right ingredients. You might want to take a few yourself, plus a mechanism for heating them, in case you are ever in need of their delicious omnizine goodness.
Eggs on Toast Outside Medical Restrooms Specifically, just outside its entrance into Maintenance. Why is there? How long has it been there? Is it safe to eat? These are questions hardly of your concern, especially if you'll just make one yourself. (Bread type doesn't matter.)
Sperghetti/Spaghetti arrabbiata Head of Security Office You can also cook one yourself, if you've hot sauce and spaghetti.
Meatball pizza Morgue (Clarion/Destiny/Oshan) No, really. Once you get used to the bodies, eating in a morgue becomes easy as pie. Though it's still harder than making your own. And always easier than getting one from a Pizza Vending Machine.
Sushi Roll Data Center (Oshan) Data Center has an extra long one sitting on a table. As you'd expect, you can make your own sushi roll, though there's quite a few steps to it.
Piece of honeywheat bread Below Chemistry (Oshan) Specifically on a table in the maintenance area just outside the shower room. If you've wheat, honey, a cutting tool, and access to an oven, you could easily make one yourself.
Piece of honeycornbread Below Chemistry (Oshan) One piece is in the maintenance area below Oshan's Chemistry Lab, a little bit right of its shower room. As with most foods, the PDA accepts hand-made versions.
Piece of southern cornbread Engineering Storage (Oshan) Two slices can be found on a table in Engineering Storage. You can make a slice yourself, though it's rather involved.
Bagel Engineering Storage (Oshan) One spawns in on a table in Engineering Storage, alongside a bunch of other baked goods. It's also very easy to make your own!
Seed bagel Engineering Storage (Oshan) Found on a table of pastries in the southwest of Engineering Storage.
Chocolate-chip cookie Research Director's Office Sometimes hidden under some desk clutter and frequently accompanied by Paper-'Notice', a note apologizing for delays in updating the ThinkDOS systems. They still have yet to actually finish updating, but hey, getting a free cookie is better than making one from scratch.
Oatmeal Cookie Arrivals (Oshan) Spawns on a glass table of the left side of Arrivals. Hard to miss.
Chocolate-chip moon pie Outside Information Office (Oshan) There's one on a glass table in the hallway between Information Office and Customs. As you should expect by now, it's totally possible to bake your own moon pie, though it requires a lot of ingredients.

Jaffa Cake Bar (Oshan) Oshan Lab's Bar has one on the bar countertop. Good thing too, because making a jaffa cake isn't a piece of cake.
Hardtack Kitchen (Oshan) One piece spawns in a hidden room below the Kitchen, accessible by a semi-hidden ladder. Try not to get spooked by the skeleton in there. You can also, if you want to for some reason, make your own hardtack, assuming you can somehow find some iron fillings.
Meat of questionable origin Kitchen Spawns in a bloodied and suspicious-looking crate in one of the Kitchen's storage rooms.
Old kidney Morgue Spawns inside a white crate labeled Freezer-"Spare Parts". It's the only kidney in the entire game, so snatch it before some other spy catches it.
Monkeymeat Morgue
The one in the Morgue is usually inside a white crate named Freezer-"Spare Parts". It's also pretty easy to get some yourself, provided you've Kitchen access.
Mystery Meat Morgue
One...piece can found in a white Freezer-"Spare Parts" crate in the Morgue. You can also get a few pieces by butcher most critters.
Cheese Kitchen There's loads in the refrigerator in the Kitchen. You also make (?) your own cheese, provided you've a fire extinguisher, some milk, and a bit of...vomit.
Knife Kitchen One can be found one of the kitchen tables. A bunch more can be found in the access-locked FoodTech. The Barman's BoozeVend also vends a fruit wedge kit, which comes with a knife.
Fork Kitchen
There's usually plenty of these on the tables in the Bar that you can swipe without much detection. The Kitchen's FoodTech vendor has ten of them, plus two more in every cutlery kit box.
Spoon Kitchen
Exact same deal as the fork. There's a few in cutlery kit boxes, a few more in the Bar, and even more in the Kitchen's FoodTech machine.
