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|Not human
|Not human
|[[Vampire#Thrall|Vamp thralls/ghouls/zombies]]
|Non human
|[[Traitor|Syndicate traitors]]
|[[Traitor|Syndicate traitors]]

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This page covers what counts as human with regard to AI laws. As such, it only applies to AI and cyborg players. If you are unsure about something, please use adminhelp.

Remember, the Rules still apply. While your laws allow you to kill a non-human, that doesn't always mean you should. In fact, in many cases, such as with polymorphed critters, it considered Grief. That said, if you get a law or order demanding that you kill nonhumans, it's a totally different story.

Human or not?
AI / cyborgs Not human
Monkeys Not human
Lizards Not human
Squids Not Human
Bugs Not Human
Frogs Not Human
NPCs / critters / animals Not human
Cluwnes Not human
Zombies Not human
Critter skeletons Not human
Predators Not human
Wraiths & revenants Not human
Blobs Not human
Vamp thralls/ghouls/zombies Non human
Syndicate traitors Human
Syndicate spies Human
Syndicate agents (nuke mode) Human
Conspirators Human
Revolutionaries Human
Wizards Human
Grinch Human
Gang leaders and members Human
Werewolves Human UNTIL they have transformed.
Changelings and vampires Human UNTIL the AI or cyborg WITNESSES the creature commit a non-human act (shape-shifting, transforming, proboscis etc).
Dwarfs Human
Player Skeletons Human

Server Rules
Basic Rules · Roleplaying Rules · Metagaming · Grief · Who is and isn't human (AI laws)