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Golly! it looks like you're trying to find out more about SS13's oldest past time! Suffice to say, you shouldn't really be looking at this or using any of these methods unless you're an antagonist!

Murder most FOUL

It's fair to say that as a traitor/wizard/changeling/badguy you're going to have to kill a few people. You might even have an objective to kill someone! There are many ways to commit the foul act, and the choice is yours..

Murderous Methods


Ah, a good old fashioned toolboxing it is! Incapacitating someone with a blunt object can be easy enough, killing them with one can be a bit more tricky, however

You will generally want to knock your target unconscious first, unless you enjoy jimmy mcvictim running round the station bleating about what a bad person you are as you chase after him and try to beat him senseless. If your target is incapacitated, it's a good idea to drag him off somewhere secluded while you finish the job. Beating someone to death takes a fairly long time, even using something as hefty as a fire extinguisher.