Rolling pin Kitchen One spawns on a table in the Kitchen, and another two can be obtained from FoodTech vendors. Every Chef also spawns with one in their bag.
Medkit Medbay
Genetics (Oshan)
One spawns in every medkit storage locker, and they can be ordered from Cargo by the truckload via Medical: First Aid crates. Oshan Lab's Genetics Lab has one too, in case the monkeys start re-enacting an underwater version of Planet of the Apes.
Fire Medkit Medbay
Test Chamber (Cog1/Cog2/Clarion/Oshan)
As always, there's one in every medkit storage locker, and Medical: First Aid crates have a good chance of having one. Sometimes, the Test Chamber has one too, usually within the actual chamber but occasionally outside of it.
Toxin Medkit Medbay
Chemistry (Oshan)
Just like fire medkits, one in every medkit storage locker, and at least one comes with Medical: First Aid crates. The Test Chamber has one too, usually within the actual chamber but occasionally outside of it.
Brute Medkit Medbay Every medkit storage locker has one, and Medical: First Aid crates often come with at least one.
Neurological Medkit Medbay
A common sight in both medkit storage lockers and Medical: First Aid crates. Genetics and Cloning usually have two, ostensibly for curing mild brain damage common amongst clones.
Oxygen deprivation first aid kit Medbay
Emergency Storage (Cogmap2)
Every medkit storage closet has at least one of these, color-coded a lovely shade of light blue for your convenience. These can also be occasionally found in similarly colored emergency oxygen closets.
Circular saw Operating Theatre
Both locations usually have plenty of them. If you need more, make them at either a Robotics or Medical Fabricator.
Staple gun Operating Theatre
Medical Booth
Fairly uncommon. Can be manufactured in Medical or Robotics Fabricators, located in Medbay, Robotics, and Cargo Bay.
Pharmacopia Chemistry Lab
Operating Theatre (Destiny/Clarion/Linemap)
Public Market (Cogmap2)
A nondescript grey book found in the Chemistry Lab of the Research Wing and Medbay's Pharmacy, which depending on the map, is usually either just a room with medkit lockers and floor health scanner machines or an actual chemistry lab. Also available from Books4u vending machines (usually found some where near the Cargo Bay) for a reasonable price.
Defibrillator Medbay
Operating Theatre
Medical Director's Office
At least one can be found on/near one of the surgical tables. The Medical Director's locker contains one of these, and depending on the map, the medical carts may have one.
Port-A-Medbay Remote Medbay
Medical Director's Office (Cog1)
Usually in close proximity to the Port-A-Medbay it controls, as well as an inexplicable tendency to be next to beakers of cryoxadone and cryostylane intended for the cyro cells.
Tranquilizer Rifle Medical Director's Office
The Medical Director keeps one in a blue locker in their office. The Armory has some too, kept in the appropriately named tranquilizer crate.
Doctor's Bag Medical Director's Office The Medical Director owns the sole doctor's bag on the station. Occasionally, you may see them carting it around or keeping it in their backpack, but it's often left in the aptly named Medical Director's Locker.
Football Crew Quarters Despite what you'd expect, this actually just spawns in a table in Crew Quarters instead of the Gym. Occasionally, you may get one from opening eggs from amusing ducks.
Watering can Hydroponics Native to Hydroponics, often found on a table or in the GardenGear vendor. There are plenty of these to go around, so the Botanists likely won't miss them. Also found in Hydroponics Starter Crates
Barkley's basketball Gym One of its kind and hidden in plain sight. Logically found where Barkley is.
Beepsky's diary Beepsky's House One of its kind, so it's likely you'll bump into another spy thief vying for the same item. Opening the crate it's found in is the easy part, getting past the plastic flaps, not so much, maybe
Cap'n Bubs(TM) Extra-Manly Bubble Bath Locker Room (Cogmap1/2, Clarion)
Toilets (Destiny)
One of a kind--snatch it before the other spy thieves do! Found next to a bathtub, as you'd expect.
Ouija Board Chapel One of these always spawns in the Chapel. Sometimes, it's on a table in the public lobby, sometimes it's inside the confessional booth, sometimes it's in the chaplain's office.
