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(makes mapping page, its very rough rn but at least its something)
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this is the guide to mapping! stay tuned while its slowly, eventually filled out

heres some basic info so i dont get yelled at for making a (basically) blank page sorry its not formatted basically at all:

for goonstation, station maps should be 300x300 with only 1 z level (station here meaning basically anything thatll be the main area where people will play)

for any setpieces, for stuff like the debris field, mining z level, artemis, or even a full new adventure zone or dungeon or something, the dimensions dont matter since itll be copypasted into an existing level.

dont be afraid to draw some map ideas on paper!

look at the coding guide for how to download and set up a local goonstation repostory to start mapping on


after every "session" (whenever youre about to close DM) BEFORE you close DM, you should head into your goonstation folder through file explorer, copypaste your current map in the same folder, and rename one copy to yourmap-v2. do this every time, dont be afraid of having like 99 versions. dreammaker can sometimes corrupt maps, or forget to save your work, and you'll lose either what you edited, or literally everything

general workflow (check w/ kubius for accuracy):

walls/floors room objects wiring piping areas

Goonstation Map Submission Guidelines for required & recommended guidelines on submitting a map