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Let's get meta, because this page is for documenting pages that need love and hard work from readers like you to become better. It's the true sequel to Outdated Pages and intends for the same levels of collaboration and communication and more accessibility. Brush up your markup and take a gander at the Guide to Contributing to Wikistation, because it's time for some wiki magic.

A Word for the Anxious


Don't feel too pressured to add info ASAP. Good pages and entries take hard work, dedication, and, more importantly, multiple revisions. If you come in looking for a quick way out and try to learn everything you need in one round for the sake of some wiki page, you'll just end up frustrated, unhappy, and stuck with a terrible draft. Take your time. It can wait. It can always wait.

"High" Priority

Things that people often wish had wiki documentation. And rightfully they wish, because having documentation would be a great big help.

  • Style and Grammar: Writing is communication, and you can't communicate well in writing without good grammar and clear prose. It's especially important for tutorials and the Getting Started page. Be sure to mark them as minor edits as courtesy.
  • Ore Processing: A highly neglected system that needs more love. Give it some by finding and writing about its redeeming qualities. Or, if you can't, by fact-checking the list of properties, describing how material properties affect each craftables, and maybe adding some new uses and material reccomendations.
  • Foods and Drinks: Food buffs! They're rather minor, but they're interesting and unique enough to warrant wiki documentation. We have a rudimentary Google doc of the various food items' buffs here.
  • Powering the station:
    • Surely, there's a better way of explaining the TEG than with maps with subtly inconsistent varieties of parts and numberings.
    • While you're pondering that, perhaps you should also look into adapting this fellow's TEG guides for Clarion and Destiny.
    • It'd also be great if there were more thorough examples of the techniques described in Overlapping Hotspots.
    • Describe how to set up Horizon's TEG engine.
  • Horizon: Add tabs for Horizon versions of the various locations and explain how to navigate it, particularly what the map considers east, west, north, and south.
  • Manta: Add tabs for Manta's rooms and areas, explain how it simulates movement, and describe what "port", "starboard", and other directions mean on that map.

"Medium" Priority

Good to have this info, but no one's round is going to be ruined just because there isn't there.