Gnome Chompski Courtroom (Cogmap1)
Security lobby (Cogmap2)
A master of hide and seek, with a fondness for hiding out in Lost and Found bins. Snag 'im before some Staff Assistant successfully seeks him.
Saxophone Jazz Lounge Sexy. At least one spawns in the Jazz Lounge. You can also craft your own, given enough materials.
Harmonica Jazz Lounge
One spawns in a table in the Jazz Lounge; another spawns in the Brig's general population cell. You may also occasionally find them in some of the station's nooks and crannies, as a reward for explorers and phase shifters, and it's a fairly common trinket item.
Whistle Security
Most Security Checkpoints
There's one in every Security equipment locker. It's also a semi-popular accessory amongst Security Officers.
Bike horn Clown Hole/Tent A horn for clowns, honk! The Clown keeps an extra horn inside a crate inside their Clown Tent/Hole, and every Comedy Equipment kit includes one.
Dramatic horn Kitchen A seemingly-normal bike horn that plays...something besides honks. Snatch it before the Chef decides to make it into a robot version of himself.
Vuvuzela Derelict Quarters (Cog2) One of these spawns inside a crate somewhere in the Derelict Quarters. You can craft one with nano-fab parts fairly easily or fabricate one at a hacked general fabricator for very little material.

Big Objects

Item Location(s) Notes
Communications Dish Bridge
Mining Outpost
Listening Post
CE's Quarters (Cogmap2)
Above Routing Depot (Cogmap1)
Below Mining (Destiny/Clarion)
Arrivals (Oshan)
A grey sphere with a weird green pulse. More often that not located in Space, so bring a space suit and internals. (Or just internals and maybe some flippers or an inner tube if you're on Oshan).
Communications Console Bridge
Captain's Quarters
Of these, the one in the Bridge is most accessible, since it usually involves the least amount of door hacking/wall-melting/deconstruction. Unlike with other computer bounties, you can't build your own.
ID Computer Customs
Arrivals Security Checkpoint (Cog1)
Main Hangar Security Checkpoint (Cog2)
You usually don't have to do more than disassemble a reinforced table. Most HoPs leave Customs with 15 minutes or so roundstart, so it's sometimes better to wait a bit.
Arrivals Announcement Computer Bridge Often spawns alongside several other computers, though on Cog1, it has its own little side room.
Bridge Announcement Computer Bridge (Cog2) The one below the camera tripod. Try not to mix it up with the identically sprited Comms Console.
AI Upload AI Upload Guarded by at least one turret. Depending on the map, you might to be able to bypass them completely by deconstructing or melting the walls directly surrounding it.
Robotics Control AI Upload
Computer Core (Cogmap1/Destiny/Clarion)
Also typically protected by turrets. You don't need any special tools or skills to deal with them though, just a few solid objects. See Killing the AI's section on turrets for more information.
Oven Kitchen Drag it onto your PDA in order to accept it, else you'll just shove the PDA into the oven.
Gibber Kitchen/Catering Storage On most maps, the gibber has its own little room, sometimes called Catering Storage. It's pretty cold in there, so you might want to bundle up.
Party button Bar A little red button with mildy ominous yellow and black safety stripes, located behind the bar counter. Interestingly, if you claim while it's in PARTY! mode, the annoying flashing lights stay on.
Beer keg Bar/Kitchen
Bar Office (Oshan)
The Barman usually keeps one in the backdoors of the Bar, either in their own little private office or in a storage room near the Kitchen.
Still Bar/Kitchen
Bar Office (Oshan)
Hydroponics always has one, usually in some sort of storage room of varying decrepitude. The Bar usually has one as well, sometimes in the Barman's private office or in a black-tiled storage room, sometimes called Catering Storage. Home Distilling Kits from Cargo have them too.
Alcohol dispenser Bar Ask nicely for access if you don't want a faceful of rubber bullets. (Or don't, if you're totally robust enough to take it from the Barman by force.) Its sprite is identical to the soda fountain, so double-check that you're claiming the right object if you're having issues.
Soda fountain Bar Easy to mistake for the alcohol dispenser, so make sure you're actually clicking on the fountain rather than the dispenser before claiming it.
