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Implants are subdermal devices injected into a player using an implanter or implant gun. They can also be removed surgically - please refer to Doctoring for more information.

Science/Medical Implants

Machine Translator

Allows humans to communicate on the secure frequency used by the AI and cyborgs by adding :s before their speech. Good for clandestine communication with a subverted AI, or keeping in touch when regular radios fail.


The coordinates of anyone implanted will appear on a space GPS, and their name will show up on the list of destinations for the teleport computer, allowing people to teleport right on top of you. Available on the bridge and telescience.



Monitors the implantee's health and replaces the default health indicator with a more detailed readout, including an as-needed notification for radiation. When the implantee is in critical condition or dies, the implant alerts medical PDAs of their damage levels and their general location. If the implantee also has a tracking implant, it also sends their specific coordinates. Last but not least, their medical record is updated in real time, which can be accessed with a medical computer or the equivalent PDA program.

Unlike several other implants, when receiving the implant, implantees get a message along the lines of:

You feel more in-tune with your body.

All Security Officers start with a special version of these that send alerts to Security as well as Medical PDAs.


Grants implantee access to certain areas, as granted by a Head of Personnel, essentially working like an implantable ID card. Temporary Access ones have 8 charges (e.g. unlocking 8 doors), while the Permanent Access ones you get from hacking a Personal Equipment Manufacturer have essentially infinite.


Removes the implanted's Revolutionary status and brainwashes them into loyalty to NT prevents them becoming a Revolutionary. When viewed with SecHUD vision, implanted has an L in top right corner of their sprite. If the implanted is a Head Revolutionary, the implant will fail, outing their status with the message "[name] seems to resist the implant". That's all; they don't remove antagonist status for any other antagonist or whatever nonsense some people claim they do.

A box of these can be found in Armory of every station, and there's always more of them available in Loyalty Kits from the Quartermaster. A second box of these can also be found near the Confiscated Items crate in Cogmap2 and on the center table next to the box of spare cuffs on Cogmap1.

The Head of Security, Security Officers, and Detective do not start with these. Their "can't become a revolutionary" ability is innate. Codewise, it's not tied to a trait or another implant or anything; the rev flash code simply checks if the target is one of the Security roles.


When you're below 40% health, this implant will inject you with 10 units of omnizine every 30 seconds or so. If you reach critical condition, this implant will go into maximum overdrive, injecting you with a chockload of stimulants and healing chems but breaking the implant and rendering it useless in the process. Having a Robusttec implant will give you a somewhat persistent omnizine addiction but it won't go into withdrawal unless the implant is removed.

Very rare. The only two in the Debris Field are in some abandoned medical shuttle with loads of robots who'll inject you with something considerably less wholesome, while the ones in the Trench are in some obscure corner of a surprisingly intact underwater prison and a few, far more decrepit, abandoned outposts.

Chest Item Implant

Allows you to use whatever item was inserted into your chest when you get hit in the chest or fart. Absolutely, completely unlike any of these other implants, except in the general principle of "something inside your chest that's actually useful". Rather than being inserted into the chest through a simple implanter or implant gun, the item is surgically added using special highly invasive medical procedures, and is removed in a similarly invasive surgery.

As said before, getting punched, shot, or otherwise attacked in the chest will activate the item. It doesn't matter by who; punching yourself will activate your item, so hitting yourself can a viable strategy. Flipping while there's a beaker or similar container inside your chest will also dump the chemicals directly into your body. With the right amount of pills and Chemistry knowledge, some truly magical things could happen...

Because Goonstation wouldn't be Goonstation if it didn't, *farting will also activate the chest item. If it wasn't secured with sutures during the implanting procedure, the chest item will also be shat out onto the floor, dealing some brute damage (which is called "poopDamage" in the code) depending on the size and sharpness of the item. Particularly sharp or blade-like items will also remove the butt in the process.

Unlike other implants, this does show up on health scanners, with the message "sizable foreign object located below sternum".

Items of all sizes, from tiny to huge, from flashlights to TTVs, can be implanted. The most major exception is the cloaking device, on account of majorly unfun, virtually uncounterable murdersprees by users who implanted the device into their chests for easy reactivation with zero chance of loss.

Traitor Implants


See Syndicate Items. Lets you escape from handcuffs or shackles.

Microbomb and Macrobomb

See Syndicate Items. Goes out with a bang by detonating when the implantee dies, gibbing the body in the process. A Macrobomb implant is functionally 12 Microbomb implants.


See Syndicate Items. Turns someone into your loyal underling for 20 to 30 minutes.

Deluxe Mindslave

See Syndicate Items. Like above, but doesn't wear off (unless removed).

Discontinued Implants

Security/Security Access

Tasers used to backfire on you unless you had one of these. Security implants were eventually scrapped along with implant locks. Freedom implants also let you use tasers, but because they had another use, they still exist.

Blood Monitor

If the implantee died, the blood monitor was supposed to alert the medical staff by updating their medical record. These were nigh-useless, as no one ever checked said records. Superseded by health implants.

Mindslave 2.0

See Spy.

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