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Named after its (in-universe) architect, Kondaru is a mid-population station map by contributor Kubius, and the first map to join the roster by way of an open code community contribution.

If you find a bug related to this map, or notice there's something missing, don't be afraid to report it with the in-game bug-reporter button in the top right of the game screen or the bug tracker on the Github.

April 13th, 2020 April 15th, 2020 - Present

Note that Kondaru started as an Ass Jam map, and was officially introduced to the regular map rotation two days later, on April 15th.

Kondaru was the first map to:

  • Graduate from being an Ass Jam map into being a regular-rotation map, as well as being one of the first two Ass Jam maps.
  • Use floor tiles to point people towards escape.
  • Launch its funeral driver through the Power Transmission Laser.
  • Use chute launchers in a router-based belt hell.

Engineering (Inner North)

EVA and AI Upload (Inner West)

Mining (Inner South)

Hydroponics, Arrivals, Kitchen (Inner East)

Security and Cargo (Outer South)

Bridge (Outer Southeast)

Civilian (Outer Northeast)

Miscellaneous (Outer Northwest)

Medbay (Outer West)

Science (Outer Southwest)