Hydroponics tray Hydroponics
Public Garden (Cogmap2)
Zen Garden (Oshan)
Botany's got bushels of these, as do Hydroponics Starter Crates.
Cloning scanner Cloning If it's stolen, people (usually) notice its absence. If you're tired of being a glorified greytider and want to cause a real ruckus, this is the bounty for you.
Enzymatic Reclaimer Cloning As with the cloning scanner, Medbay usually notices its absence. Also tends to be surrounded with corpses and personal effects, ripe with heirlooms, IDs, PDAs, and other high-value bounty items.
Cloning Pod Medbay Medbay will be mad if you make off with it. You could avoid confrontation by replicating it with Mechanics and stealing the deployed copy (which would make a good excuse/cover), but that's not what the Syndicate sent you here for.
GeneTek Scanner Genetics Depending on the map, you might need to hack lots of doors or melt down several walls just to get to Genetics, and once you're finally there, you must slip it under the nose of the Geneticists. As lethally oblivious and unaware as they may appear, do not underestimate how possessive they can be. Not to mention, it's no doubt that they're positively aching to test the superpowers they've been developing all shift...on you. Are you a bad enough dude to face a wacky spinoff Incredible Hulk with superfarts and firebreating? The Syndicate hopes you are; that's why they sent you!
GeneTek Console Genetics Same barriers as the GeneTek scanner, but now the Geneticists will, for various reasons, be extra pissed if some thievin', schemin' spy like you steals it. You could build your own with the circuit board in Tech Storage, and the Syndicate will reward you all the same, but where's the thrill in that?
Cryo Chamber Cryo Often part of a much larger general-use area, though sometimes they get their own little room. Though it's rarely used, its absence is often comically jarring, considering just how huge they are.
Operating Table Operating Theatre
Take the one in Robotics if you want to be a real nuisance. Clicking on it while holding your PDA will just put the PDA on the table; instead, drag-and-drop its sprite onto your PDA's to claim it.
Port-a-Medbay Medbay Often found along side cyro chambers for some reason. If you ask a Medical Doctor, Medical Director, or the AI to send you a copy of the Port-A-Medbay remote PDA app, or simply buy a Med-U Cart from a CartyParty vending machine, you can then simply use the remote app to call it to your current location and claim it there.
Port-A-NanoMed Medbay, otherwise highly variable As with the Port-A-Medbay, you can simply summon it to your location to claim it if you ask a Medical Doctor, Medical Director, or the AI to send you a copy of the Port-A-NanoMed remote PDA app. If neither are willing to send it, you can also buy a Med-U Cart from a CartyParty vendor.
NanoMed Plus Medbay
Medical Booth
Operating Theatre (Cog1/Cog2/Oshan)
Medbay Staff Area (Oshan)
Medical Storage (Oshan)
Often found hugging a wall or corner, alongside a couple medkit lockers, medicine storage lockers, and other medical doodads.
Medical Announcement Computer Medical Director's Office (Cog2) Right in the right middle of the Medical Director's office. You could easily claim it if you went through Pathology and broke the window into the office.
Chem Dispenser Chemistry
Most jobs can access one fairly easily. The one in the Bar is especially easy, since people often break into counter area just for dispenser access.
DWAINE Terminal Artifact Research
RD's Office
Tech Storage
Uncommon, but hardly hard to find. For extra screw-the-crew points, take the ones in Toxins and Artifact Research.
Port-A-Sci Research Wing Typically found in the corridors of the Research Wing, though it's not uncommon for it to be in Telescience. That said, you don't have to break into anything except your PDA program. If you ask the AI or Research Director to send you a copy of the Port-a-Sci remote PDA app, you can simply use your app to summon the Port-a-Sci and claim it.
Research Announcement Computer RD's Office (Cog2) Located right in the left middle, above the plant.
Large artifacts Artifact Lab/Research
Research Pod Bay
Large artifacts is a placeholder/collective name; the real artifacts have randomly-generated names like "quirky contraption" or "ornate brazier". Your best bet is that it's in the Artifact Lab or its attached Pod Bay, though artifacts do sometimes randomly spawn in maintenance.