  • Changelog: Copying and pasting changelog updates and formatting for the wiki (which usually just entails more copying and pasting).
  • Being A Better Traitor: Space American Football Kit could use some tips. Surely, there's a few tricks or good tips for using them.
  • Maintenance Info: Many pages are missing locations of APCs, power wires, and air hookup vents/injectors (if applicable). Obviously, someone should add them, seeing as some of them can be in some rather strange locations.
  • Motives: Most people don't have much trouble with them, but it's worth explaining the weird irregularities and highlighting some of the lesser-known ways of increasing/decreasing certain motives.
  • Chemistry:
    • Add in depletion rate, effects when ingested/applied to people/in plants, its recipe if applicable, recipe hint if it's secret, etc. of
      • Peach juice
      • Ginger ale
      • Pizza (reagent)
      • Magnesium chloride
      • Fleur-de-lys
      • Triple triple (Not secret, ingredients still are)
      • Energy drink
      • And the many other many, many obscure chems that are rarely found. Be sure to determine whether or not it's an unlisted secret chemical or an precursor to one.
    • Describe how damaged caused by floors coated with Organic Superlubricant is calculated.
    • In addition, re-examine the damage formula for amanitin. Does it follow the patch, the old elapsed cycles * rand(2,3) formula, or something else?
    • Describe how amount of smokepower affects initial cloud size and how amount of other reagents affects cloud expansion in greater detail.
    • Update how much epinephrine changes body temperature.
    • Mention that omnizine and cryoxadone heal all organ damage, with specific numbers.
    • Note that salbutamol and perfluorodecalin heal lung damage, and to what extent.
    • Identify which drugs heal liver and kidney damage and to what extent.
    • Verify the Units to infect for feather fluid.
  • Roleplay Tips and Tricks: Can always use more RP tips.
  • Guide to writing: Would be great to see some requisition form, menu, prescription, etc. templates for all the lovely RP and bureaucracy fans.
  • Doctoring:
    • Explain what blood clots actually do. Here's a start: Proconvertin can sometimes give you the Blood Clots ailment.
    • Document the types of messages the penlight has for the different thresholds of eye damage.
  • Critters/Spacebux: Document what sort of critters are possible with Alt. Ghost Critters
  • Space Pod: Confirm the stated crew capacity of the engineering minisub.
  • Contraband: Add in any contraband items the big chart might have missed. Of particular interest is the nuclear operative's grenade launcher, the Clock 188, and the extendable stun baton.
  • TermOS:
    • Supposedly, it's possible to set the Buddies to arrest a specific person. If so, what are the commands? Also, do GuardBuddies share the criminal database used by securitrons?
    • Now that there's multiple stations with nuclear charges, there needs to be a section on using the nukeman program, especially on activating or deactivating the nuclear charge.
  • Foods and Drinks:
    • Add the recipe and ethanol decay rate for Blue Hawaiian cocktail (IntDweller note: I tried making Blue Hawaiian, but couldn't? Strange stuff).
    • Add a section on the shitty grill.
  • Guide to Genetics:
    • Does hulk/gamma ray exposure make the person immune to stuns as with other versions?
    • Describe how dark it needs to be for Cloak of Darkness to work.
    • Confirm if having thermals allows you to see past Cloak of Darkness and Chameleon.
    • Add info about the Martian and Frog body types currently only available from Diplomat, Tourist, and Merchant spawns.
  • Traits:
    • Add any other benefits conferred by Security Training
    • Specify how much Addictive Personality increases chance of being addicted.
  • Wraith:
    • Verify if Decay can emag cyborgs.
    • Update cost and cooldown of the Whisper ability.
  • Engineering Objects: Find out if controlled demolition pipes can be emagged.
  • Gas: Add capacities of the stated gas containers.
  • Syndicate Items:
    • Confirm if the fire axe can act as a crowbar.
    • Add details about the high-explosive grenade pouch the Grenadier and Heavy Weapons Specialist crates come with.
    • Add more details about the Marksman crate, especially on how to effectively use the rifle.
  • NTSO Security Operative: Make a page about this HoS alternative that spawns with a unique suit, an expendable baton, a Clock 188, and other items, distinct from the ones used in admin shenanigans.
  • General Objects:
    • Figure out just what the hell the magnifying glass you get from golden ticket machines does, if it even does anything.
    • Specify from how far an audio logger can record something when left in a room.
    • Add Discount Dan's bath bombs.
    • Add a brief entry on the player piano.
  • Murder:
    • Add more details about 40mm HEDP
    • Add more info about the S90A1 rifle, e.g. how far you can zoom, if you can see past walls and other obstacles, etc.
    • Confirm the power costs for the Lawgiver's knockout mode.
    • Verify and add updated power costs and shot output of the wavegun.
  • Vampire:
    • Confirm if Entrall cannot be used while cuffed or stunned:
    • Findout if vampires can heal in the crate used by the Morgue Supplies Crate.
    • Ascertain if vampires take extra damage in the Trench.
    • Determine the effects/interactions of the following on/with ghouls/zombies/thralls:
      • Holy water
      • Syringes
      • IV Drips
      • Health scanners
      • Filgrastim
      • The Bible
    • Find the highest blood level ghouls/zombies/thralls can have.
  • Communications Officer: On the Manta, the Comms Officer protects the ship's comms tower, updates the crew on happenings on the ship, and does radio show stuff sometimes. Explain how these systems work and how to do these duties.
  • Security Objects: Confirm the power costs for the Lawgiver's knockout mode
  • History of SS13: Flesh out as much as possible, especially with info specifically about Goonstation.
  • Cyborg: Add more info about Alastor Pattern Thrusters, such as if they can ignite plasma gas or other flammables.
  • Virus: Determine if Robustissin can cure Avian flu.
  • Books/Template:Books: Add the book for the player piano.
  • Piano Song Dump: Add songs!
  • Jobs: Update the Mailman's access.
  • Beepsky's House: Add details about the crate of items in Manta's version of Beepsky's House

(C)low(n) Priority

Fun things everybody loves. Everyone adores them when they're there, but if they're gone or missing, nobody complains.

  • Supplementary Info & Galleries: Everyone loves them. They add a great touch of humor that no words can express and really add character to a page like a really good rug. Shame they're rather hard to find.
  • Updated Map Images: Some map locations get extra additions after their images are uploaded, like extra cyborg docks, security scanners, and completely new machines and equipment. Update their images to include those.
  • Annotated Maps: Maps of, well, station maps with important rooms labeled. Currently, we want ones for:

Sprites Wanted

Sprites wanted. Wanted sprites. Sprites that are wanted (by the wiki). The sprites that get a sad, sad TBA for teir image.

  • Foods and Drinks: Sprites for the following drinks:
    • Blue Hawaiian and Sartorius's new drinks.
    • Derby
    • Rose
    • Fluffy Critter
    • Sea Breeze
    • Radler
    • Three Mile Island Iced Tea
    • Soda Water
  • Guide to Mining: Sprite for ectohair, either in block or raw form.
  • Security Objects: Sprites for the the various settings of the Antique Lawgiver and the Lawgiver on knockout.
  • General Objects: Sprites for the bath bomb, ideally showing all 12 variants, and the player piano.
  • Cyborg: A "sprite" for the Custom Large Energy Cell cell, which should be a standin for large energy cells in general.
  • Murder: Sprite of the magazine for the tranquilizer gun.