GuardBuddies Robot Depot
Most of them will probably be inactive in their chargers in Robot Depot, but you might see a few in the Bar apparently taking breaks. But why would you steal such a cute and adorable thing?
Portable flasher Security Office Often found outside/near/in a side room with Security equipment lockers. Smart officers often put one near the main entrance to discourage vandals and hooligans. Better put on your sunglasses or welding mask before claiming this, lest you get flashed.
Port-a-Brig Security Office (Clarion/Cog2)
Interrogation Room (Cog1/Oshan)
Brig (Destiny)
If you can somehow convince the AI or a Security Officer to send you a copy of the Port-a-Brig remote PDA app, you can then simply summon it with your PDA, without having to break into anything.
SecTech Security
Most Security Checkpoints
Might want to hack it and take all the flashes and maybe even the flashbangs first before sending it to the Syndicate.
Security Announcement Computer HoS'S Office (Cog2/Cog1/Oshan) Cog1's is near the upper left corner, Cog2's is in the lower left, though both are close to the Head of Security's Office's left entrance. If you somehow have the access (A Captain ID can't use it, so you need the HoS's), be sure to use it to gloat about how you're stealing the HoS's personal property right under their nose.
Reactor Statistics Computer Hot Loop (Cog1/Cog2)
Maint tunnel below Cold Loop (Destiny)
Engine Control Room (Clarion)
Easy to distinguish with its distinct animation and bright red screen that stands out against a sea of yellow. Might want to have firesuit ready in case the Engineers are hellburning though.
Engineering Announcement Computer CE's Quarters (Cog2) Located in the bottom right corner of the CE's Quarters, right near a window into Space that's just aching to be host to a Space Smash 'n Grab.
QM Supply Console Cargo Bay All Cargo Bays have at least two consoles: one near the conveyor belts for imports and exports, the other near a table open to the central hallway, ostensibly for in-person cargo orders.
QM Announcement Computer Cargo Bay Often found in proximity to a QM Supply Console. If you yourself have access to Cargo Bay, feel free to gloat that you're taking the computer right now. Or just say something really stupid, that works too.
Cyborg charging dock Robotics
Mining Outpost
At least one is guaranteed to be in Robotics, with another two in Mining Outpost if the map isn't Oshan Lab. Beyond those, the other ones are quite rare.
Escape Pod E-### Escape Arm No one will miss these. At all. Hardly anybody bothers with them, so if you see someone checking them out, they're usually either new or an enemy spy. (Or both--it happens.)
Springboard Pool Drag-and-drop its sprite onto your PDA to turn it in, unless you actually do want a last cannon ball before it's gone.
Crusher Unit Disposals Might have to break a few windows or grilles to get to it. Clicking on it isn't going to crusher your PDA, so claim it as you wish. Just watch your step for any oil spills or comically-placed banana peels.
Zaldorf Bar He probably couldn't see his future of getting teleported by a PDA off to who-knows-where.
NanoTrasen poster Security Office (Oshan)
Security Office (Destiny)
Hallway outside Security (Clarion)
Specifically the one with the Head of Security saying "I want YOU for NT!"
Vendomat Plasma Research
Tool Storage
Supply Lobby (Cog1)
Robotics (Cog2)
West Crew Lounge (Destiny)
Cargo Bay (Clarion)
Central Warehouse (Oshan)
A generically-named vending machine with a distinct red screen, showcasing its remote signallers, proximity detectors, igniters, and other bomb components. If you think bombs are the bomb, you probably shouldn't claim this.
Robotics Fabricator Robotics
Cargo Bay
Hate robots? This one will surely rustle the Roboticists' jimmies, and the fact the materials within will be deposited on the floor when taken won't be enough to unrustle them.
Medical Fabricator Medbay
Medicine Room
Often found in the general hallway area between different facilities, though on Clarion, it's in the room with all the medkits and NanoMeds.
General Manufacturer Tool Storage
Cargo Bay
Research Wing
Might want to fabricate a few tools with it before you take it. If you want to really screw the crew and NanoTrasen over, go for the one in Tool Storage.
Utility Tractor Cargo Bay
Warehouse (Cog2)
Customs (Cog2)
Might be useful for dealing with turrets when claiming items in the Computer Core or AI Upload.
Forklift Cargo Bay
Warehouse (Cog1)
Disposals (Cog2)
Could make an interesting getaway vehicle or even an obstacle for pursuers if you have a screwdriver and wirecutter to disable it.
Segway Security
Medbay (Cog1)
Potentially more useful unclaimed as a getaway vehicle. If you can somehow lessen the time you're stunned when you collide into somebody with drugs or special gear, you could even weaponize it!
Buff-R-Matic Custodial Closet Ask the Janitor to clean the location you're currently in, and they will come, usually riding the Buff-R-Matic. Once they've arrived, knock them off it by attacking the Buffer while on Harm/Disarm intent, drag the Buffer to some faraway place, and claim it there. That said, though, they might not come straight away if they're busy, and in the meantime, some Clown might have stolen it and hid it somewhere.
MiniPutts Pod Bay
EVA (Cog2)
The name hints at where it might be. If it's a MiniPutt, check the Main Hangar/public Pod Bay or Catering Pod Bay. If it's IndiPutt, check the hangars in Engineering, Cargo Bay, and/or Mining, and if it's NanoPutt, try the Secure Dock.
Pods Pod Bay Similar to MiniPutts, the pod's letter designation hints at its location. If you see C-, think the Main Hangar or Catering Pod Bay. If it's T-, investigate the Secure Dock, and if it's I-, try Engineering, Cargo Bay, and/or Mining.
Minisub Pod Bay (Oshan) Once again, name hints at location, only this time, it's much more straight forward, since the name tells you which department uses it. The odd ones out are Civilian minisubs, which are in the Catering Dock and Research Dock, and the generic Minisubs, which are in the public Pod Bay, Sea Diner, and Tech Outpost.

Tips for Bond Imitators

  • Having trouble figuring out where your turn-in locations are? Our Locations page may help.
  • Frequently, you won't always have access to the places where your target items are stored or the places where you're supposed to turn them in. In times like these, it's useful to know door hacking or have a little thermite mix on hand.
  • You can receive ANY Syndicate Item from completing a bounty, even surplus crate-only and job-specific items. To get the best use of your items, you may want to see the Being A Better Traitor page.
  • If you want to really screw other thieves over, get a few robot arms and make every film camera besides yours into a cambot. You'll be able to freely snap pictures while everyone else has to pray that their cambot doesn't snap yet another picture of the goddamn floor.
  • Need more Syndicate Items? Had bad luck with your bounty prizes? Steal another Spy's PDA and redeem their bounties! Surprisingly, it's not picky about who's actually turning the items in.
  • Stealth is hardly top priority. Getting caught/seen but still managing to escape is often just as good as not getting caught at all. You can go far just by wearing a space helmet and generic jumpsuit and putting your ID & PDA in your backpack. In fact, you can get away with quite a lot if you simply avoid stealing limbs or personal items.
    • That said, if you approach stealth as another game to play or puzzle to solve, rather than a clutch for a weakness, stealth Spy Thief can truly be an enjoyable experience. The trick is to try to be unnoticed while still getting other people involved/curious, such as by putting on disguises, creating distractions, and framing other people.
  • Notice certain bounties ask for a one-of-a-kind item that hardly anyone but a Spy Thief would care about? This is because these bounties were designed to help you catch Spies early! If you witness someone nabbing such an item, like Beepsky's diary or a 2010 Vintage, there's a good chance they're another Spy Thief.
  • With some shrewd trickery and cunning, you can weaponize the Spy PDA itself. Scream over the radio that you've just spotted someone (preferably another suspected Spy Thief, but any random passerby could do) spawning in a [TRAITOR ITEM] at [DROP-OFF LOCATION]. PDA message the Security Officers that someone's just broken into [LOCATION] and now [MACHINE BOUNTY] is gone; for extra authenticity, do this after you've actually completed a machine bounty. You might not get anybody arrested, but you'll still slow down and deter competing Spy Thieves.

Supplementary Video

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